Contest: 50 Free Copies of Money for BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 10 Sep 2009 11:07 am EDT
Money for BlackBerry

Free money you say? Well kind of. New developer ChanguitoSoft has released Money For Blackberry - a great personal finance manager for your mobile device. You can track assets, cash, checks, bank, savings, line of credit, credit card and more. Money for Blackberry supports over 177 currencies, allows for multiple accounts, you can schedule recurring transactions and it even integrates with your desktop finance software (exports to QIF or plain text). If you are looking for an "on the go" finance tracker, Money For BlackBerry is just the thing. The app sells for $9.99 but is available for only $5.99 through September 15th. To celebrate the release, we have 50 free copies to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple submissions won't count.

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Contest: 50 Free Copies of Money for BlackBerry



Well we could all use more money these days, but being able to keep track of it easier would be a great asset to my everyday operations.

Money for BlackBerry would be very useful on my Bold 9000 to keep an eye on my spending in these tough times!

Seems like a good idea & app. I strive to have my expenses organized & I think this app can help!

I appreciate the chance to win a copy of this! This sure would beat using the desktop app on my PC where I am chained to that machine. Much more convenient to have it on my hip!

Money?What the heck is that. If i had any this APP would love me. BUT maybe if i get this APP money will appear. who knows/ ha ha the Shadow knows.

This would be great for someone like me who works full-time. travels for business, and goes to school full time. Doesn't leave much time to balance my finances.

Looks straightforward and well worth the money even if I did not win one, I would definitely purchase. Splash and Ascendo are also good if you want to make a concerted effort keeping things straight. I need simplicity and quick and simple data entry and the Money apps has a strong foothold for what I am looking for.

Viva la app...

I would love to win this looks awesome! i have been looking for something like this for awhile...

the odds arent looking to bad, either...about 1/3rd

this would be a good app for me to have. Maybe it will help me track my finances better so I can finally get my wife off my back!!!!

I always kept a close watch on my finances on my WinMo device. I've always been afriad that the low amount of memory on my BB would get eaten up by data apps. I should get back into recording things on my BB, though. :)

Anything that has to do with money, I need it. Too bad it's not free money, but it will help me keep track of the money I don't have. lol