Contest: 50 Free Copies of SlideBerry Zoom 2.0 for Storm

SlideBerry Zoom
By Adam Zeis on 4 Sep 2009 10:16 am EDT

For a last minute Labor Day weekend giveaway, the folks at R&R Designs have given us 50 free copies of their newly updated SlideBerry Zoom 2.0 theme for the BlackBerry Storm. This updated version is available in six colors, and features a unique cycling bottom dock for more icons and quick access. There is a slot for weather and Meterberry, and this theme packs a crazy 21 icons on the home screen. R&R is also offering up a buy two get one free sale - if you buy two colors of the SlideBerry Zoon 2.0, R&R will give you a 3rd color free, just use the code Buy2Get1. Users of the original SlideBerry Zoom can also grab the newer version for only $3.00. SlideBerry Zoom 2.0 is available for $5.00 in the CrackBerry App Store. Just leave a comment on this post to be entered to win one of 50 free copies. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

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I'll take one ;-)

Nice looking theme!

i love this theme

I'd love to own this theme. =]


that is a sexy theme

Man I can't believe I almost missed this one!!


I want it and i want it now


come on and slip inside my slick storm

I'm a brand new Storm owner who's excited about the possibility of being selected to receive one of the SlideBerry Zoom 2.0 Themes! I'm really loving my Storm and am awed by how much the themes can do.

looks fun.

all these contests are awesome! HAppy labor day weekend!!!!

I love access to multiple icons

Looks nice

so cool. I really want this

Please, please, please?!?

Pick Me!

I like free!




This looks like a nice theme! I could use this on my Storm!

This is what I need to show those braggy iphone people that
the storm can also hold a lot of icons in the home screen.
That bite in your apple is from the storm showing you to what
your back.

Sufferin Sucotash that is cool

that looks slick, give me one please.

I would like a chance at winning a free copy...thx dudes

Nice looking theme.

I'll take one ThX!


cool theme...i would live one...please

Sounds great! I'd like one!


Pick me, pick me~~!


Yeah yeah

Zoom, Zoom, ZOOOOMMM!!!!

Gotta love it!

Would go quite nicely on my storm.

I'd like to win a copy of this theme. It looks sleeeek

i would love this free theme

Always looking for more productivity. I would use this.. Looks cool and functional!

Looks Cool!

I'd love this!

I am in for one.

Would love to win this and sport it on my Storm!!!

looks pretty cool!


Pick me.

Pick me pick me!

Looks great.

Sign me up!!!

Looks like a hot theme, I haven't installed any themes at all, wondering if they impact performance. But a free theme would be cool to test the waters with :D

I'm always down for a sweet @ss theme!

could also use this!

yeah, I will take one for sure.

winner winner chicken dinner

Pick Me

Love the different colors!

Sign me up!

Win this one for The Gipper!

IM in i would like a free copy cant every go wrong with free!!!!


I could use a free slide berry!

I am willing to give it a go

Love the look of this theme! Awesome work

pick me!

Looks good

Very nice theme. Very impressive.


Count me in !!


Very nice theme

i would really like one please

Looks pretty nice

i love this theme!

hope i win

I would love to add this theme to my Balckberry Storm. Especially if it was free!

How about a ZOOM for labor Day. Thanks You All. Pray for all our service men and women. NEVER FORGET 9-11

Another great contest. Keep it up!

a good clean new storm theme is always appreciated

I want the blue one

nice looking theme!

Theme. Looks clean, responsive, and useful. Would be nice to win one.

awesome theme

Nice app.

I'd take one.

for free I'll try.

May I have one please?

cool themes

I want it!!!!!!!!!

nice looking. Hope I get the chance to try it.


this theme looks good

my comment :-)

i want a copy plz :)

Sure, I'll take a copy!

please i want this bad

burst my berry by letting me win a copy

for the win!

yes please...

Would love to have this theme!!!!

Nice theme !

gimme gimme gimme


maybe i can get lucky enough to win something!

Hook me up.

This theme looks amazing!!!

This would be a great addiontion to my new storm


Six colours!! Hmm..can u get all colours!

Count me in!

I Want One


I'd like a copy to...

Hope to win this theme...

Did i win?

im diggin it

I like to win too... it's my first time here on crackberry. And I Must say you guys doing really a good job here.

Since last few weeks, i'm thinking to change my current nokia handset.

Count me in too... i also like to wing this cool phone.

It looks cool

This theme looks sweet. I really hope I can win a free copy.

Pick me!! :)

Fantastic theme.. I'd love to have one!



i want it!!!!

SLideberry zoom looks like an awesome theme. Thanks for the opportunity

i would definitely like this one!


Thanks for the opportunity!

please enter me

I hope I win. I`ll gladly receive excellent free theme.

I love apps!

i would love this please pick me

looks good to me i would like this one please let me win for a change

I would love to give this a shot!


never had one, id love to see how to utilize my storm in what looks to be a real cool visual way-

I have been waiting for this app to become a prize, love the work R&R did on this and can't wait to rock the blue one.



Sweet theme!

Free one please!!!

Wat to Cool I want One I need One

I need it

Would love to get the blue

i want one!

Is this any good? I wanna win!

oooooooooooooooooo... pretty!

pick me please!!!! please!

I would really like a copy of this theme. I am a huge fan of green themes and there aren't many out there to use.

nice app, looks good

Please pick me I want one!!!!!!

i need slideberry, pronto! asap!


another great contest!

love to give some life to my storm

Love the colors...

I would love a copy

Another free giveaway!

Pick Me Please!

Here's my comment.

Hope I win this one, I need my first new theme... that works

Thanks !

i hope this will work on the new storm 2 that im getting asap!! count me in.

Love the colors. Excited to have this on my storm!

me me me!

This is very nice...I'll take one...

pick me please...

Just got my Storm this week. I NEED THIS!! Crackberry ROCKS!

Sure why not.

pick me!

Pretty Please!

This is the only reason I am jealous of the Iphone......

I want it!

I will take one...

yup yup

This app looks pretty sweet!

had my eye on this for a while. fingers crossed i win at least once.

how fun would this be

pick me pick me......

i want one =D

Please and thank you?

I'm in. This looks pretty good.


gimme gimme

It looks like a very clean theme

I'll take one!

Well maybe I can win one since the code Buy2Get1 free doesn't work

Count me in!

It's 11:45pm here in Saskatchewan. Hope it's not too late. It's my birthday and I just got the Storm a few days ago. Would love a new theme to spice it up!!

hook me up with a free copy! this looks sick! :)

somebody tell roth i dont love college

So i heard crackberry lieks mudkips ;D

I want one....:)

this is a must have item

I had Slide Berry on my Storm, then it stopped working and had to get a new one and I lost the App. Pick me

pick me. please

cool, i want slideberry! what is it?

great apps keep up the good work


zoom zoom zoom

I would love a copy!

This would complete my phone! Please pick me!

for this lovely gift :-)

Slide me a slideberry theme. That would be so cool.
Pick me....... Please......

Me Likey Zoom!!

I never win from crackberry.

Great looking theme but would look much better on my storm!!

Like the theme. I'll take one please...


I hope I win!!!!

this is a pretty cool looking theme

this is a pretty cool looking theme

thats a nice app.

This would be an awesome win!

i would love to try this app

to choose: that would be me

Looks great.

Wow...I need this!

pick me

I need a new theme!


I would love to have this....

ok....i paid the 5.00. it does look pretty good. but, it's been 24 hrs....still no download link in my e-mail....

Looks gooood can't wait to win.

Very cool!

Very cool!


very good looking theme !! please give me one

i need

yeah i want 1 2...

Slide it over to me pkease, my storm would love this app ! Thanks crackberry, YOU ROCK

Count me in!!

Count me in!

you could be my next newest theme.
Thanks this would rock if I won!

Can I have a copy PLEASE!!!!

Pick me! I'm worth it!

Love the colors

Need a theme for my new phone.

get one please

me please!

winning would be wonderful