Contest: BlackBerry Storm 2 Coming in June?

BlackBerry Storm 2 Coming in June?!
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 May 2009 05:05 pm EDT

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There's lots of buzz around the interwebs today that the BlackBerry Storm 2 could be hitting store shelves much sooner than most of us would think, with rumors suggesting a release as early as before the end of this month or sometime in June. As much as I would LOVE for this to pan out to be true, my CrackBerry gut says we'll all have to wait a little longer than that to get our hands on a store-purchased model.

Our best info right now slates pre-production of the next generation Storm (which RIM internally refers to by the codename BlackBerry "Odin") to begin early next month and from there an official release is usually a couple months out (VZW's technical acceptance process usually takes 2-3 weeks on a device, so even if they approved it off the first pre-production run we'd still be looking at July). And this is Verizon were talking about here... the pickiest of the carriers... who also have the BlackBerry Tour 9630 to roll out still and after a less-than-stellar Storm 1 experience won't want to put out Storm 2 until it's ready. And they won't want to stack the 9630/Storm 2 releases too close to eachother. At this point, I'd rate a May release as impossible, a June launch as potentially possible but improbable, a July release as targeted/more realistic but tight (think end of the month, fingers crossed), an August launch as more likely but if you throw in the usual BlackBerry/Verizon delays then I wouldn't even be suprised to see it launch later than that. As always in the world of BlackBerry, all will be known with time.

Storm 2 Before the End of June Contest: Let's have some fun here! I'd love to see a June launch happen. I really would. I just don't think it will. So to that end, we'll take a gamble and run one helluva contest.... LEAVE a comment to this blog post. For every day that the BlackBerry Storm 2 is on sale in the month of June 2009 we'll give one away to a CrackBerry member. So if the Storm 2 is available for purchase on June 1st, we'll give away 30 Storm 2's over the course of the month. If it's available on June 15th, we'll give away 16. If it's available on the 30th, we'll give away one. And if it doesn't go up for sale in June at all, we'll give away none. Should make for an interesting month, huh? Leave a comment for your chance to win!

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Contest: BlackBerry Storm 2 Coming in June?



Awesome once again CrackBerry! And I trust that RIM has worked out the kinks in round 2 to avoid the backlash from round 1. Would love to have one!

Lucky June... come on now... gotta will it now... storm2 in June, storm 2 in June.. even better yet, free storm 2 in June for ME, free storm 2 in June for ME!...

I really dont think that June realease will happen, but then again let's the play lotto. Hey you never know.

I would love to see them release the Storm 2 in June ... but i'm not holding any hopes of it. We are almost done with May and there has been no media hype which VZW is sure to do to promote the new Storm 2. Maybe a July 4th release?

Prove me wrong and I'll be happy to win one. :-)

GAH. All this talk about storm 2 is making crazy. I feel used and abused. It be nice to get cracked out with a storm 2 by you guys I got my fingers crossed!!!

I can't wait for the storm 2 to come out! I really am surprised they were able to whip up a new version so fast. I look forWard to any improvements.

I hope it comes out as soon as possible so I might actually have a chance but probb won't... and if it does...??? what will happen to the original...???

Sitting on a Storm right now....dont really have any problems with it, none too severe, which makes me not like the idea of a new and better one....i cant upgrade for 2 years....if storm 2 is extremely better then im left in the dust. so much for trying to get involved early with a new product....RIM really must hate the first storm. To that end i hope i win because if the 9530 is about to be outdated then software for it wont be a priority (which is still kinda isnt?)

Crackberry! you guys are awesome. I am hoping for a June 1st Launch so a lot of peeps get some Storm 2 awesomeness! Good luck to all. If the rumors are true then Pre vs Storm 2 vs IPhone III its going to be a crazy summer for smartphone lovers. Thanks again Crackberry!

A lot of new BBs coming out this year. Too bad I'm locked into my Javelin for another 20 months.

Thanks. This would be great as Alltel is moving to Verizon, I can just use this phone.


Come on June release.

Should I worry? I'm a vegan and I just ate an animal cracker....oh yeah storm 2 most of us current storm owners will get the S2 as long as VZW gives us a discount if not....well let's just day that the "can you hear me now" guy won't be hearing anything for a while. HEAR THAT!

CB is absolutely right! VZW is going to take all summer to release this new berry. Even when they do it still won't be better than the Bold...

Although I'd like to see the new one in June, I really don't think we'll see it until August. Verizon is so slow to release anything. We've given up on their updates for the Storm here at work. We've actually loaded the updates released through

I love CB so here we go again... I would love a BBS2 therefore I could show my hubby the ropes. Thanks Crackberry!

I'm ready to get rid of my 9530. #2 has gots to be better. I believe. I believe that Storm 2 will be out by the end of June. I believe.....

I'd love to get a Storm 2 if it comes out next month. I have had pretty good success with Storm "1" but the Storm 2 could be possibly a category 3 or 4 Storm...Maybe

I have a storm, it worked great until I dropped it.
I would love to have another one.
pick me please.


Come on baby, daddy needs a Storm 2!!

I do hope to see Storm FIX the problems on the Storm. Should be interesting to see the updates AND the phone!

Please Ōðinn with all your wisdom join forces with CB and bring doom to the Storm in my holster and replace it with your poetry of form factor and hardware to complete an ultimate victory.

how about I buy YOU one if it launches in june?

Never gonna happen, but when it does, I'd like one please!

I really doubt it's coming out in June but I would hate for it to be realeased and regret not leaving a comment for something I could have won.

I own the original storm and its my first Berry i really like it. I can't wait till the storm two comes out... and would really like to win one for free especially being that i paid full retail for the first. Please pick me.

I have a buddy of mine who switched to Verizon just to get his hands on a Storm...It looks like an awsome device but as we all recall, it had a few bugs! I am hoping that with the Storm 2, a lot of the bugs have been worked out.

As far as the contest goes, I think this is a very creative idea...thank you for the chance! you hear that? It sounds like thunder...I think there is a Storm heading my way! (cheesy, I know!)

I think this is the best contest you guys have ever come up with. Hopefully it does get released so that you can have it.

I would love to win one too. PS.


as a storm 1st gen owner i'll be super pissed if this happens now, especially without no storm 1st gen support. here's hoping to win a second gen.

Storm 2 in june! Please god noooooo. That means the almost non-existant support for the 9500 will stop altogether :(

Crackberry people, you guys are risk-takers, I like that! I also like the BB Storm 2! I would also LOVE to HAVE a BB Storm 2.....Catching my drift here?

Hopfully it will come out in the beginning of june so more people have a chance at me hahah hope to win

So, being the early adopting wh**re that I am. What the hell do I do with my "does-everything-else-but-Blackberry-stuff" Storm when I rush to the VZW store knocking young kids down to get my Storm 2??

Suggestions anyone?

I sure hope that they don't forget us Storm 1 (God I hate saying that) users and come out with the Version 5.? Think they will?

Here is to hoping for a June 1 release! Count me in for this giveaway, It is about time I win something. :)

If it comes out in June, its VZW that should be giving away Storm 2's to everyone who bought Storm 1.

I love technology and have my Storm running like a Storm. It never fails me. From the leaked pictures of the "ODIN" (Storm 2), I am highly impressed. And with the WIFI ability, I would love to and will love doing nifty things with it. So sign me up, I am ready for an upgrade.

Crackberry rules!!!

Give me a Storm 2 that's just as good [so I can throw my Storm 1 down the STORM DRAIN].

...oh yeah, everything everyone else said plus one more PLEASE!

The chances of this being launched is very probable in terms of how RIM works now. Remember the launch of the 8900 Javelin for Rogers where no one had a clue until the the phones are shipped to the store? RIM is being very careful about their launch dates now due to the fact that it can hurt their current product sales. Storm 2 would be a really good upgrade to what I currently have (9530, I am definitely really curious on the whole thing on the phone, like there are no where which it contains any physical slide-out keyboard, but if there was I might tose my HTC Touch Pro from my demo line and substitute it with this. Overwhelm and shocked, but I am looking forward to this phone.

Man, I hope the new Blackberry is released in June ( fingers and toes crossed)And hopefully all the bugs will be out so I won't have to do my best "Orkin Man" impression like I did on my Storm.... (he he)

Damn I think this is one of the best contest I have ever seen in my life. I hope the BlackBerry Storm 2 goes out on June 1st so I can have 30 chances of winning.

I hope I win one.....

And he said the Storm 2 is coming out on Friday! Oh man God only knows how many CB will have to give away now!

I really hope that the storm's surepress is changed because its the biggest issue that the storm has.(besides being buggy and slow) Can't wait!!!!

For a first adopter of the BB Storm, here's hoping to a proper Storm 2...especially considering how we haven't received an official update since DECEMBER! Unreal and almost a slap in the face for Gen1 users.

but I'll settle for an official update for the Storm I am currently using. If this rumor is true, they are more afraid of the pre than one might think.

Oh please pick me! I would be your friend if you chose me. (Actually I would be your friend anyway, I just like you like that)

I would love to see the storm 2 come out early! I just hope it is better than the first gen storm. Hopefully they will fix the processor speed and the battery life.

A college student,
Addicted to his BlackBerry,
Craves the second storm

As Student Body President, I am continuously using my BlackBerry to coordinate projects, check e-mail, reference documents, and read (of, course). I enjoy using my Storm immensely (being one of first in line to buy), and would appreciate the second version of this innovative device!

Please, please, please, select me! Thanks!

no chance vzw allows the storm 2 to launch in the same 2 month window as the 9630. but i'll still throw my name in the hat.

They need to stay true with their release date this time, and hopefully Im the very lucky winner.


Quite interested by such an early release, thought seems a bit soon tbh to have storm 2 developed not long after "The" Storm. I wouldnt be so bothered if I wasnt tied to this contract :(

I love my Storm 1 (with the leaked OS installed that is) can't wait to see what the Storm 2 is going to be like! My wife will kill me if I buy another phone, so please give me one for free!

ok, it would be wonderful if i got this.. i might turn homo and go afte kevin! LOL! i think its gonna launch on june 22nd if it does happen to launch in june!

wow i cant believe its finally here . i saw the pre-posts the other day in regards to what the field version looks like . i would do anything to get one of these on june first . i have been a smart phone nut since they first started , ive always loved BlackBerrys ! ! ! ! june first cant come fast enough me my wife and my co workers are all ANXIOUSLY awaiting for this release . this phone will definitely outsell the storm one

I'll take one! Give my girlfriend my storm...
How is it possible that verizon wont update the OS and the new one will come out...??

I would absolutely despise winning a new BlackBerry. Please, whatever you do, don't let it be me!
(Reverse psychology worked great for snow days when I was a kid, thought I'd give it a try).

When I went to Chicago, I tried typing a message on the first Storm, and it didn't seem as horrid as many people said it was. I am very curious as to the specs of the Storm 2... but hell, give me a storm 2, baby! *crosses fingers*

This device looks pretty sick, and this is coming from a pretty happy Storm 1 owner..
Here's hoping..
*crosses fingers*

I currently own a Storm, I don't really like it a lot initially as it's not quite as I thought it would be the iPhone competitor. However, after months of usage and with newer OS installed, I like it more and more. The downsides I found are the phone is still slower than what I expected, and there is no wifi capability. I would like to have a Storm 2 which rumors said to have a wifi function. Just hoping the initial OS wasn't as crappy as the Storm initial OS. God I hate .75.

Kevin you state that pre-production is slated for early next month. That makes no sense considering that pictures have already been posted of a fully functional Storm 2 with an OS. So not sure why you make a statement regarding pre-production unless the images posted were a fake.

i would be surprised if this got pumped out that fast -- probably just a rumor to keep people from switching to the next gen iphone which should be announced/released in june as well..

we'll see!

Man this would be so nice. I am already pissed off that I bought the first gen storm with another one being so close. I need an upgrade with WiFi!!! Very cool of you to do crackberry, already feeling a little bit better =)




pick me pick me <3

204 loves CB

I've got the Storm 1 and would love to have the Storm 2. Newer is just about always better. Let's just hope the software is better this time around.

I got the Storm when it first came out November 21st and I was in line since 4:30am that morning to get it (the store didn't open til 7am). I was the 3rd person in line and they only had 10 in stock (talk about the early bird getting the worm or the storm in my case). The storm is my first BB and I am officially HOOKED/ADDICTED/CRACKED OUT on it! I need to keep my habit fresh and the Storm 2 would be perfect! Especially if they best site for BB users/abusers gives it to me! :-D