Contest: BeeSweeper - Minesweeper for BlackBerry - 50 Copies to Be Won

By Adam Zeis on 22 Apr 2010 09:49 am EDT


If you're at all a fan of Minesweeper (and who isn't?) then this one is for you. BeeSweeper is Minesweeper for BlackBerry, and its very addicting. The rules are the same, and there are three different levels of play. You can post your results online and compete against other players to see who will be the BeeSweeper champion. There is an "auto-flag" feature for faster gameplay and you can also save your game to return at a later time. BeeSweeper is available for all devices is $2.99 until tomorrow (regularly $3.99/free trial available). We have 50 copies of BeeSweeper to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post and we'll pick the winners at random. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT.

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Reader comments

Contest: BeeSweeper - Minesweeper for BlackBerry - 50 Copies to Be Won



You can't go wrong with minesweeper!! such an addictive game. Crackberry rocks again!!! Thanks..

This is a bit nostalgic. I remember playing Minesweeper a very Lon long long time ago. Somehow I graduated university ever after the endless hours playing this game.

Please email me a copy thanks I wana try bee sweeper :), Dont forget , me , me ,me , just me (and 49 others), lol

Pick me please! I can't live without minesweeper and now it's available for blackberry! I cannot believe it!

Omg I am a huge minesweeper & I used to be able to play it for hours on end without stopping! Pls let me win a copy!

Im not a big fan of games, but there are a few I like to use to kill time, and this is one of them. Makes me crazy, but fun. I'll take one thanks! lol

I'm glad Minesweeper is getting a revival, although I doubt it'll reach the heights of its heyday when Princess Diana was such a high-profile advocate

This would help to bring any of my remaining productivity to an all time low! I play on the pc when I'm in the office, this would help me hone my skills while out of the office. Practice makes perfect!

Oh how I'd love to have Minesweeper on my Storm 2 so I can re-live my memories of wasting time at the office so many years ago!

I taught my goat how to play minesweeper on the computer, I'm sure he would like this much more because he likes to stay outside, and I refuse to get him a laptop just to play minesweeper.

I'd have to teach the goat the new interface on the Blackberry, but I'm sure he could learn to adapt.

is the first minesweeper game for the Blackberry. It was such a staple for computers for many years.

I remember being hooked to this game when I discovered it on my PC years ago. Great game...hook me up!

I was a Minesweeper ADDICT when it first came out on Windows PCs and really would love to have this to use on my BB.