Contest and Theme Sale from JC Designs!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 May 2009 04:00 pm EDT

CONTEST: Login to and Leave a Comment to this Blog Post for your Chance to Win a FREE THEME of Choice from JC Designs.. 100 Free Themes to be Won!

In honor of passing the One Million Member Milestone, our friends at JC Designs / GadgetBean wanted to do up something a little special for CrackBerry Nation. What could be better than a contest, a sale, and some new themes?!

CONTEST: We've got a 100 free themes to give away (winner's choice!). Just login to and leave a comment to this post and you're entered to win. For a comment, let us know which of JC Designs' themes you'd like most for free. You can see them all here. Contest entry ends Sunday, May 10th, at Midnight PST. Good luck!

NEW THEMES: JC Designs has just introduced three new themes. You can watch the video for NeoBlue above (Storm video here), which is available for the Bold, Curve 8900 and Storm. Also new are two themes for the ladies... Bubble and Bubble Bubble. Check em out ladies...these ones are cute!

$3.00 THEME SALE: Until Sunday, Midnight PST, you can get these three new themes and JC Design's five other best selling themes for only $3.00 vs. the standard $7.00 theme pricing. No coupon code required, just follow the links below for more information and to purchase and download:

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Reader comments

Contest and Theme Sale from JC Designs!



I have tried Storm Today Plus and it works excellent ,I would be interested in trying a couple of others. Winning one would make my life easier with one less decision!!!


JC Definitely has some nice, clean theme's. I hope I can win one cause I am a broke a$$

JC Definitely has some nice, clean theme's. I hope I can win one cause I am a broke a$$

I think the Storm Today Plus Weather Hidden is a sexy theme, and a great use of space while still showing off the users desktop picture. It's easily my favourite, and I'd love to win it! :D

A new storm theme would be sweet! Especially one that would celebrate the official release of the verizon update!

I think it is really important that you pick me to win some free themes to really make my storm pop when I show it off.

Still new to BB's so I haven't even started playing with the themes yet. A free one would most likely rectify that.

First off, thanks to Crackberry & JC Designs for this contest. I really like the Cipher themes the best. It was hard to choose one, since their themes are top-notch and very well done.

This would be cool. There's so many themes out there that look cool, but I'm hesitant to spend money on them if I run the risk of major lag like the free ones I've tried have.

I'd love to try out a new paid theme without the risk. If it works out well, I'd likely try more.


I love pink grapefruit and genesis already so this new one would be the perfect addition to my crackberry!

JC Designs themes are top notch and this is a great offer from you to give members the chance at a free theme.

i kno i left one comment but i would rly like to get that neoblue theme i hope im one of the lucky 100 to win a theme.

Great themes are best enjoyed with the height of their art. I personally find well designed themes to be on par with a great movie score or one sheet.

This theme looks fantastic. I have been looking for a good working theme that has the ability to show a lot of icons plus be very clean. NeoBlue for the Storm would fit that request. Pick me for a free theme.

Been waiting for a sale on JC Designs for their rockin Today PLUS for the BOLD but cart still says 7 bucks. Thought the price was good till the end of contest? Please dont tell me I missed the sale.....AAAARGH!

The theme I like, no, I mean, LOVE & wanna have is the "Cipher SideBar Xtreme" for the BlackBerry Bold, pretty please, with whipped cream, & a cherry on top!

You have the most innovative themes I have scene for the Blackberry. I currently have both the Real iBerry Blocks Custom L and Bold Today 2.0. I would love to try the new Cipher SideBar Xtreme for my Bold 9700.

Any other innovations on the horizon?