Contest and Theme Sale from JC Designs!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 May 2009 04:00 pm EDT

CONTEST: Login to and Leave a Comment to this Blog Post for your Chance to Win a FREE THEME of Choice from JC Designs.. 100 Free Themes to be Won!

In honor of passing the One Million Member Milestone, our friends at JC Designs / GadgetBean wanted to do up something a little special for CrackBerry Nation. What could be better than a contest, a sale, and some new themes?!

CONTEST: We've got a 100 free themes to give away (winner's choice!). Just login to and leave a comment to this post and you're entered to win. For a comment, let us know which of JC Designs' themes you'd like most for free. You can see them all here. Contest entry ends Sunday, May 10th, at Midnight PST. Good luck!

NEW THEMES: JC Designs has just introduced three new themes. You can watch the video for NeoBlue above (Storm video here), which is available for the Bold, Curve 8900 and Storm. Also new are two themes for the ladies... Bubble and Bubble Bubble. Check em out ladies...these ones are cute!

$3.00 THEME SALE: Until Sunday, Midnight PST, you can get these three new themes and JC Design's five other best selling themes for only $3.00 vs. the standard $7.00 theme pricing. No coupon code required, just follow the links below for more information and to purchase and download:

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Reader comments

Contest and Theme Sale from JC Designs!



Hugh fan of your designs JC! The NeoBlue would be a great addition to my already pimped bold mostly with your themes!

Would love to win something from crackberry! I never win...and congrats on the one million member milestone!!! WOO WOO!!

i just got the blackberry storm and i dont like any of the themes i have gotten and i saw the video for the neoblue and i would really love to have it and i hope this contest can make it happen for me. thanx

I am eligible for an upgrade as of this morning but am waiting for WES to be doubly sure which BB I want to get (Bold or 8900, I'm thinking). Either way, NeoBlue would look great!

I think this is the best storm theme ever in the market, it is not only beatiful bet full of new cool stuff. AMAIZING

I've always been a big fan of JC's themes. I have a few on my Bold right now, and they are always so clean and functional. I think I would really like to test out a theme in the Platinum or Zoom series. They both look really slick to me. Keep up the good work JC!

This is the best storm theme in the market. I am desperly to get one for my bold... P L E A S E......... DON'T LET ME DOWN

I'm really excited at the chance to win a free theme from JC Designs. I've used two on my Storm and the only problem I've had is trying to decide which one I want to use because they both work great! Maybe I don't want another JC theme because it will just add to my dilemma...jk!

The Real iBerry Blocks Custom L theme seems like a great theme that I would love to have on my storm. Hopefully I get picked cause that'd be sweeeeet.

That some sick stuff right there!! I love the side panels. Think it's better than the Today Plus!!!

Neoblue for Storm

That Genesis Theme would be sexy on my flipper, too bad this designer doesn't support it. Good luck in the contest everyone.

I would love to win a theme and I love the designs of JC themes and am ready to be a lucky winner!

I have had this theme on my storm for 3 months...and all I can say is it rocks...easy on the eyes and the functionality is great!!!!

Neo Blue looks great hope I win!!

new to bold, been searching for themes. This one is awesome man. Hope i can win something for once thanks man. Also love the look of the cipher one too man. Great designer

I am really digging the genesis! It is only 3 dollars now, so if i don't get it for free i think i will pick it up anyway.

Those themes look very nice. I have a theme that I got for free, and it doesn't match most of JCs'. I particularly like the "Cipher Sidebar Xtreme" but since I have a pearl 8130, I guess the "Ego" one will be the most convenient.

The contest win would be a bonus but thx for reminding me of this theme designer. The $3 premium theme sale has some nice gems that I'm adding to my collection.

I have to pick one among these great themes?? well ... if you force me! I would love to have real iBerry Blocks. Thanks for the contest and the great site!

I'm leaving my comment, so i can win a theme.
A theme, a theme, a glorious theme,
this be that which I seek.

Amazing themes, NeoBlue is great, so clean and really great choice of colors, very vibrant really makes the icons stand out, This would be a great addition to my storm!

I LOVE the themes from JC Designs/Gadgetbean!! They are some of the cleanest and best ones available on the net today. And Congrats to Crackberry for One Million Members!! What a milestone!! And what better way to celebrrate than with a contes between my two favorite sites!! Thanks Crackberry for all the wonderful news and reviews, and thanks to JC Designs and Gadgetbean for the awesome themes they have made. Here is to another Million Members!!!!!

Too many nice themes to choose from... but the real iberry glass blocks edition would be my choice.

I would love to have the STORM Today Plus Custom L. Anything to make me forget that I don't have an official OS update yet!

I also think tha the Cipher SideBar Xtreme for the Storm is kinda nice as well! I like the whole side bar action! Good job.

The iberry enterprise blocks is the one for me. So many to choose from who wouldn't want them all. LOL

The themes look awesome. I hope to win because Crackberry is by far the best place to keep up to date with information on Blackberry software and has made me a religious user of CB. Way to go!!!

Hi. The Bold Today Plus theme is the best for usability with OS4.6 icons that make your Bold look like a BlackBerry and not a iPhone wannabe. -- Robert.

The themes look awesome. I hope to win because Crackberry is by far the best place to keep up to date with information on Blackberry software and has made me a religious user of CB. Way to go!!!