Contest: BlackBerry Storm 2 Coming in June?

BlackBerry Storm 2 Coming in June?!
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 May 2009 05:05 pm EDT

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There's lots of buzz around the interwebs today that the BlackBerry Storm 2 could be hitting store shelves much sooner than most of us would think, with rumors suggesting a release as early as before the end of this month or sometime in June. As much as I would LOVE for this to pan out to be true, my CrackBerry gut says we'll all have to wait a little longer than that to get our hands on a store-purchased model.

Our best info right now slates pre-production of the next generation Storm (which RIM internally refers to by the codename BlackBerry "Odin") to begin early next month and from there an official release is usually a couple months out (VZW's technical acceptance process usually takes 2-3 weeks on a device, so even if they approved it off the first pre-production run we'd still be looking at July). And this is Verizon were talking about here... the pickiest of the carriers... who also have the BlackBerry Tour 9630 to roll out still and after a less-than-stellar Storm 1 experience won't want to put out Storm 2 until it's ready. And they won't want to stack the 9630/Storm 2 releases too close to eachother. At this point, I'd rate a May release as impossible, a June launch as potentially possible but improbable, a July release as targeted/more realistic but tight (think end of the month, fingers crossed), an August launch as more likely but if you throw in the usual BlackBerry/Verizon delays then I wouldn't even be suprised to see it launch later than that. As always in the world of BlackBerry, all will be known with time.

Storm 2 Before the End of June Contest: Let's have some fun here! I'd love to see a June launch happen. I really would. I just don't think it will. So to that end, we'll take a gamble and run one helluva contest.... LEAVE a comment to this blog post. For every day that the BlackBerry Storm 2 is on sale in the month of June 2009 we'll give one away to a CrackBerry member. So if the Storm 2 is available for purchase on June 1st, we'll give away 30 Storm 2's over the course of the month. If it's available on June 15th, we'll give away 16. If it's available on the 30th, we'll give away one. And if it doesn't go up for sale in June at all, we'll give away none. Should make for an interesting month, huh? Leave a comment for your chance to win!

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Contest: BlackBerry Storm 2 Coming in June?



This site is awesome. Would be nice to have the storm 2. If I get picked, for the Storm 2, I will donate my storm 1 so that crackberry an have another contest give away. This is a great site.

OMG! That would be an amazing contest! I really hope I win! This would be my first one!!!!!!!

Now really, being and insider, i know that a total of zero will be given away. I would say more likly to see a 4th qt launch if anything. VZW has a dam long testing period and they seem to be picky! as we still havent seen a new "offical" software release from Big Red for the storm and were coming closer and closer to a full year w/o one . . . . .

Here is my reason why I would like to win a Storm 2(besides it is a Storm 2). I work for a relatively large corporation as a tier II remote access support analyst. Blackberries are the only approved devices allowed to connect to our mail system with of course the BES server. It is inevitable that we will get the Storm 2 here, and it is just as inevitable that even though I am tier II support I will be the last to get one, if I do(I have a Storm now and the upgrade plan here is slow). For once I would like to be a head of the curve when a new device is brought in, and Storm 2 will, so I beseech you to pick me as one of the winners.

I wish to worship at your keyboard!! My thumbs await your presence this June. Shapeshift my Pearl into your greatness this June.

Doubt that'll happen, but now I really hope it does on the 1st, so you guys give away 30 storm 2's. More chances for me to win one....

I want would like to see it come out in June. Will get one in July if I don't get one from crackberry. lol

I would be shocked if it came out in June, that would mean they released a phone with issues while the new one was
under development. Who does that? Having said that would I
take one if offered Heck Yeah!!! LOL

i would really like to get one of these. I haven't had much luck with all the other contests i've entered but hopefully my luck will change this time around!

Why not, I'll bite on a June release. Based on the Storm 1 release dates that bounced around, I highly doubt we will see a June 2009 release for Storm 2. I am a Storm 1 owner from day 1. I would love to get rid of the sure press screen.

I was going to get the first gen until everyone I know that has one told me to wait until the 2nd gen comes out. I have had BB's for a long time & really like them & depend on them for both personal & work, but until the storm is stable I will not get one, just wish the bold was on VZW. Lets see what this 2nd gen storm is going to be like.

I want a new Storm..! I also kinda wish RIM would make the first Storm tolerable before creating a second... Ive had mine since day one and have stuck with it. Maybe they need to give a discount or something for the people with the first Storms...

lol.... I just purchased a new storm 1 on january 16th.... cost me a good deal of change too... like $300.... then about 2 1/2 months later what do I hear?.... "STORM 2".... crap I thought... really Im already screwed... then I started hearing rumours they were adding wifi and other features that where omitted on the storm 1.... now im sad... cause im with telus and guaranteed they will not give me the option to upgrade to it for a small charge.... instead they will make me stick with my storm 1 or pay full price of like $699.99 or whatever it is released at beceause I am already stuck into a 3 year contract.... Yeah


Guess I will be stuck with this buggy, laggy, constantly locking up needing battery pulls and taking 7 minutes to restart storm 1.... :|

lol not to mention someone just mentioned to me while writing this that here in ontario. they are issuing a food tax in restuarants... god really... I have to pay a tax ontop of the already high 13% PST and GST to eat!.....

Not long left, but I haven't heard anything about a release date from RIM...still wishful thinking never hurt!

i would love a free storm2, hell i would love for the storm2 to come out for purchase soon. i love my storm but too many problems. app error's on my first one, and then the speaker went out on my second and third one.

so run that free storm2!!!! lol

I have my blackberry storm and have had it since the day it came out because I just love blackberry's so much. I am definitely a crackberry addict. I would love to have the new one. Send me one!

Are you kidding me? Page 132?

Yeah ... people are going to read my post here for sure. Well, I guess that only proves the iPhone fanboi's were right all along ... no demand for the Storm whatsoever. Destined to be another in the long line of BB epic fails.

Well as long as I'm going to post, I might as well say something. First of all, with the exception of about 7 pages of Zachz115 repeatedly copy/pasting the same post in an attempt to spam himself a win, it's good to see our community isn't as childish as some other smartphone communities.

The Storm 2 looks like it is fixing the three biggest complaints: 1) buggy OS, 2) problems from the clicky SurePress, and 3) broken buttons.

1) The OS appears to be some version of 5.0, and we already know that leaked updated/hybrid OS's like 1.32, 1.41, and now 1.48 are a major improvement over the glitchy default 0.75 OS still 'official' on Verizon. Anything would be an improvement, but hopefully this revision addresses things not only on the software side but also the hardware side to fix these OS issues. Fingers crossed. I have great hope and faith.

2) When I first tried to make the transition from physical keys to a touchscreen, I much preferred the SurePress' clicky system. I still prefer it for weblink navigation actually. But, as I finally adjusted to typing on a touchscreen, I began to prefer the traditional (iPhone-esque) touchscreen method for typing (but not for weblink navigation). So, I'm very excited about the new input system of the Storm 2. I suspect it will help me type faster and with less hand/thumb fatigue. I type a lot. :)

3) While this hasn't been a problem for me, I understand buttons breaking off has been an issue. Putting them into the screen--like in the Gemini--seems to fix this problem. We shall see how it works out.

I'm a fan and I'm definitely looking forward to the Storm 2. Thanks Kevin for running the contest, and for fully disclosing the unlikelihood of it being released by the contest month.

Now, let's hope RIM can finally get the hang of the touchscreen thing and start developing an entirely new OS with features like those seen on other systems ... like Palm's, but without the security concerns, heh. Hey, as long as I'm dreaming of a new Storm 2, I can dream about a great new OS too can't I?


man this awsome could this give away go down in history as the largest in CB.. gosh lets hope so. id love a chance to uprade my storm..

Hey just like the first year a car is made you should not buy it because it is most likely going to be a lemon, the same with storm 1 as the bugs and kinks were not cleared up. The Storm 2 sounds like it is going to rock and I can't wait to have one. The Storm 2 is producing lightning bolts of interest.

I hope the Storm 2 is a leap in progress, and not an incremental upgrade, in which case it should be called Storm 1.1


I, like a lot of storm 1 owners am feeling a little slighted that the new storm is about to be released and leaving us storm 1 owners out in the cold. I think most storm 1 owners will wait until all the expert and user reviews before we jump into forking over more money for the new storm.

i really wouldn't mind a storm 2 cause i was going to by a storm but its kinda was not my thing with the surepress so hopefully this new touch screen is 10 times better

Count me in for the contest! Something in my gut tells me there will be none given away but you never know...

I want one so bad. The best part is I just got my hands on a storm and 1 month after I get it I hear rumors of a storm 2 coming out. Just my luck :0( ......maybe I can win one from crackberry

I got to say... I love my Black Berry Storm, wouldn't trade it for anything, but I've never had so many problems with a phone, I had to buy an 8830 on eBay to use when my Storm craps out, thanks RIM for rushing and screwing up what should have been a great phone, I would love a Storm2!!!!!!! Thank you CrackBerry! Hopefully RIM won't rush this one so much!!!!!!!

I need to replace this 9530 since I am QuickPulling every 4hrs and it takes 6 mins a reboot!!!! Please help and give me a free Storm 2 CRACKBERRY!!!!

would love to win one of these storm 2s since iwont be able to afford one after purchasing the storm 1.SWEET.VERY SWEET...

Would love to try the new BlackBerry Storm II! If not, I hope they come out with some good fixes for the BlackBerry Storm 9530 preferable before they release the new one.

hook me up with a new storm 2 i need something to help stop the swellingon my brain caused by the stress of watching the lillte hour glass spin around in circles all day long on my should have been fantastic but unfortantally not storm one thanks

I love the idea of them finally getting rid of the "clicky" screen. i got my storm 9530 early in may so this means ill have to switch to something else for 30 days or so to try another device then switch again if S2 comes out...

i just bought mine for full price like a month ago and im already finding out theres a new one coming out.... i like to stay up to date on things like this... i really dont want to go out and have to buy another one... please pic me to win this phone... thanx...

Have wanted a blackberry storm for a long time. But now that there is a 2nd gen comming out i want one ever more. I feel like a bum on the street corner though i can just look into the window and look down at my crappy flip phone and dream.

I do not believe that BB will release a new Storm under any name until the new software fix is released. That would really upset a lot of users and I am not sure Verizon has enough in customer care to support the wave of calls that would come in. Historically it would be Q4 for a release, just before the holiday season.

BUT....I would run and pick up the Storm 2 if it was released. Am I happy with the Storm...heh....early adapters always pay a price...we should not forget this. Are there problems...YES....but, all in is an amazing phone.

If you think that Storm 2 will be great...just wait until Storm 3....that will be a real calming effect.

I hope they dont even release a storm 2 this year seeing as I just bought a storm however if they do id like to have one for free :)

I just purchased the storm and i am having fun learning about such an fascinating phone and all its i have a chance to win one of equal or greater quality....i say "Rock on"!

Wow, after getting my Storm I've been away a while. I'll have to read up on what this new Storm does better/different

Up until recently I have been a Horrible Member of the Crackberry Website and all that are affiliated with it. Until earlier this evening I had only stopped by once in a Great while to just sort of 'look around' at the Forums and what-have-you. Then earlier tonight I 'Lost' my SMS Folder on my Storm and where did I turn to?..that's right my friends, the '' Forums.
Fortunately, with reading the many Posts by the others on the "Uncaughtexception:Java.Long.NullPointerExcept ion" Error Message I was getting that was the 'Root' of my problem, I was actually able to find the correct answer but also to add insight to the issue and help others out with knowing Exactly what was 'Causing'the problem in the first place. A Blackberry Application called 'QuickPull'.
So with that said...Expect to be seeing me around MUCH more often and giving my own insight into other peoples problems, and maybe, just maybe I will be lucky enough to be doing so from my New 'Blackberry Storm 2'!~ thanks again Crackberry and the Crackberry Community!

I like my storm, but a new one couldn't hurt... We'll see around Nov. of this year in time for holiday sales. Suckers like me are still buying the original.

The subject line says it all...I just want the opportunity to win a new Storm if it comes out in June...AND I was born in June so hopefully my chances just went up astronomically...Crackberry! give me the ultimate b-day present, please and thank you!

I love my Storm, but am always up for the next big thing. Anything new can only be an improvement over the current not ready for prime time player.

Getting one free would be even better!!!!!


Can't wait to experience this upcoming device...

Count me in for the contest :)

who know's I'm the lucky one

I think we should rename the Storm to "The Calm" so when the real storm comes out we can say that it was

"The calm before the Storm"

Rim shot please!

Please pick me to give the Blackberry storm 2 to. I currently have a Blackberry Pearl and its driving me nuts. I can't afford to upgrade right now, even thinking about discontinuing my plan just because its not worth paying for a phone that slightly works! PLEASE PICK ME!!! Thank you.

I would love to have a Storm 2 to go with my First storm so I can have twice the chances to show people how GREAT the Storm is. Come on June.

It's a little farfetched but hey I don't want to be the one not getting a chance to win it if it miraculously comes out in june!

I Have the Storm 1 9530 and would be the happiest person in the world to receive the Storm 2. I have become an absolute junkie over the last year and have completely accepted this addiction.

I bought my little Storm a few months ago. But I would really like to have a new Storm 2. This would make me the happiest girl in all the world! My Storm saved me from the hell that was my Palm and I am its biggest fan! Please oh please bring me a Storm 2 on my doorstep.



Count me in. I'd love to see the Storm 2 in June, but doubt we'll see it released before July. My Dare is geting pretty long in the tooth, and SurePress is why I didn't keep my original Storm.

I sure hope it is way better than the original!

I want it to the power of 1823457274567648128173485


Save me from this stupid brick of a Cingular 8525. It has been dropped more times than you can count. The battery(s) each allow for about 10 minutes of data usage before they die.

The first storm sucked,so here is hoping I win a storm 2. Either way, I want onto verizon. I've had enough AT&T oversubscribing their network.

My guess is that you won't be giving away any free Storms. I think that Verizon will be very cautious after probably releasing the 1st one too quickly. Hopefully, I'm wrong and I will win a brand new Storm and that the new one will perform much better than the one that I have. I do also have the Bold and I love it!! just would like for it to be not quite as wide......but the Storm has alot of potential!! BTW, thank you guys for staying on top of things!!!!! you are great!

I really hope that with this version they fix the bugs. RIM may be the best phone company, but I find that lately they are willing to release something with a few problems just to satisfy the demand for it. Even if it's hardware or a major software issue.

To everyone on Crackberry's admin team, keep up the good work! Without your knowledge, I know my Bold would most likely be in the garbage by now!

Good luck to all with the contest!

Can't wait to win my new baby ! Stuck with a busted curve, waiting for new storm, don't wanna switch to apple. Common RIM...

I bypassed the first Storm because of contract issues, and the uncertainty of being a first-adopter. I'd love to get ahold of a Storm 2!

Especially in this case.

Plus, if I dont have to "waste" more money on gadgets, I may finally be able to convince wife to use it, since it was free.

Was thinking of replacing my current storm because the click has gotten really bad but if the storm 2 comes out soon, I'll just hold off until then. Getting it for free would be even better! Thanks Crackberry!

I'd love to try a Gen 2! Especially if it means I can start waiting for a year to get a patch again! I'll take one please!

Getting a storm 2 would definitely be pretty boss! Help make my wasted dollars on the storm 1 worth it!!!!

Blackberry is the best !!! I'm a first time user and I love it ! I'm never going back to anything else...PEACE !!!!!

If I have to pay for the new Storm 2. I can wait until my contract is up maybe the bugs will be worked out by then. However, if I win one then what the heck first one on the block makes every thing better.