Contest: 75 Free Unlock Codes from Carrier Unlock

Carrier Unlock
By Adam Zeis on 3 Dec 2009 10:40 am EST
0 has again offered up 75 free codes for CrackBerry readers. Their codes are good for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile & Rogers devices only this time around. They are also running a promo to go along with the contest. CrackBerry readers can receive codes for the above carriers for only $6.99 or $3.00 off all other products. Just head over to and use the promo code CB at checkout. To enter the contest, just leave a comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment - multiple entries won't count.

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Reader comments

Contest: 75 Free Unlock Codes from Carrier Unlock



omg!! perfect! college student wanting to go independent! getting off the family plan and switching carriers but want to keep my amazing tour... *crossing fingers*

i recently had my onyx stolen it was unlocked and i had to cough up the money to buy another one (sucks being a college student) so id love being to unlock it so i can use it when i study abroad this winter

I would really appreciate an unlock code. I go to the states quite often to visit family. I end up using a cheap phone that came with my t-mobile sim card. It would be nice to be able to use my 8900 in the States. Please pick me! :)

I would like to enter the contest to win and unlock code for my 9530. Maybe unlocking it would make it worth keeping.

I would love to get an unlock code for the new ATT 8520 I will be getting this next week!!! Count me in and thanks CB and Carrier Unlock for this contest.

cant complain about free stuff. i mean, you could, but one would end up sounding kinda douchey.

Great giveaway. Would love to win it so I can unlock my Rogers 9700. Rogers doesn't give out unlock codes, those buggers!

A noob to CB. this is my first attempt in joining a contest. I just got a blackberry curve on t-mobile. An unlock code would really help me a lot. A newbie good luck to me :)

I hope I win a unlocking code for my Verizon BB tour. I want to take a world tour with my BB tour. Unlocking it will save me plenty of $$$ on my backpacking travels. Thanks guys....

I really need this unlock code, got my girlfriend going overseas in just a moment, well I guess I could pay too huh lol

Hi there, just got a brand new blackberry locked to rogers but need to get it unlocked to let some other sim also work on it asap.. hope i win the contest.. thanks a lot :)

Hi need to unlock my phone for other sim cards (fido or anywhere in the world) just got a new phone and its locked to rogers only... please hope i can win.. thanks a lot :)

Hi need to unlock my phone dying to use it.. just got it today.. need to unlock it asap since its locked to rogers only... hope i can win.. thanks a lot :)

That brand new 9700 that I just got is screaming for an unlock! It is great that companies like Carrier Unlock work with Crackberry to offer these contests. Count me in for a chance at an AT&T unlock.

I would LOVE to win one of these codes! I have been putting off buying one because money is tight and it's not a "necessity" right now, but it would certainly be great to win one. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest!
Jusmore has done it again.
Providing unlock code is simple but powerful solution especially for roaming users.
Ability to utilize local Sim card really does reduce the bill.
With reasonable fee, it is simply the best unlock solution.

Thanks to and