Contest: 50 Free Copies Of ZenMinder To Give Away!

By Ryan Blundell on 8 Mar 2010 08:30 am EST

Leave A Comment On This Post To Win 1 Of 50 Free Copies!!

50 Free Copies Of Zen Minder

In case you thought CrackBerry's crazy week of Birthday giveaways was going to lead to a contest dry spell afterwards we thought we'd kill any notion of that immediately (bday week winners announced later today). Granted, the contests won't be quite so crazy for a little bit, but here's one to kick the week off right...

ZenMinder is the ultimate way to manage multiple or new routine reminders, without adding stress. It has the ability to create scheduled, repeating reminders, which will help you assimilate new habits into your life. I actually had a chance to review it; you can check it out here. From their site, here is the overview:

  • Simple and elegant user interface for a remarkable user experience
  • Set reminder at a certain date and define recurrences
  • Four available Zen reminder sounds
  • Possibility to play custom sound files from your BlackBerry
  • Unlimited number of reminders
  • Notification with vibration
  • Deactivation of reminders on weekends or manually
  • 12/24 hour time format
  • Optional auto-delete of expired reminder

For all you previous or future customers of ZenMinder, they offer free lifetime upgrades!

The developer, BBHacker, has given us 50 copies of ZenMinder 2.0 to give away to you, the CrackBerry Nation! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post to be entered into the draw. While you’re at it, why not tell us what stresses you out and how ZenMinder would help you get a handle on that stress. Contest closes this Sunday, March 14th at Midnight.

Reader comments

Contest: 50 Free Copies Of ZenMinder To Give Away!



I would like to have a copy of this app.. It looks like it would assist me in my everyday needs!!!

I'm working with three different projects at the moment. This app could help me to not to forget about anything :)

ZenMinder might just be one of the best apps for the soccer Mom (or in this case soccer Dad). This should be marketed in school and park news letters. I would love to have this and help spread the word.

I read this post, got busy for a minute, and then almost forgot to reply! Need ZenMinder just to -win- ZenMinder! LOL!

I could definitely use this app considering I have recently switched career paths and assuredly need to change my habits!

I'm constantly looking for ways to organize myself and this sounds like a good application to get things done, gonna check out the trial. Thanks again for an awesome contest CB!

sometime all of my campus schedule make rush in my mind, so i need app to help me out and handle all of, activities
Zen minder is The best one
hope can get one copy

This app would definitely help me remember to take breaks and lunches at work. I've been going through my shift for the last few weeks without taking a break.

Seems like a really sick app to have because I am a forgetful person so I would like some reminders from my blackberry. Hopefully I could win it.

This app can help with getting mý life better organized and on time. Its suxz forgeting wãt time ýøú have to Ðø something in order to Ðø another on time. I sux at this.

Thanks crackberry team and Ademendo Software for your job and great prices for us. I would like to win copy Of ZenMinder.
Crackberry keep going....
We love you!

This would be great! I sress out when I forget to pay bills and this would be awesome to have. I will always be reminded when my bills are due. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Thanks CB.

Looks like a great Minder! Would love to get my hands on this application. Great contest CB!

Considering I am so busy anymore with work schedules and volunteer schedules and interview schedules...I would love to get a free copy of this app!!

Thanks for doing another great contest. I have two teenage daughters who's schedules are always changing and trying to remember it all is quite the task. Maybe ZenMinder can help keep it all straight.

Having a son in Cub Scouts, a daughter in Girl Scouts, and having a lot of doctor appointments for a family of 5. I really really need this to keep me on track. I wouldn't be running around with my head cut off.

The main thing that stresses me out is trying to keep up with my families schedule. I am always forgetting important things. My wife tells me about things that are coming up for her or the kids but most of the time i forget and that is a real problem for me. i can use something like this.

i have a son who goes to therapy different days of the week i have my daughter who gets therapy as well and i myself have appointments so believe me my hands are full and i tend to forget alot of stuff that there are times i forget some appointments so this would really come in handy!!!!

I use the BB OOB calender reminder & notifications. It is very mundane and one cannot do much with it. ZenMinder would be a great tool to help me organize my day with reminders & notifications.

Yes but does is remind you to remind you...

With so many things happening in the day and the constant information coming in, having a regular reminder would be a good thing. The problem with the calendar options are that it assumes it is just a one shot occurence so something that is more intuitive would be nice.

another great contest. I would so use this. I have a tendency to forget to take my meds and this would come in handy.

.....and I need something to help me get on an exercise routine. I believe this would help me do that easily.That's pretty much what stresses me out on a day to day basis. I'm overweight.

i would love to have to use for my practice!!!!keep me up to date on all of the appointments!!please!!!!!

I've been trying to find an app that will send me multiple reminders. The one alarm on my BB just isn't cutting it.

This would make my life so much easier! Trying to manage all my daily calls and meetings.

Good luck everyone!