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Contest: AppleBerry Dark Expansion Pack Theme for the BlackBerry Storm Features Panoramic Sliding Wallpapers.

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Jul 2009 07:30 pm EDT

Leave a comment to for your chance to win. 50 FREE copies to be Won!

This is pretty cool. CrackBerry member hastings has followed up his popular AppleBerry Dark Spaces / Stacks / Classic theme suite with the release of an expansion pack theme that mimics "spaces" on a Mac and adds the touch of panoramic slding wallpapers. You'll definitely want to check out the video above on this one (it's kind of hard to explain). I love the panoramic sliding action - I can't help but wish RIM would include some funkier themes like this by default (less Appley and more Berry-like though of course!). Speaking to the developer, here's what he had to say:

As far as I know this is one of the first themes to feature extra-wide panoramic wallpapers that move to create the illusion of having three homescreens, or "Spaces" in the Mac world. Every icon is user customizable and even though the panoramic wallpapers aren't user customizable, they have the ability to hide the wallpaper at any point and rock their own personal one. (as shown in the demo)

It's $6, and the suite comes with six different themes (and wallpapers), and you can change them freely without reorganizing your icons. I'm adding more wallpapers in the future and bundling them in for free. The only disclaimer I have is that this theme can be resource intensive on older OS', but has proven to be perfectly stable with the newest OS, .151. The official Verizon OS, .148 also works, but not as well.

Contest: We have 50 free copies of the AppleBerry Dark Expansion Pack to give away. Just leave a comment to this post and you're entered to win. Contest entry ends Sunday at Midnight PST.

More Info & Purchase: For more information, be sure to check out the AppleBerry Dark thread in the CrackBerry Forums and visit the AppleBerry Dark product page for more info and download instructions (requires Desktop Manager install).


How many of you use a 9530 on a non verizon network?


I think its time I win something....


Maybe this will be my lucky entry!


looks good really hope to win this one!


looks good really hope to win this one!


guys seriously this would so compliment my mac!!! and with blackberry finally giving apple users the royal treatment its gonna be a win win for me. seriously though, you already know that your gonna give me a copy for free, so lets cut to the chase and get it done already. you guys rock!!!!!!!!


of AppleBerry. I currently run the original Appleberry (would that now be AppleBerry Light?) and looking forward to going to the dark side soon.


I would love to win.


now if I could just dress it once in a while with this app it would really frustrate em more...


Very impressive work by Hastings!! Would love one to grace my Storm!! Thanks Hastings and Crackberry!!


This theme looks awesome!


Hopefully i win...gonna look nice


Would love to get my hands on a copy of this!


The database in my first Storm got corrupted. Fried everything. I lost 4000 Songs,all apps, contact list. I have a new Storm (thanks Asurion) But it's naked, so I'm starting from scratch :-(


pretty please with sugar on top


cool theme .. for the storm


I love themes for my storm. Makes me feel like I have a brand new phone. Plus I show off at work to all the people with dumb phone, how they need to upgrate to BlackBerry!!


would love to win...thanks.


OMG this is the best of the best of the best. I would ONLY belong to this forum if you pick me and I promise to mention how nice you are to 100 people for picking me


Looks very cool. Would love to win one


free stuff woo hoo!!!


This seems really awesome. Hope I win!

69 Charger RT

Looks really good. Like see these on my storm.


pick me, pick me...this looks pretty cool, would like to try it out!


This is one of my favorite themes!


I'd love this theme for my berry!


my wife is a die hard mac user and a die hard storm user...what a great combo


Cool. I want this for my storm. It'll be awesome to win something for the first time.


maybe this will be a first


SWEETNESS, I could use a new theme!


This looks awesome. I'll give it a try, maybe I'll get lucky this time :D


Hi, This theme is fantastic!
Send it over ;o)


Would like to have one of these looks very cool


This looks like a theme I could leave on storm for good!!! I have been searching for such a monster ... and this looks like it!!! Great job!!


i work for verizon and have the storm running the appleberry classic theme. all my customers want their phone to look as good and clean as mine does. i love the appleberries! cant wait for this new one.


I need a new theme for my Storm. I'm just too cheap to buy them and I'm getting pretty tired of the same theme for the past 9 months :(


This would be great!


Very nice. One of the few themes with a flow that actually enhances the BB experience!! Well Done!


WET DREAM....... Amazing....


looks awsume would love to have


what a great way to dress up a blackberry