Contest and Theme Sale from JC Designs!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 May 2009 04:00 pm EDT

CONTEST: Login to and Leave a Comment to this Blog Post for your Chance to Win a FREE THEME of Choice from JC Designs.. 100 Free Themes to be Won!

In honor of passing the One Million Member Milestone, our friends at JC Designs / GadgetBean wanted to do up something a little special for CrackBerry Nation. What could be better than a contest, a sale, and some new themes?!

CONTEST: We've got a 100 free themes to give away (winner's choice!). Just login to and leave a comment to this post and you're entered to win. For a comment, let us know which of JC Designs' themes you'd like most for free. You can see them all here. Contest entry ends Sunday, May 10th, at Midnight PST. Good luck!

NEW THEMES: JC Designs has just introduced three new themes. You can watch the video for NeoBlue above (Storm video here), which is available for the Bold, Curve 8900 and Storm. Also new are two themes for the ladies... Bubble and Bubble Bubble. Check em out ladies...these ones are cute!

$3.00 THEME SALE: Until Sunday, Midnight PST, you can get these three new themes and JC Design's five other best selling themes for only $3.00 vs. the standard $7.00 theme pricing. No coupon code required, just follow the links below for more information and to purchase and download:

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Reader comments

Contest and Theme Sale from JC Designs!



Wow, i never used any custom themes except my standard Bold theme. Would be nice if i win these contest.

This is an awesome theme...would love to win this so I could alternate my two year aniversery theme and this...I love to change the themes back and forth for a new feeling :)

Please pick me, Pretty please ;)

Wow, those all look amazing. If I had to choose though I think I would choose the Cipher SideBar Extreme, with the Storm NeoBlue a close second.

Is the one I like the most, but you probably would need magnifying glasses to read the letters?
I hope not, because that's the one I would want.

JcD you are one of the most creative minds out there. I appreciate and admire your creativity. NeoBlue is again another fantastic creation to not only "apper" with style but also aid our busy lives and hel get organised and have access to things we need at hand. Great job! MUST HAVE IT.

I love the neo blue most. very slick indeed. but since i have the 8830, i guess i would choose the storm today plus to work on it.

I'm really liking the new themes. I would like the NeoBlue theme for the Storm 9530. It looks really well-made.


JE SERAI SI CONTENT SI JE GAGNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I was to win this contest the theme that I would want is the Bubble Bubble. Given the fact that I am a girl and it is pink is what sells if for me. So please.....PICK ME!!!:)

Themes are what really personalize the Blackberry, also being able to change things up so as not to get bored is SUPER nice!!!!!

I really love iberry because it looks really great and I will glad if I have a chance to have it. Thanks ! :)

I love these themes...I just got my Blackberry about 2 weeks ago and I have downloaded 3 of these designs...Love them and keep up the amazing work.


I definately would get the Storm Today Plus Weatherbug-Standard version since I like having immediate access to calendar, emails, and texts. Plus the weatherbug part is cool to have since I work outside. And the hidden docks are just cool in general!

i think jc has the best themes out there for blackberry phones i use a storm 9530 i would love to win a free theme so pic me thanks

got my fingers crossed to be a winner in this contest. if i do somehow win, i'm for sure going to rock the genesis theme, without a doubt.

Did I win the Real iBerry Glass Blocks Edition - iBerry theme - 8800 / Curve / 8700 that I like so much?

I bought this one yesterday. I like it. It keeps the WeatherBug graphic all the time (ProGrunge does not). I'll take a freebie if I win. I'd like to try the Storm Today Plus w/ Weatherbug with the hidden bars.

I have been using the same theme for almost half a year now, as I am very picky about how it will function. But from what I have seen of this developer's themes, I might not mind changing!

I would love a chance to test drive one of the themes for free, and see if I can move on from my Crossbar theme I already have.

It's always nice to see someone giving back to the community! Thanks JC!

I've got my sights on the Platinum theme for my 8830. Looks good. Thanks!

I have never tried a different theme. I think it may really increase my productivity on my Storm if I could try one of these new themes. Thanks for giving me the chance JC Design and Crackberry!

i am seriously obsessed with themes....addicted is the word i should be using really.. so pick me! woot! :)

This site ROCKS!!!!! Who couldn't use a site like this to get the help in learning to use their device. Keep up the good work. Thanks

I'd like to comment on this theme(neoblue), but it still has'nt been sent to me. I ordered it 20 min ago. Usually, as soon as I hit "confirm", I instantly see my red light flashing. ...................still waiting.

I'd like to comment on this theme(neoblue), but it still has'nt been sent to me. I ordered it 20 min ago. Usually, as soon as I hit "confirm", I instantly see my red light flashing. ...................still waiting.

More great themes from the "Theme Masters". Keep up the good work.

I can't wait for the contest to end, I have to get the Neo Blue now. I'll just pick a different one if I happen to be one of the lucky winners.

Thanks JC & thanks CrackBerry!!!


Man, I changed themes like I change my underwear, but I just haven't found that perfect "for me" theme. Thanks for the sale.

Ya, I think I need the STORM Today Plus for the blackberry storm, and good job crackberry on the one million members.

I love the content explosion for blackberry recently. Just going to upgrade to latest leak and then go theme shopping!