Contest: BerryBlab Makes Browsing vBulletin Forums Friendly in a BlackBerry App; 50 Free Copies Up for Grabs!

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Mar 2010 12:03 am EST

A few weeks back on the blogs here we dropped word of the official availability of BerryBlab v1, an app that makes browsing vBulletin web forums friendly on your BlackBerry (which includes the CrackBerry forums of course!). The app has gained a pretty decent following from CrackBerry readers and has managed to maintain a 5-star rating in the CrackBerry App Store and garner some solid reviews:

 - "Awesome for those that want the ease of browsing forums in the form of a application. love checking crackberry from bed!"

- "Awesome app :) lightweight, quick, works as described. I run my own forums too and even the plugin is painless to install. The developer is also actively improving the program too. It's worth the 3 bucks =)"

BerryBlab Contest Details: For more details on BerryBlab, be sure to watch Adam's video walkthrough above and visit the product page for more info and to buy. Or if you want to get in on your chance to win a free copy, just leave a single comment to this blog post. We have 50 copies to give away. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck!

Reader comments

Contest: BerryBlab Makes Browsing vBulletin Forums Friendly in a BlackBerry App; 50 Free Copies Up for Grabs!



At this program. Teetering on whether to purshase it or not. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win a copy!

As an IT Professional, I spend lots of time on numerous bulletin boards and forums and this app would greatly help me avvess these sites from my blackberry. I often use forums to find resolutions to not-so-common problems and often time thses problems prevent the computer that I am working on from being able to access the internet, so with this app in my arsenal of tools, I would be able to stop having to make multiple trips to the site to fix one problem. I would LOVE to have a copy of BerryBlab for my Tour!

i have the demo installed -- it's just a shame all the forums i frequent (except crackberry) don't have the plug-in installed! so annoying. admin's wont install it.

I was SO excited about this when you first showed it on CrackBerry, and then they went and made it a paid app lol, it took all my fun away. I would LOVE to have this :)

I have the hardest time checking one of my favorite forums on my phone because of how big it is... this would make it so super easy!!

This app looks like a pretty good way to view CRACKBERRY forums. I'd love to have a copy. . . I'll buy one if I don't win one.

With this app, I will never miss my favorite forum again! Hope I win one! Thank you so much BerryBlab & CB! :D

I browse a lot of bulletin boards and it's terrible on the native BB browser. This looks awesome!

I would love to get this, it would make me more active in the forums as I tend to do everything on my BlackBerry these days. Thanks!

This is something I have been waiting for, for a long time. Its nice and easy to use the Crackberry App from before, but since this one takes you right to the thread as a text instead of logging you onto the browser, it makes it so easy and convenient. I am on crackberry all the time literally 2-6 hours a day. So this would be great to have! Hope you pick me :) If not congrats to the winners!

Yes Yes Yes!!! I want this bad! I was hoping it will roll into a birthday I hope I can win. It will come in very handy.

This is a slick software to visit the forums everyday!
I don't mind using RSS but having Reply function is a big plus!

I actually just downloaded the free one yesterday and I must say this app is awesome and much more used friendly. Count me in!

When I first heard about this I wanted it. Had pretty much decided to buy it when I see you are giving copies away. No I have to wait to see if I win which would be nice. Crackberry is the best.

Kevin please give me 1 i didnt want anything more from my blackberry than to improve the Forums
please please please