Contest: BlackBerry Storm 2 Coming in June?

BlackBerry Storm 2 Coming in June?!
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 May 2009 05:05 pm EDT

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There's lots of buzz around the interwebs today that the BlackBerry Storm 2 could be hitting store shelves much sooner than most of us would think, with rumors suggesting a release as early as before the end of this month or sometime in June. As much as I would LOVE for this to pan out to be true, my CrackBerry gut says we'll all have to wait a little longer than that to get our hands on a store-purchased model.

Our best info right now slates pre-production of the next generation Storm (which RIM internally refers to by the codename BlackBerry "Odin") to begin early next month and from there an official release is usually a couple months out (VZW's technical acceptance process usually takes 2-3 weeks on a device, so even if they approved it off the first pre-production run we'd still be looking at July). And this is Verizon were talking about here... the pickiest of the carriers... who also have the BlackBerry Tour 9630 to roll out still and after a less-than-stellar Storm 1 experience won't want to put out Storm 2 until it's ready. And they won't want to stack the 9630/Storm 2 releases too close to eachother. At this point, I'd rate a May release as impossible, a June launch as potentially possible but improbable, a July release as targeted/more realistic but tight (think end of the month, fingers crossed), an August launch as more likely but if you throw in the usual BlackBerry/Verizon delays then I wouldn't even be suprised to see it launch later than that. As always in the world of BlackBerry, all will be known with time.

Storm 2 Before the End of June Contest: Let's have some fun here! I'd love to see a June launch happen. I really would. I just don't think it will. So to that end, we'll take a gamble and run one helluva contest.... LEAVE a comment to this blog post. For every day that the BlackBerry Storm 2 is on sale in the month of June 2009 we'll give one away to a CrackBerry member. So if the Storm 2 is available for purchase on June 1st, we'll give away 30 Storm 2's over the course of the month. If it's available on June 15th, we'll give away 16. If it's available on the 30th, we'll give away one. And if it doesn't go up for sale in June at all, we'll give away none. Should make for an interesting month, huh? Leave a comment for your chance to win!

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Contest: BlackBerry Storm 2 Coming in June?



Can it be? What about us Storm 1 users? I, for one, love my Storm, wondering if there will be some sort of upgrade program. Although, if I win one (hint, hint), it won't matter ;) .

Why is CB the only site not to show BS 2 pics as per RIM. ENgadget etc keep posting pics. Either way send that hunkajunk my way!

Go figure, I sure hope that if I don't win one then I hope Verizon will let us upgrade for a minimum fee like next to nothing. But we know how Verizon is.

After falling in love with the capabilities of the original Storm, I'm loving the fact that a newer and better version is in the works. The chance to win one for free from the most addictive website on the web, CRACKBERRY!, only adds to my anxious anticipation! I WANT ONE!

Kind of a cool and interesting contest, count me in. Give me your motherfucking cell phones bitches!(Think "The Usual Suspects".)

I cant wait to get it. They better give us storm 1 users a discount or something. But i will get this when it comes out and hopefully it comes out soon

Odin. God of many things. I wonder if this phone will be as good as Odin himself. This is awesome. Just wish I had money to buy the Odin.

its about time for RIM to release another Iphone killer but hopefully this one works without 10 battery pulls a day. since i got mine early i have to wait like 18 months.

I looked at the posting and the number of comments before I saw that there was a giveaway, and I was floored by the number of comments left. I initially thought, "There's either a bunch of angry Storm users protesting or a giveaway." Turns out it's both!

I would take a S-2 in hopes that they made some improvements. What would stink is if VZW puts out a new phone before they update their long awaited OS update for the original Storm.

If Research in Motion was a kid in school, I'd pants him and steal his lunch money for releasing the Storm 2 less than a year after the very disappointing release of the Storm 1.

i have had my storm since december and its really misleading that verizon and rim sold all of these devices basically to clear inventory instead of giving the people a great product. dont get me wrong i love my storm but sometimes i wish it could do more...i hope there is some type of special deal storm 1 owners will get for being loyal ...guess i can only hope on that as much as an official update.

Come on vzw and rim, heres your chance to get back at cb for all the unathorized release info they have passed out over the year(s)......j/k i just want to improve my chqnces of a storm 2. thanks for the contest, kevin

If the Storm 2 comes out before a decent / reliable OFFICIAL VZW Storm 1 software update, I'll lose it. Winning this could keep me sane.

While I would love to see it, I just dont see it coming out until the holiday season. Hope Im wrong though.

if they release the storm 2 before they release a new os for the 1st storm then i want them to swap mine out for the storm 2.

I am a Verizon Wireless employee and I have not heard a single thing about this, but who knows. More random things have happened in the company. Here's to seeing it released before the end of June!!!

I'm 22 I'm on my second child I'm on prepaid money is super low recession is here I can't afford much please crackberry hook me up

Funny thing is that if the storm 2 comes out, i guess that would be the **official update** Maybe the OS 5.0+ will be on this one

i want this phone soooooo bad! I need a new upgrade for my phone and if I can win this, im unlocking it for sure! Thanks for the contest crackberry!

A loyal BB storm 1 fan loved the storm b4 it came out and still do....but...the bugs are kinda annoying and verizon kinda f***** us over with the OS thing....but if i win the Storm 2 and its better I'll forgive Verizon...fingers crossed...and waiting.

vzw is reading this and in like fashion to the OS update, they will not drop this phone in June.

hopefully the new one is better than my storm, im tired of it restarting itself, dropping calls, doing battery pulls, lagging, freezing, keyboard disappearing, not locking, etc. I would try to get another blackberry but i really can't afford to spend a lot of money on a phone so, im stuck with the storm 1, hopefully i can be one of the lucky ones and get a storm 2 and hopefully it's better than this one. If im not so lucky, Verizon should offer a discount for Storm 1 owners or previous blackberry owners to get one, because the customer service relating to the Storm 1 has to be the worst i've ever seen, they were no help at all.

Even with a June 1 release to create the biggest amount of luck dictates I wouldn't win one even CB gave away 10k of them, hell if they gave one to all subscribers...they'd fall one short when they got to me. So on that note...good luck all you others, me commenting just improves your odds. :)

I wonder how many new accounts crackberry got today... I would say about 900+ new members just on this contest.

Of course odds are against us... Everyone wants one and by the end of june is pushing it... A lot!!

That being said let the begging begin... Pick me please...

I cant wait until June!!! I hope it comes out then and we have a solid storm that is a lot better than the first one!!! I'm tired of all these unstable OS's coming out and not improving much!!!

I never cease to be amazed at the products Crackberry gives to its community. I am yet to win any contest but to be a part of Crackberry community is still awesome. I would be incredible for my first contest win to be a storm 2. Good luck to everyone.

Don't think it will happen in June but, who am I to look a gift berry in the mouth. Count me in for one of those FREEBIES.....

Figures I finally get my Storm running the way I like it and then they drop the Storm 2. I was going to upgrade my Pearl to a Tour or "Atlas". Maybe I'll hold off the addiction long enough and get the Storm 2. In all seriousness why would RIM launch so many devices in such a short time frame and flood the market which will in turn hurt their sales numbers? They did 4 (Bold, Storm, Curve 8900, Pearl Flip) so I guess they could again.

I was born on June 30th. I win a blackberry on June 30th. How could would that be? And if CB were to pull that off, I daresay it would be - what the word? LEGENDARY.

Crackberry, like always, YOU'RE AWESOME!!!

Don't know who came up with this idea, but they deserve the FIRST Storm2/Odin!!!! As a Storm 1(Beta Storm?) owner since 6:02am on 11/21/08, I want the second!!!! Unless of course you only give 1 away, then it's MINE!!!!LOL Keep up the absotively posilutely EXCELLENT job you guys do!!! Without CB, a BB is just another phone!!!

Even with all the headaches with my current Storm I can't wait to get my hands on a Storm 2. I can't believe I just said that.

That is a pretty cool idea.

I would love a Storm 2. With the June release of the Palm Pre and the potential release of a new iPhone, June would be a smart month to release the new BB Storm.

Sounds like a great idea to me! I just found this site and must say I am impressed! As a Pastor I am never far from my BB because it helps me stay in touch with members and church business -- here's to hoping for a win!


YEAH BABY... I like the storm I have now, but it can definately be better... fingers crossed for the dos.

It's most likely going to be ready for Christmas, be nice if they released it on the same day across all of North America, I'm tired of those waits!

Storm 2 is exciting but can they come up with updates for the original storm first! Although if crackberry wants to send me a Storm 2 then I'm more then happy to accept it, plus it'd be a nice birthday present

I Love my STORM! VZW is the best out there and with the merger with Alltel But STRONGER, FASTER, SMARTER Storm came out, id like to win one! Thanks for the opportunity CRACKBERRY!!

I really like the current storm. I hope RIM improves the processing power and makes the touch interface a little better. Hoping for verizon!

It would be great to see a few free Storm 2's given away but as a long term Verizon customer, I am, shall we say, just a bit skeptical?

Honestly think it won't happen either, but there's no way I'll be left out of the running by doubting! I'll make my post on the off chance.

Please let the Storm 2 come out on June 1st so you guys can give out a bunch of them... after you give me one of course.

HELP! I have only 4 more days to pay the dealers back for the money they loan me to get a New CRACKBERRY Storm. I confess that I am a addict and have been for years now so when the new Storm came out I was going through the cold sweats and could not eat for weeks. I lost so much weight and didn't bathe for months anticipating the launch of this CRACK!. I know I was wrong for this but being that I was under contract with the Verizon crime family and they would not give me the new CRACKBERRY at a discounted price. I called and asked to speak to the Verizon Capo/Don so I can plead my case but could not get pass the lower family members. The only thing I could think of in my haste to get this fix and being that I did not have the full price for the new CRACKBERRY so I borrowed money from someone at Crackberry headquarters that I met on the 3rd party apps forum. The asked to me to give my first born as collateral and I agreed. I don't have much time left to pay them back before they may harm him! Now the RIM cartel has developed a new improved Crackberry and I am starting to have those funny feelings again!! I have been contacted by the same Crackberry dealer and now he is offering me the money for the new Crackberry in exchange for my daughter wife and my dog!! I Need HELP!!! I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! I REALLY REALLY REALLY NEED THAT NEW CRACK!! I DON'T HAVE MONEY AND I'M FEELING VERY SUICIDAL! I swear that I will give up this addiction just someone PLEASEEEE!! HELP ME GET THE NEW DOPE!! I know I messed up and I'm at the mercy of the RIM cartel And the Verizon crime family but no matter how bad or low a man gets he should never ever under any circumstance be asked to give up his DOG! Prey for me I don't want to end up in a dark smelly ally with my pants down lying in the gutter clutching the new Crackberry 2. I will hopefully have an update with good news please stay tune to this post.


annoyed that a new one is so soon in coming since i coughed up for the 9530. maybe i'll win a storm 2. this post would have taken me 3 hours to type on my 9530. hooray for desktops.

I really like my Storm #1, even though I have gone through 4 of them. As a phone it is much more powerful than the iphone. If I win i'm gonna bling my old one and give it to my little girl.

I've lucky with my Storm so far, but would love to get a Strom 2. How much do I have to beg (or be lucky)?

Crackberry is awesome for all of the contests they run! I hope this is the one that I win! Even though we don't know much about it, I'm sure it will be something great! Thanks Crackberry! Keep up the good work!

That would make waking up and grabbing my BOLD a choice... BOLD or STORM2???? Thanks again Crackberry!!!

Well heck, put me down to replace my Storm. I've been waiting to upgrade my OS through Verizon but they won't budge. I would really like to see just how much better the Storm can be. My Storm's ok, but I was expecting to be more 'wowed'. If anything, I hope it can rival the IPhone on cool new apps. So lets get those developers out there creating new stuff for the Storm!

If the Storm 2 is scheduled to be released in a few months, is RIM still planning to upgrade the OS of Storm 1, or just ignoring us Storm 1 users.

I could use this. My wife has wanted a Storm since I got mine. If I win I could give it to her....or better yet give her my old one. hehe

I would love to be able to recoup by winning a Storm2. Love the storm, but I can only imagine how great Storm2 will be!!!

I want it I want itI want it I want itI want it I want itI want it I want itI want it I want itI want it I want itI want it I want itI want it I want itI want it I want it

I like my Curve8330, but would absolutely LOVE a Storm 2! There is a Storm 2 front on it's way; make sure it's a downpour!!

I love the storm & how BB decided to bring out a touchscreen BB, but i wish the typing wasn't so harsh. I hear the Storm 2 has a different type set, and that they got rid of the suretype. All the reason for me to switch, but too much to buy and too early to upgrade... really hoping Crackberry comes through with a Storm 2, as they always do everytime for me with things that r BB related ...

So hope this is true. I want to win one of these so bad and if not i guess i will be buyin it! Lets keep out fingers crossed...

I want one seems like the sickest thing yet...this will for sure destroy the iPhone if the first storm didn't id love to get one for free so count me in on this offer :D

I like the idea of the release, but the sad thing about the whole thing is users like me who are on AT&T don't benefit. What about a release date for a Storm Model that will work on other US carriers, like for users on AT&T networks.

I quit Verizon 2yrs ago after being a customer for six years and still was charged a cancellation charge for three phones, that I bought and paid the full price from a on line store that sold unlocked phones. I was sick and tired of their poor service where I live and the constant No Service.

At least with AT&T my phones are not locked into a long term service agreement and when I travel out of the country I don't have to rent a phone any more,

I would love to be a Storm 2 user and get on the same network as my bf! I was thinking of switching to the Storm when it came out but it just wasn't "ready" yet - maybe second time is the charm.

Did I mention I really really really want this?

Oh, and I would love to just win anything at this point (but especially this.

in the past 10 days, my current berry took a dive & i lost my job after 13 years.....

what have i got to lose??? lol....

gotta love ya Crackberry... without a doubt :)

p.s. can i win a job??? lol...

So for all the early adopters of the storm one they get shafted with the 2 coming out so shortly? Thats worse then apple, everyone should demand a free upgrade but we all know verizon wouldnt do that.

With the 2nd gen storm,hopefully Rim will make an outstanding phone with a like OS, can't wait to see the possibilities

Since I am only 6 months into a 2 year contract on my 1st Gen Storm - about the only way I will be getting a Storm 2 is if Crackberry gives me one. I guess it's not all that bad, since I love my Storm (using .132 leaked OS).

Any truth to the speculation that VZW will allow us Storm 1 users to upgrade at the upgrade price to rid of the "horrible SureTouch" screen support? I don't buy it - but might oblige them to get the WiFi. :)

If you're right... and it is released within June, then the prophecy about the Tour being released with a WiFi garnished Blackberry would be true. Wow, shocker?

Well i cant really see a June release happening but HEY if Crackberry wants to buy my Storm 2 and i get to enjoy it all to myself then You better believe im going to enter this contest :D Thanks For the Awesome Giveaway Oppurtunity CRACKBERRY ^_^

(hope its a June 1st release)

I'll leave a comment because I have the storm I and even with .141 it's still not great. Please let June be true!

Figures. I just got my Storm (and brand new 2-year contract with Verizon) in March - so if it does come out, I'll have to wait until the end of 2010 to get one without paying full price for it.

Unless the fine folks here at Crackberry want to help me out, of course... ;)