Contest and Theme Sale from JC Designs!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 May 2009 04:00 pm EDT

CONTEST: Login to and Leave a Comment to this Blog Post for your Chance to Win a FREE THEME of Choice from JC Designs.. 100 Free Themes to be Won!

In honor of passing the One Million Member Milestone, our friends at JC Designs / GadgetBean wanted to do up something a little special for CrackBerry Nation. What could be better than a contest, a sale, and some new themes?!

CONTEST: We've got a 100 free themes to give away (winner's choice!). Just login to and leave a comment to this post and you're entered to win. For a comment, let us know which of JC Designs' themes you'd like most for free. You can see them all here. Contest entry ends Sunday, May 10th, at Midnight PST. Good luck!

NEW THEMES: JC Designs has just introduced three new themes. You can watch the video for NeoBlue above (Storm video here), which is available for the Bold, Curve 8900 and Storm. Also new are two themes for the ladies... Bubble and Bubble Bubble. Check em out ladies...these ones are cute!

$3.00 THEME SALE: Until Sunday, Midnight PST, you can get these three new themes and JC Design's five other best selling themes for only $3.00 vs. the standard $7.00 theme pricing. No coupon code required, just follow the links below for more information and to purchase and download:

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Reader comments

Contest and Theme Sale from JC Designs!



Hi CB and JC Designs :) I'll make up my mind once I see my name in the winners list.

Thanks so much for the great theme giveaway !!!

Being a complete theme addict I must say that the NeoBleu is probably one of the most sexy themes i have seen in a long time, it would be a shame not to see it on my


What you got for me??? I haven't met a theme that I've fallen in love with yet. I always go back to the basic storm theme. I get bored easily. I haven't found that wow!!, that's what's up yet. I am still waiting for a Boondocks theme though. What you got????

I have a number of their, JC Design's, themes already. My two favorites are the Bold Genius (has a small issue with menu colors in the IM apps), and the Crossbar Plus Extreme (a small issue with the icon text). I'd love to win another theme (I think the NeoBlue looks good.

Thanks to CrackBerry and JCDesigns.

I would love the Cipher SideBar Xtreme, if I'm one of the lucky winners for my 8900. I just checked it out on a video and its an awesome looking theme. Thanks!

I've been itching to get some of these themes for ages. Time seems prime now, especially with the new Neo-Blue one.

Though - I may end up caving in and buying it today since it is on sale. (And maybe another theme or two) >.<

I like the Genesis for 8900 or the NeoBlue for free.. have been using the Ego theme for a while, but like some color finally!

I bought many themes from many different creators since I got my Bold. The only 2 themes I ever use now are from JCDesigns. Their Cipher Sidebar Xtreme is my choice when I am working as I can see my e-mails & calendar on one screen and the CrossBar Plus Xtreme is my fav when I'm off the clock since it can hold 18 customizable icons (I have a lot of games). I don't even install the other guys themes any more!

Thanks John for a great group of highly functional yet elegant themes!

Awesome site! Im for the most part new to the whole blackberry thing though I have dove head first into it. thanks for the sale and putting these guys on the FP.

I sure hope they stick to the rules. Only comments mentioning their favorite theme should be eligible for this.

My vote is for the NeoBlue. Pretty slick, but no 8330 support.

I hear my Curve silently weeping at night because her theme doesn't match her girly pink skin. Please take pity on her and donate a pink bubble theme!

I'd like to be entered into the contest! Thank you guys very much for this awesome web source for blackberries!


WOW! I really like the neo blue. You have some really hot themes. I have already bought a few. Hope I get to win the neo.

I love these new themes, they were all pretty impressive, I like the customization available. I have a Curve 8330 so I didn't have much to choose from. So if I am lucky enough to be picked, I'd like Bubble Bubble and it's an 8330 Curve. Thank you!

Been sporting the same theme for quite some time now (like, two days... EEK!). I like JC's themes, but most (or all) of them are paid and I'm cheap so free is definitely up my alley ;-)

This would of been great if it wasn't JC Designs. JC designs have decent themes, but the guy who's making them never replies on the emails.

I bought a theme from him a while back and he was suppose to fix it for me. Told me he would get it done the next day. Weeks and weeks pass and he never replied to my emails after I continueously emailed trying to find out what's going on. Still till this day, I haven't heard from him. Their goes my $7 I paid for the theme.

JC Designs is CRAP! I will never purchase another theme from them again.

Love JC Designs Themes....Great work!
Thank you to CB and JC Designs for the chance to win. I'm definitely feeling the EGO theme. .It's HOT!!!

My favorite Theme is : Storm Real iBerry Blocks - Today Plus.
I like the fact that it previews!!!
Thanks Crackberry for another contest

the ego and the neo blue are the bes by far. 2 of the best themes ever. its all about the flow of the colors and the icon designs.

That would be great to have another them. Glad to be apart of the 1 Million Members.

Congrats CrackBerry! :)

WOOT! I need some themes... I havent found any that I like better than default... hopefully I can get some!

JC designs consistently comes up with such awesome new theme that every time a new one comes out I regret buying the old one lol