Contest: BlackBerry Storm 2 Coming in June?

BlackBerry Storm 2 Coming in June?!
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 May 2009 05:05 pm EDT

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There's lots of buzz around the interwebs today that the BlackBerry Storm 2 could be hitting store shelves much sooner than most of us would think, with rumors suggesting a release as early as before the end of this month or sometime in June. As much as I would LOVE for this to pan out to be true, my CrackBerry gut says we'll all have to wait a little longer than that to get our hands on a store-purchased model.

Our best info right now slates pre-production of the next generation Storm (which RIM internally refers to by the codename BlackBerry "Odin") to begin early next month and from there an official release is usually a couple months out (VZW's technical acceptance process usually takes 2-3 weeks on a device, so even if they approved it off the first pre-production run we'd still be looking at July). And this is Verizon were talking about here... the pickiest of the carriers... who also have the BlackBerry Tour 9630 to roll out still and after a less-than-stellar Storm 1 experience won't want to put out Storm 2 until it's ready. And they won't want to stack the 9630/Storm 2 releases too close to eachother. At this point, I'd rate a May release as impossible, a June launch as potentially possible but improbable, a July release as targeted/more realistic but tight (think end of the month, fingers crossed), an August launch as more likely but if you throw in the usual BlackBerry/Verizon delays then I wouldn't even be suprised to see it launch later than that. As always in the world of BlackBerry, all will be known with time.

Storm 2 Before the End of June Contest: Let's have some fun here! I'd love to see a June launch happen. I really would. I just don't think it will. So to that end, we'll take a gamble and run one helluva contest.... LEAVE a comment to this blog post. For every day that the BlackBerry Storm 2 is on sale in the month of June 2009 we'll give one away to a CrackBerry member. So if the Storm 2 is available for purchase on June 1st, we'll give away 30 Storm 2's over the course of the month. If it's available on June 15th, we'll give away 16. If it's available on the 30th, we'll give away one. And if it doesn't go up for sale in June at all, we'll give away none. Should make for an interesting month, huh? Leave a comment for your chance to win!

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Contest: BlackBerry Storm 2 Coming in June?



My old phone went through the wash in March, and I've had to use a RAZR for the past few months. Now I'm just waiting for the BB storm 2 to come out.

Kevin, I would love one! But the release date will be around Friday, July 10th! Sorry, no winners. But I am the closet to the release date. Thanks "Q".

I have been researching the Blackberry Storm and everyone I work with likes it. I started researching and thats when I found your sight.

Sure could use one!

I'm going to bet on no sooner than a July release, and thats being optimistic. Who knows? We might be surprised and its at least worth throwing in a post... just in case!

The blackberry storm definitely raised the bar in some aspects. But the rush to release it before Christmas left it pretty bugged. Can't wait to see what they can do with a 2nd chance. I own a storm and i find it frezing often and it has a dead corner on the screen at the bottom right...annoying.

I have a Storm on it's way and I don't know to keep it or not. Too much bad stuff about it, not enough good.

I agree - try it and draw your own conclusions. Would you trust the *average* person that comments here about anything else in your life? If not, then why would you about a phone? different strokes.

I bought the first storm DAY 1 and LOVE IT - the storm 2 can only get better! Plus, I've never won anything on here and I think it's about time!

Although, it still kinda sucks that it is coming out so soon and that we storm 1 users get shafted with the older device. Oh well, here's to contests!!

I agree. And don't give me that "early adopter" BS argument. This is a very expensive phone from a very reputable Business Class company and it was a huge fail. I don't care if it's the first phone of it's kind, it should work well regardless.

hmm maybe i can take the screen off of my winning storm 2 to replace the screen of my dust infested storm 1...and what OS will Storm 2 be running, .75 or a beta?

Ya, dust infested is right. When I'm out in the sun I can barely see the screen through all the dust, ridiculous!

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Interested in a BB Storm 2 since I do not like my first edition storm. I have been using RIM since the old 957 on Sktel and I am a dedicated fan and user. However many upgrades are needed to the first edition storm, so if a second one is coming in June and I dont win this contest I will be paying full price for it. Please Please Please make it happen RIM, update the storm 1 or release the storm 2...

On my contract I have 18 months until i'm eligible for an upgrade. Replacing my Storm, with the Storm 2 in less then two months from now would rock!

p.s.~ I love my Storm...but it's time for his little brother to blow us all away.

There's gonna be a LOT of unhappy Storm 1 owners....myself included....unless we get some kind of deal to upgrade.

I agree this has actually made me very made... Are storm one users going to get the shaft? Lets start a movement!!! We should all get early upgrades!!!!

I agree!!! It would probably be impossible (but the best case scenario) if we got a free upgrade to the Storm 2. Probably won't happen but even if they said we could pay $100 for an upgrade to the Storm 2 i would do that. Thats the least they could do, but LETS HOPE FOR THE STORM 2 TO COME OUT SOOOON AND A FREE UPGRADE :)

Yes, I will leave. I will pay my termination fee and leave. I'll take all 6 phones and plans I have with Verizon and give my $500 a month to a company that doesn't F*&% over it's customers.

Since I didn't win before with the Bold..and since I'm deciding to stay the CDMA way...I think I should be one of the ones to win the Storm 2 lol

If the Storm 2 comes out in June, I'm driving to the nearest Verizon store and chucking my Storm 1 through the window. With .75 software of course (because that's about all it's good for)

Ouch!! That could get painful.......but I've got them crossed hoping for a June 1st release and that I can be the lucky one or one of thirty!! Wooooohooooooooo! :D

I don't even know what I'd do with a Storm 2, but dagnabbit, it's free, and by golly, who doesn't love free?

Bring it home baby give us a Storm 2 in June! (only because I'll have a chance to win one, never mind me being upset about recently getting a Storm 1)

i would love to win a storm 2 if they go on sale in june but i will feel like i got jipped, along with everyone else, with my storm #1/2

Cool concept. I would definitely love a Storm 2. I'm secretly jealous of Storm owners even though I would not trade my 8900 in for one.

Hoping for 1 or more.
Or is that selfish?
...nah, its good for Crackberry, right? As long as I'm picked ;)

well...might as well get on here and hope for the best...maybe I will have a shot if it comes out on the first

Heres hoping! Although I do like my Storm :) I personal like being able to upgrade to all the leaked software and find the right one for me!

I hope they take there time with this devise, after the storm 1 disaster they should only release it when its ready

If they release the Storm 2 before they have a stable OS for the original Storm, I'm afraid you will see a very disgruntled bunch of Verizon customers. One way to solve this is have The Storm 2 OS also be compatable with the Original Storm.

If Verizon thinks they will be able to sell another Storm without first class support they are sadly mistaken.

yeah.. what the heck.. better be a major MAJOR os overhaul.. otherwise who gives a rip?? plus i dont have $600 bucks to just blow right now

Great contest, CB! Holla! Although I am also doubting it will be out in June, here's to me being wrong so some of us can win it! Woot!

That would be awesome if it did come out in a few weeks but with so little info on it so far it would be a miracle. Still I want one PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME

I am very skeptical on this one. Still a free phone is a good phone. Good enough to sell and buy a tour anyway... No storm hate though. I'm on sprint, so I have no use for it. I would probably give it to one of my buddies or sell it if I won.

I really want the Tour but am definitely intrigued by this Storm 2 deal. I'm willing to try my luck at winning one though! Thanks you're the best!

Dear crackberry i cant beleave that they are coming out with a storm 2 when i have the first one that is a horable phone with alot of problems. They should give the ones that have the first storm the new one if its better then this peice of junk.The new os better be good if they ever relese it. thank you crackberry your the best wiley davidson

I love you crackberry!:D
I doubt we will see a storm 2 by June.
To be honest.. the sooner I see it the angrier I will be. A Storm 2 this soon? My storm is still a baby.
But.. I would love a storm 2 to replace my storm!

I will say June 26th. If they are saying the end of the month, then a Friday release would be sufficient and sales would then go crazy on Saturdays and Sundays...perfect timing.

GADS! I'll be upset if they release the storm 2 without fixing the OS first. All the hardware in the world won't mean a thing if the software that's running it is crap.

RIM is probably trying to keep people excited about BB devices since there are rumors of the iphone releasing in mid July.

You took the words right out of my mouth. I find the timing very coincidental. Especially, since the iphone is suppose to add several features that have been lacking i.e. cut and paste, pic MMS, etc. A free and Better Storm would actually keep me from peeking over the fence. lol

Dont get your panties all in a bunch when it doesnt come out till November but I'd love to see it soon. I have the Storm now and its ok but just not your typical BlackBerry.

it will be out just in time for july 4th weekend...pisses me off as a storm 1 owner though...would have waited if i had known back in jan...

I was about to pick up a Storm this week! Just waiting for the Best Buy to give me a call about when new stock arrives because they were sold out on Sunday. Ah man, now what to do?! But on the flip side am I going to deal with Storm 2 OS bugs?! LOL

Ridiculous that my Storm 1 isn't even a year old, and a new one is in the wings. Wonder how much I can get for mine on Craigslist...not much, I guess.

Here's rolling the dice for my only chance to upgrade.

Well, here we go again! Another awesome contest by Crackberry! C'mon guys get this phone out quickly and see what happens...Sure would like to win one of these puppies!!

Just driving up the CB Google ratings, but you've just GOT to reward a goofy (highly improbable pay-out) contest like this! LOL. Genius for thinking it. So let the Google ratings soar (again!).

I would love my first Storm to work perfect, but in all reality I should have known it would have had its quirks. Now having a chance to get the new Storm 2 would make this journey much better... I would really like to win this one.

I don't beleive it will be out in June, but I truly hope they get some of the problems with Storm 1 ironed out in Storm 2. If they do I will get one (or 2.) I have been generally satisfied with my Storm but an OS upgrade would be good. I don't hold out much hope that a Storm 2, rushed to market so quickly, will have a better OS. I bought 2 Storms on launch day after standing in line for 5 hours in the cold and dark. If it does launch in June, I would be happy to get a free one shipped to me in the comfort of my nice warm home ;-)

After much debate my wife and u upgraded from our curve phones to the storm. While I would love to see the new dwviceout so soon I would be annoyed if there wasn't some plan to help our current owners upgrade. I like the device overall but after use I dint like the click screen and u really think the os needs to speedier.

Than to get a new phone (Storm 2). I can't wait to see what happens to both phones and certainly would like to win. Or at least get a working OS

Hey I would love a BB Storm 2! I have a trip to England in June and my curve 8330 doesn't work there. What a going away gift this would be!

I'd like to see if it really comes out by June. Here's to hoping that VZW does their homework and it debuts ith no drama.

Would be disappointing to see it released so early after Storm 1 so I have to get in on the action to get the newer, better version!

No way VZW releases this thing June. Putting my X on the line in the hopes that I am wrong..... but Highly doubt they will release this thing that quickly.... I am 'guessing' closer to the Holiday like the Original Storm was....

I highly doubt it will be done by June. I also hope if it does its an actual finished phone. In case it is released here is my comment for the contest.

Don't think there's a chance of this at all.....buttttt.... can't pass this up and risk kicking myself later just on the offchance..... haha

Was gonna say hope it comes out in July, right in time for my Bday but then there wouldn't be any to give out. lol Here's to hoping for a June 1 release!

The only way I'll be able to own one of these before my new every 2 is if I win this contest of somehow recieve into a large sum of money!

Im lovin' my .141 STORM now. and so is the "wifey"!
Im ready for the TOUR or the STORM 2 now!!
C-C-C-C CRACK!!!!!

Another contest that catches my eye, but I never win anything. I got nothing to lose and everything to gain so why not. Wish me luck!

wow just got mine 3 months ago, and another one is about to be launched. but im happy for the chance to get my hands on one...

My husband originally had a storm but got so frustrated with it, that he exchanged it for the curve! I stuck with mine, and with all the assistance on this site, it works just fine IMHO... However, if Verizon is willing to sell this Storm 2 in June... I will consider it, but I would love you guys more if I won it! ;)