Contest: BerryBlab Makes Browsing vBulletin Forums Friendly in a BlackBerry App; 50 Free Copies Up for Grabs!

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Mar 2010 12:03 am EST

A few weeks back on the blogs here we dropped word of the official availability of BerryBlab v1, an app that makes browsing vBulletin web forums friendly on your BlackBerry (which includes the CrackBerry forums of course!). The app has gained a pretty decent following from CrackBerry readers and has managed to maintain a 5-star rating in the CrackBerry App Store and garner some solid reviews:

 - "Awesome for those that want the ease of browsing forums in the form of a application. love checking crackberry from bed!"

- "Awesome app :) lightweight, quick, works as described. I run my own forums too and even the plugin is painless to install. The developer is also actively improving the program too. It's worth the 3 bucks =)"

BerryBlab Contest Details: For more details on BerryBlab, be sure to watch Adam's video walkthrough above and visit the product page for more info and to buy. Or if you want to get in on your chance to win a free copy, just leave a single comment to this blog post. We have 50 copies to give away. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck!

Reader comments

Contest: BerryBlab Makes Browsing vBulletin Forums Friendly in a BlackBerry App; 50 Free Copies Up for Grabs!



NOTE: The forum Administrator MUST have the BerryBlab plugin installed. The plugin is FREE and can be downloaded from BerryBlab.

Ive heard nothing but good thing about this application and it could help me get my crackberry fix a lot easier... pick me

Might as well give this contest a shot seeing as how I entered every single one last week and didnt win anything haha. This would be sweet though since I spend a lot of time checking a few different forums around the web.

I wanted to post a comment to this post AS I was reading it from BerryBlab but I couldn't because I am using the free version :( .... Please hook me up with the full version!


Come on now.... I live in a black hole with no real internet... Just my BB.... I would use the s*¤t Outta this app.... Lol....

I want to use BerryBlab. My addiction is to Crackberry and when I'm away from my computer I suffer wthdrawals!

talk bout ease of stress checking the forums without going through a series of webpages. must have hope i get a free copy

This looks to be an awesome add-on. I subscribe to 2 vbulletin boards so this would be a welcome addition to my BB.

I'd like to actually win a CB contest. I also with the VB forums I peruse other than CB used this plugin. :( Oh, and need to expand it to also work with phpBB! :)

BerryBlab looks awesome. I would love to have a copy to use! Goodluck everyone else though cause I am sure they will win!

this sounds like its sweet...would love to be able to give it a try and use it to keep up with the CB forums!

This app is awesome. I can browse faster CB threw it. Love the lite version. Pleaseeeee let me win :D

Almost every forum I belong to is vBulletin so BerryBlab would be EXTREMELY handy!! *crosses fingers* Thanks Crackberry!!!

I've tried to cut back on my app-buying, but I keep looking at this one. Hey, maybe this will be the contest I finally win. I'm a wapforums power user, so I need it!

i cant purchase it because they only accept paypal and i dont have an account...PLEASE CAN I WIN A FREE COPY DEV? I SPOKE TO YOU IN AN EMAIL A FEW WEEKS AGO...

I was actually thinking it would be good to have an app that enables me to browse all the forums i frequent that do not have a mobile version. I am now thinking that it would be awesome to win said app ;)

See, I'm sitting here quietly like a good little boy! Good little boys always get the rewards don't they?

Thanks for the opportunity :)

I've been playing with the free version of this app and would LOVE to be able to actually post with it... would LOVE to win a free license :-)

I WANNA WIN! I DESERVE IT MORE!!!!!!! LOL PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

id love this app, cuz im on a couple different vb board (CB included, of course) and this would allow me to browse them more when im away from home/work and a computer.... pick me, pick me !!!

My name is dslonly, dsl stands for digital subscriber line and its a technik in Germany for fast Internet.
It would be nice, if i could win a copy, i use in Germany a Forum for Cellular Phones, but it supports only virtual bulletin board 2.x and i hope the developer of Berry Blab will support virtual Bulletin board 2.xx too.
Greatings from Germany

as a forum admin i dont see why i should pay to post on my own forum.
there should be a (number of) free license(s) per forum.

my 2 cents

I'm an avid forum stalker and its such a pain to do it via the BB web browser as it takes about 30 seconds for it to load on each refresh...
If this app makes it faster, I definitely would like one :)

The only thing i ever use the browser on my Storm 2 for is surfing the crackberry forums, if i could do that without the browser it would be even better!!