Contest: 50 Free Copies of TweetGenius!

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 May 2009 08:01 pm EDT

Simply login to and leave a comment to this post for your chance to win a FREE Copy of TweetGenius... 50 Copies to be won!!!

Twitter on Your BlackBerry with TweetGenius

Twitter has gone mainstream in the past few months and in the wake of its insane growth a number of Twitter clients for BlackBerry have popped up, each competing to be the best. We've pretty much covered them all here at CrackBerry as they come on the scene (just search the blogs for "twitter') and with most of these clients (TwitterBerry, SocialScope, UberTwitter) still in beta and free, I'd argue that while each of us have our favorite client, the title of Best Twitter App has yet to be won.

The newest client to hit the scene is called TweetGenius, and in its version 1.0 debut is seriously staking its claim to be at the top of the Twitter app heap. An endeavor spearheaded by none other than the Boy Genius, it's a welcome addition to the twitter client game. Firing up TweetGenius, you can tell a lot of time and effort has gone into the app - it looks good (nice transitions, love the "poof") and is intuitive. I like it a lot.

Learn More: We'll be doing a longer write up on TweetGenius down the road -- Adam needs to conduct an updated Twitter Roundup article -- so in the meantime you can check out BGR's post for a video tour or jump over to Engadget for a TweetGenius review.

Get TweetGenius: TweetGenius is currently available for the Bold and Curve 8900 for an introductory price of $4.99 for the next two weeks (regular $9.99). Storm, Curve 83xx and 88xx versions will be coming online soon. There's no free trial, but you will get updates and new features for free, and when it comes to updates BG et al are serious - expect quick progress in a week or better. You can grab it at

Contest: We've got 50 free copies of TweetGenius to give away for free to CrackBerry Nation! Just leave a comment to this post and you're entered to win. If you're looking for something to post, why not drop twitter might pick up a few more followers. Contest entry ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Good luck!

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Contest: 50 Free Copies of TweetGenius!



anyone notice new changes to twitter.. now you can search hash tags such as #crackberry or #blackberry and see what everyone is tweeting... @kwvt

i would love to try this program! Hopefully this would be the best out of all of the twitter clients out there!

This would be a welcomed addition to the storm as the other twitter apps seem to be lacking in some areas. I'm new to twitter so any good feedback is welcomed. My twitter id is sportsjourney.

That looks real slick. Nicest of the clients I've seen/tried Hopefully this one doesn't empty my battery either like one of the other ones did.

I follow the blogs on viigo, crackberry addition on my Curve 8900. I often read the reviews on applications and think to myself the writers/techs/reviewers of know what they/we want in an application "why don't they simply design one" and finally...

I hope I'm one of the special 50 to win this. I'm a Storm user, if I win, can I have my prize held until the Storm release comes out? :D

Ain't gonna twitter much, but have a handful of companies I want to follow so I have been searching for a good twitter app and looks like BGR may have nailed it..!

Can I win if they don't have a version out for my device yet? My "lowly" 8310 never gets anything! *pouts*

Ive been interested in twitter but haven't really gotten involved. something this easy and convenient might be just what i need.

Thank you, Kevin for this giveaway!

I didn't see BGR offer any FREE TweetGenius apps on his own website.......(WHAT?????)

Wow, 50 free copies! This looks like it could be a great Twitter app and I can't wait to see what it can do!

Please pick me
I have a storm and am dying to have this

I need twitter on my storm like a crack addict needs crack haha

Pick me!

I still don't know what the big deal is, though...I have my own invention...I call it Shwitter. You can use it to let you friends know when you are going to the bathroom. (for example... i had beans today i'll be in here a while... I just dropped a houdini, where did it go?)

@somekindarobot is my twitter name and this app seems very cool i would definitely do a full on review of this product if i get a chance to use it and hell if i get it free and like it i would totally find a way to pay for it if that makes sense

From the pictures on's review, this twitter client kind of reminds me of a similar UI of Poynt, which I find easy on the easy and very easy to pick up and use. Not complicated at all. Overall it looks like we have a winner amongst the twitter clients for BlackBerry.

Well this was made just for me, I like ta Tweet and I,ve been asked..What?? Ya think ya some kind of fracken Genius!! lol..

Trey :@BBDreamshop

It looks great. I'm glad to see a decent app come out. Plus a little competition will make Twitterberry better!

I know I wont win, I never win anything on this site. I know i'm going to purchase this once it's available. It looks real nice.

I've been trying to get this for ages. I really want to try it (and compare to Socialscope).

The app looks awesome! Has lots of great features. Now I just need to test it out on my BlackBerry Bold.

Finally a Twitter client that looks good. Seems like it will be good performance-wise, too. Now all I have to do is wait a week or so for my 83xx version.

Man this looks like an awsome app that would look great on my bold! Huge twitter addict. Hope I get picked fingers crossed

Totally not fair! I want to try this but I have an 8330. Well if it is possible to win and just wait =) till the 8330 version is released, ill gladly do that.

Follow me

...if I win can I hang on to the freebie till the storm version is out? Prolly getting way to ahead of myself seeing as I never win these things. Oh well, my name is in the hat :)

im tired of trying out all these different twitter apps with different options. give me the all inclusive one!

I'll take a free copy as soon as they get the Storm version ready. It looks to be a great app. If they promise no memory leaks and battery drain, I'll never leave them.

So would the version for the Bold work on the Storm if I disable compatibility mode? Would love the free copy if that would work!

I'd love to check this out and add it to my list of BlackBerry Twitter Apps. Right now UberTwitter is my favorite, but there's always room for more!

I'm a twitter addict, and I've been bouncing around apps to use (now Ubertwitter). I would love this! Thanks!