Contest: AppleBerry Dark Expansion Pack Theme for the BlackBerry Storm Features Panoramic Sliding Wallpapers.

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Jul 2009 07:30 pm EDT

Leave a comment to for your chance to win. 50 FREE copies to be Won!

This is pretty cool. CrackBerry member hastings has followed up his popular AppleBerry Dark Spaces / Stacks / Classic theme suite with the release of an expansion pack theme that mimics "spaces" on a Mac and adds the touch of panoramic slding wallpapers. You'll definitely want to check out the video above on this one (it's kind of hard to explain). I love the panoramic sliding action - I can't help but wish RIM would include some funkier themes like this by default (less Appley and more Berry-like though of course!). Speaking to the developer, here's what he had to say:

As far as I know this is one of the first themes to feature extra-wide panoramic wallpapers that move to create the illusion of having three homescreens, or "Spaces" in the Mac world. Every icon is user customizable and even though the panoramic wallpapers aren't user customizable, they have the ability to hide the wallpaper at any point and rock their own personal one. (as shown in the demo)

It's $6, and the suite comes with six different themes (and wallpapers), and you can change them freely without reorganizing your icons. I'm adding more wallpapers in the future and bundling them in for free. The only disclaimer I have is that this theme can be resource intensive on older OS', but has proven to be perfectly stable with the newest OS, .151. The official Verizon OS, .148 also works, but not as well.

Contest: We have 50 free copies of the AppleBerry Dark Expansion Pack to give away. Just leave a comment to this post and you're entered to win. Contest entry ends Sunday at Midnight PST.

More Info & Purchase: For more information, be sure to check out the AppleBerry Dark thread in the CrackBerry Forums and visit the AppleBerry Dark product page for more info and download instructions (requires Desktop Manager install).

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Contest: AppleBerry Dark Expansion Pack Theme for the BlackBerry Storm Features Panoramic Sliding Wallpapers.



I have the regular version of this and I'm quite pleased with it but it wouldn't hurt to have the Dark upgraded version of this theme. (:

I need a theme so badly I am getting tired of the conventional blackberry storm theme. I really hope I win for once.

this app look real good need it for bb storm the default one is ok but rim need to develop some better ones for free

I have The AppleBerryDark Suite currently on my phone as we speak! (I have the Stacks, Hidden Today+ 1 Slot)
If I had $6 in my bank account I wouldn't even bother trying for the contest, but I'm broke, so I want to win it!!!

and I use my PC partition to get the appleberrydark suite on my phone, but besides that, I don't use my PC side for too much more... I got to say hastings makes themes that push the phone to it's limits and shows the true potential on the Storm

I want to win this theme SO bad, I am willing to make 50 comments to get it (I think I am at like 5 right now) and I won't stop!!!

ABDEP - AppleBerryDark Expansion Pack

It sounds like a codename... kinda is, but I mean its almost military grade code (if only it had numbers in it..) If there was a AppleBerry Dark 2 theme, and THAT theme had an expansion pack, then it would be ABD2EP... even more military like...

is this a plazmic one? i mean when i put the appleberrydark originals on my phone, it said com_plazmic on it

then I will be pissed!!!

Hastings I love ya, but I want this one for free! I am a loyal customer looking for a little bit of slack!

I mean ABD had like a total of 16 themes in it!

I want this new one!!!

I think my chances are getting a little bit better (but when I look at the total number of posts, I feel like I am failing... I want me to have a 100% chance of getting this theme!!!)

Thanks for having something like this!!!
You guys always have the best things, always making me have a slim chance of getting at least a few things in life possibly for free (I've one berryweather, but I did it just to get it, I would actually USE ABDEP every day!)

Thanks for cranking out such awesome themes!

I've had some OSX-like themes (i even purchased one) and they are complete garbage compared to your artwork! Keep it up, and I hope you seek great fortunes from doing such great work like these themes! They are always recommended by me when I see a friend with a new BB Storm!

That is one of the coolest themes I've seen for the storm! I want a copy, please, Please hook up someone who's never won from ya'll!

Good Luck and an early congrats on the ones who win! I hope to be in the same circle as you guys very soon!!!

I love this new set up but it would be nice if there was not icons in the from screean and if you could bring them up like you move side to side

because by then, this comment board will be already 2000 comments deep, and my whole 15 comments will mean nothing! I want to W I N P L E A S E

I Love themes!!! Ive bought 10 themes so far and have never had a free one. I have never won anything yet from crackberry. Ive been a member for about a year. I don't leave post's. Just visit daily and download everything for my storm. By far my favoret website. Have it in my favorets and just two clicks away. Regardless... Thank you Crackberry!!!

Perfect timing on this, my 8830 crashed today and got the ol 547 error code. lost everything, so I need a new theme...for the NEW BB Im getting tomorrow!! yippee!!

Wow, that sure looks great. Even if I don't win one of the 50 free copies, I will still be purchasing it. Great job.

This app is crazy sick please guys pick me i really would like to have this app for my storm pretty please :-p

i like it
its like the blackberry twist on the iphone
looks like it would be interesting
dont know until i try it but i have to say the video was... it kept me watching
i just got my blackberry storm 9530 and that is something that i want to try before i make my choice for what theme i want
is there like a sample thin for it like a trial???????

this looks incredible! i've been using and loving the original appleberry glass but it looks like hastings has outdone himself here. would be thrilled to have a copy. <3 crackberry!!!

I am currently using the iphone lookaliker theme, but want an alternative thats more Blackberry than Blackberry & Apple!

Heard about it from my Friends.. The Theme Looks amazing.. And most important works with .151

pleeeeeezzzz! i won the berry buzz, its awesome!!! i've been looking for a new theme for my storm, but wasn't sure if this one was good. it looks great and i woulds love to be a 2 time winner. help a guy out, u rock crackberry!!!!!!