Contest: 500 Free Copies of LaterDude Pro!

500 Free Copies of Later Dude Pro to be Won!
By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Aug 2009 02:25 pm EDT

Just leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free copy!

Just last week we ran an in-depth review of LaterDude Pro here on the CrackBerry blogs. This week it's back on the homepage and we're giving away FIVE HUNDRED FREE COPIES thanks to developer Fabian Heuwieser. All you need to do for a chance to win your free copy is login to and leave a comment to this post. It's as easy as that. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please just enter one comment. To learn more or purchase/download, follow the links below.

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Reader comments

Contest: 500 Free Copies of LaterDude Pro!



That's part of the reason I have a smartphone - my bad memory. This would definitely help me not forget to return calls and such!

how great would it be to win a free copy of your app, on my 50th, birthday (8/24), Thanks for the opportunity,
Frank D.

We all know Fabian is a genuine BB man at heart and makes some great apps. Let me jump in on this very generous offer.


Gotta love and all the free give aways.

Even though I haven't won anything yet, it's fun playing the "lottery" anyway!

Thanks CrackBerry!

This should have already been incorporated in the Blackberry.
Thanks to Fabian for developing this !! I'd love to win this.

LaterDude is already good, but LaterDude Pro could REALLY help me manage my calls and emails.

Pick me to win! I'd be the one of the heaviest users of this app!

Just for couple days I wanted this application and miss the discount opportunity, but now this news. Wow!! Crackberry is really superb!!
I don't hesitate to join anymore and this is my first comment after being 10 months as passive reader. Hope I can win one of the copies and never miss the news anymore.
Thanx in Advance.

I'm using the free version and love this application and would be better for PRO version. Thanks.

I just bought my blackberry curve about 5 hours ago! I like it so far, and if i win a free app all the better!

this is the kind of app i need considering i always love to put things off till later. I'm never a now person and this would help me a ton with all my postponed assignments. haha

I'm bound to win this one. There's 500 and there is no reason I shouldn't finally win. Again, Thanks Crackberry

This is one of those apps that I see and want to buy but still haven't come around to do it. This would be nice to have!

I could so use this. With my first Blackberry (only since May) I now never miss an appointment but I am not so good at making phone calls.

Winning a version of this software would ease the pain my wife and I have experienced over the last few months with our son. As ridiculous or corny as that may sound unless you have tried to raise a rebellious son you haven't walked in my shoes. So even a grin by something free would bring a bit of joy into our lives...thanks for listening anyway!

please give me one - i will make sure that i will get some people to buy this at my work - johns hopkins universiyt!!! :) please!!