Contest: 50 FREE Copies of MeterBerry for the Storm!

MeterBerry Contest! 50 FREE Copies to be Won!
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Apr 2009 01:10 pm EDT

MeterBerry is a handy battery and memory monitoring app for the BlackBerry Storm (not available for other models at this time) that already has quite a following by readers and members of And when Adam blogged about it just the other week that following took a jump up (see original post).

Giving back to the CrackBerry Nation, the developers of MeterBerry have given us 50 Free Copies to give away. For your chance to win a copy, simply login to and leave a comment to this blog post. Looking for something to comment on? Tell us how you plan to use MeterBerry.... diagnose a failing battery? find a memory leak? something else?? Contest runs until Sunday, Midnight PST. Good Luck!

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Free is always a good thing but in this case I REALLY want it...hope I win. Oh...and Crackberry kicks A$$!!!


I want it to keep an eye on bat useage


I have a memory link that must be found


Always wanted to know how hot my battery gets, now I might be able to find out!


I would use this alot, since going to Option scrolling down then going to Memory then checking it is such a hassle


Id lide to try out this great product. thanks


i love this app ive been wanting it for awhile now im just to poor to purchase it


Out of many applications i've downloaded and bought, i'm sure this application will be the most used app on the phone! I run many things at one time and this app will come in really handy when i'm trying to figure out which one's eating away at my memory the most! Please Give me this app!! :)

Vince T

That's a nice app to have.


It even displays temp. I must have it!


It even displays temp. I must have it!


Great idea and love to have app!!!


would love to give this a test drive.

Doug B

MeterBerry looks pretty darn shartp !!

I am especially interest to watch the voltage use when bluetooth is being used.

Biofish is awesome.!!


I'd love to have this app. I recently bought an extended battery and cannot figure out why I'm still charging it daily. Could be apps I guess but me being relatively new to blackberries its hard for me to diagnose the few issues I do have. Would definately appreciate the helpful app




hmm...i plan to use it for it's intended purposes, but most likely to find those infamous memory leaks. :D


This app is the one I need to really enhance and maintain my storm I really hopeI win!!!!!!!!


Would love this app for my phone....


What no storm should be without.


Just because you can't have enough applications running in the background. Hopefully it can help me find a memory own.


Been waiting for such apps....!! Great stuff


I plan to use MeterBerry to analyze memory and battery usage. I will compare this data when I am at work and while I am at home. I work underground and the reception is usually 1 to 0 bars. I believe this unstable and low reception is causing my battery to die sooner. I would like to compare this data to data when the reception is good (usually at home on the weekends).

I will use the memory information to keep track of memory usage spikes throughout the day. I will log the application name and log how much memory was needed to run the program and rate of time the battery level drops.

Basically, I will use MeterBerry to collect vital information regarding the memory and battery. This will help characterize the performance of my Storm.



I absolutely need this! I have so many memory issues! Ahhhh I would appreciate this so much! =]


Been waiting for such apps....!! Great stuff
Need this to check on the memory level. I'm 'riding' the Storm, so it really useful to have such apps

Matt Tomlan

I obsessively check my memory at least 20 times a day. I would love a free download of meterberry. It would make it much easier.


Sounds like a good app


Looks like a great app.


Just Once I want to win.... I really could use this to manage my storm


Oh yes, I am leaving my comment.


I was ganna by this within the next hour, then I saw this.


I really could use this app as I have a very intense work day...I'm a photojournalist at a TV station.
I don't have the time to do a battery pull towards the end of the day when my storm starts to studder.
I could really use this to see what applications and times of day are reeking havoc on my poor BB!

bis...ness time

I would work towards world peace.....


Looks like a good app.
Like to try it out on my storm


I want to find where my memory leak is driving me nuts!!!


I need this!! I cant get a handle on the memory usage.


This is a program that is long overdue. Just give me a copy already!!!


I plan to use MeterBerry to gain complete control over my Storm, and with it take over the world.


May be it will help with all the leaking my storm has.


I would love to win this software looks like exactly what I am looking for!


That's right...i wouldn't mind having this


i would love to find out where my memory is going!!!


I would love this app. Count me in....


This looks great, I want it! :]


Leaving a comment. I want this app.

Neil h

I think this would be one of the most usefull apps to have I would love one


I need this app so I can gauge the battery drain of my world detonation app... buhahahaha... ahem.


i think it should be my time to win something CB..don't you?!?


Will probably buy it even if I'm not a winner.


I would like to use this so I can find a memory leak in my new BerryPelosi App. This app calls Nancy Pelosi every 7 minutes and leaves messages on her answering machine. Only problem is that right now it can only call a handful of times before freezing up.

This app would certainly help.



looks like a great app. what's the benefit?


looks like a pretty cool app


I sure could use that...


I would like to be able to find the memory leak that I am currently having. I woul;d love to be able to test it out. Pick Me Pick Me.


i hope i win, i hope i win, i hope i win!!!!!!


this would be nice to have for free.


id love a copy to play aorund with


This is a great app. I have to use quick pull every few days, well that was before I upgraded OS to .113 less glitches now but it would be nice to see were my memory is going.


i left a comment... hrmm guess not... Would love this program. no paypal :P


Memory monitor is the functionality I'm looking for.


I need it bad!!

Memory leak is killing me, thanks!


I hope to win a copy and finally figure out some memory leaks. Go MeterBerry!!!!


This looks like a cool and very useful app.


RIM should've had this built into the OS. Its still not too late. This is exactly what I need for my storm.
I wud loooooooooooooove to win a copy of this one. (Fingers crossed).


Me being one of the elite Black berry STORM people on here i would say that i DEF need this because i am all into MeterBerry. I could see myself using this everyday seriously! lol ..thanks for your time

The Great "Tmanstorm21"


Looks like a great program. I hope I can win one.


i would love a free copy!


This would be great to see where my memories going.


I want a copy of Meterberry please.


Thanks Crackberry!!!! Please let me win once!


I am looking forward to using this application so I can learn how to manage and monitor the system settings and use levels of my brand new Blackberry Storm. I am never going back to another phone.


Let me explain: most people use their phones while doing their "business". I like to take that "free time" to do my weekly battery pull. Well, let's just say that a pull went bad and the battery started to fall. Thank god for natural reactions because I moved so fast to grab the battery that the storm slipped out of my hand and landed... well, you get the picture.



I need this to help me find mem prob


I listen to a lot of streaming music while I'm at work and that drains my battery quite a bit. I can usually make it through 5-7 hours of use but sometimes it drains faster, other times it drains slower so it would be nice to have an idea of my average discharge so I know if I need to cut the tunes out or not to keep my phone running until I get home. This would definitely help me know keep a better eye on what's going on with my battery life!


Looks good but will it drain my battery using it???

Irony much???


I am not sure about this site. I have heard a lot of good things about it but are these apps really worth it? I would love to get a free app to see how god this site can make my new storm.

Thank you,



id use this to to test which OS is best for memory leaks. i plan on going back and installing each os and running it with meterberry for a couple of days to see which one leaks memory the most, and then report back my findings on the forum!


when vzw releases a new OS for storm...


be picked for this super cool app give away? My blackberry is begging! I'm begging!


Just wanted to let you guys know I got this app last week and it has already paid for itself in helping me determine that the new OS (.113) I was using was causing a huge memory leak on my Storm some how and I was losing total memory in less then 2 hours. I fixed it by upgrading to .122 today now all is well. Well worth the 3 bucks!


this will deff. come in handy :)


I haven't won anything yet - it's my turn!


Looks like anice app to have, I hope I win a copy!!


This will deff come in handy


Meterberry for Me?! Free?! Please Crackberry I'd be yippie! :]


I have no idea why im even posting, the chances of winning are slim to none.

Id like to have it because I could better monitor activity on the phone, as opposed to guessing. Due to developing applications, it would help determine where im going wrong, or going right. Simple really..

But again, its not like this post will be seen, not with 1300+ posts already. A needle in a haystack, the technohay.




for the same average amount of use during the day, my battery is never really consistent with how long it holds the charge. also, certain apps or downloads will cause memory issues and I don't know if its the individual size of the app or something with the total memory. hopefully meterberry can give some insight


I want this app! PUHLEASE!


count me in, looks like a great app.


This looks like a great app to have. I can't even get through an entire day before my battery goes belly up. It would be great to see what is going on with my Storm and try to pinpoint the cause. Crossing my fingers that I win a copy!


I never win these, but I'll try anyway. I want MeterBerry!!


this looks like a cool app


Woo hoo just got my storm.. this app seems cool


Would like to keep an eye on memory usage...should be great for that!



I don't know how I would use it I just like the thought of being able to take an insane piece of equipment and make it better GO BIG OR STAY HOME!!! David


I badly need this app - Pick me please!


I would love to get a freebee meterberry app. I am already nuerotic about blackberry why not another app to keep me going.




With this software properly installed on my device, I will do something I have dreamed of doing my whole life: give back to my community.

I have never had the chance to "give back" to my surrounding community, but if I have this meterberry, I will have the want, nay the NEED to give back to the excellent Crackberry community by providing thoughtful responses on how programs stand up on my device. New program out, downloaded it, it hogs the memory of the device...I then report to my fellow Crackberrians.

Viva La Crackberry.


Need to know usage of Blackberry parts


I never win anything...and I really dig this app.

Pretty please with sugar on top!!!!!!



Gimme gimme !!!

I really love this app ...


I will use MeterBerry to figure out when my wife is about to overload


I bought my Storm on eBay and while it was in EXCELLENT condition I'm fairly certain that the battery is pretty weak. I stood in line @ Verizon the other weekend for like an hour waiting for Technical Support to help me "diagnose" the problem. All she said was that she didn't know if anything was wrong with the battery and I could just buy a new one if I thought that would help. There hasn't been any water damage to the battery because the line is still clear. But still I know there is something up with the battery because it discharges very rapidly (running .113).

Anyway, if need be for me to purchase another battery then that's what I'll do. But I would like to see if this program could give me any insight into specific statistics of my existing battery. I'd probably go for the Seidio Extended battery if I were to make the leap to a new battery.


Lets hope my luck in this contest is better than my luck with women. :-)




I just wanna keep an eye on my Storm as much as possible.


I'd love a copy of MeterBerry to monitor memory usage and battery consumption!

Carter Belleau

Meterberry meterberry! I wannit.


Oooooh baby, MeterBerry MeterBerry!


I would love to have this app, I hate having to pull off my sedio case II to pull the battery when i have a memory would just save me alot of time having meterberry on my phone


I love my storm but it has its tendencies to be slow from time to time. SMS can be slow and opening and closing apps can be slow. I would love to see if this program can provide an improvement in performance for me. I would greatly love to return the favor by reping the product. I know a lot of people that have the storm and many of them are my friends who also have the same problems. thanks


i need one to keep track of my usage from all the apps i downloaded from crackberry...=)


Everything about my Berry! Free RAM, leaks, battery...I love numbers, I love info...I need it!


I'm obsessed with making every piece of tech I own (iPod Touch, IBM T61, Storm, etc.) run at it's peak performance.

This app would allow me to monitor all the vitals of my phone in real time, and without having to go through any menus!

And would it help if I said "I never win anything!"



really should be part of the OS. I'd like to give it a try.


i need meter!
i need berry!


This program would be great to add to my collection. I've been having memory issues with my Storm and I'd love to give this a try.

Please please please! *puppy dog eyes*


This will help me keep my gps running smooth


well this looks like a great app... cant wait to add it to my storm app collection.

Newt Hoang

Sounds like an innnovative concept. I'm optimistic.


I want my free meterberry!


This would make my day! Seems like a very useful App. :)


This is a pretty cool app, something you will actually use unlike the app shzaam :(


Copy? Me want copy!...or a cookie. Not sure at the moment...


I hope I win if not I think I will purchase this.


Here is my comment.y


Ooo pick me! I never win these things..

I think this should be a standard app on all backberry devices!


can i win please thank you

sb tommy

i need this app i hope i win

It´s a nice tool. If You put the icon on the on the home screen, you can see ever the free RAM or the remaining battery.

Please select me as a winner, pls! =D


It drives me nuts how hard it is to get this information through the normal OS, so to be able to get it through a simple app would be great!


This software is the best for my storm..


i hate the memory leaks in .109 but i guess this will be a good soft. to show memory stats


Hello, I am an honest, straight shooting son of a gun and also very interested in having a Meterberry for my phone. I have developed a newlyfound obsession with my Blackberry but at the same time, I don't have the cash flow right now to be spending any more money on this phone than what I all ready am. That is all. Thank you!



i never win anything :(


MeterBerry FTW!! I've heard nothing but good things about it.


this would be great!!!


My wife and I are new to Blackberry (3 weeks) and we both have Storms (Verizon). We are still learning the terrific abilities of this wonderful device. Today my beautiful wife tried to call me, but was notified that she had zero memory left for applications and was unable to complete the call. Apparently, an app like MeterBerry would help prevent this very situation. As we go through our daily lives we learn more about this device and just what is important and necessary to stay in touch, it's difficult to know which way to turn, but with the help of this great site we are getting a ton of advice and guidance... thank you!


I wouldn't mind getting a free copie of this wonderful program!


I've heard such great things about meterberry. I'm completely OCD about memory, and this would be a great way to feed my crackberry habit.


Hardly ever posted but hopefully will still win! :)


It would be nice to see where oh where all of my memory goes...


lol, at 1st glance I thought it said MeteorBerry.. and now I feel dumb...


If you want something less addictive than a blackberry, you might want to try heroin.

Man, would love to have this app. Too bad it's needed, though.


I want to track the mem usage on my storm and see what apps are taking up my memory.


Let's measure our blackberries.


Will have... best regards from Austria...!


Until the OS is properly fixed, this looks like a must have for any Storm owner. I love mine, but wish some of the bugs would finally get ironed out. It doesn't stop me from converting people to Blackberry though.

Jeff Kwan

This app looks pretty sweet. i wish that RIM offered it with the phone itself. its nice to know how much memory your apps are taking up when running.


Me me me... I'm The best !



This will help automate battery and memory management! I will win this one...


I go to college in the US but I've been studying abroad in Italy since January and knowing how my Storms doing would be beyond helpful so I don't get caught with a dead battery or some other problem when I'm away on a weekend.


This would be a great addition. It mwould allow me to monitor the available memory and know when i need to close applications to work more efficienly.


I need something to fix this phone.... Im getting tired of battery pulls....SAVE ME :-)

old billy shakie

To meterberry or not to meterberry?
That is the question.
With a free copy from this forum,
I could get a suggestion
On how to increase the performance of my blackberry storm!


As one of the VERY few members running 5.0 hybrid on their 9500 Storm as opposed to the 9530 users i think it would be interesting to know how battery life is affected on this unit. Also checking memory leaks would be VERY useful.


Looks like a great utility that would be handy to have on any BB device, especially mine :)


Maybe I can get this one :-) That would be great!


I never win anything, but I keep trying :p


i realy would apprichiate a free copy because i have to pull my batterie everyday lately and i cant find the leak. :( also my batterie has some wild swings from living 1 day to living 4 days. would be interesting to find out why. :)


Finally an easy way to do resets without battery pulls!


I have never won a competition, hope its me this time :)


I would love a copy of this!


This seems to be a great program to find memory leaks in software. The battery meter is great as well to detect whether other programs are running in the background such as the GPS. Thanks for making a great app. Now if only memory cleaning and log clearing function and can be added, it would be even better


wow, awesome product! hope i can get a copy!


This looks like a very helpful app! The worse thing about the storm is the lack of RAM, looks like this app would solve that problem.


that seem to make such a difference on memory usage.

ms charli#CB

This would be a cool app!!


I have a Storm therefore I need this :D


If this app was for sale, I would already have it! I really enjoy the "hands-on" indicators that this app displays. With the Storm 9530, so much goes on that you can't really see. My battery doesn't last too long so I bought BatteryBooster. Not really sure if it helps or not. Memory seems to make BB slow so I bought MemoryUp, but it always says that 0 Btyes were freed up which doesn't help either. I need help with technical aspects and visualizations like this app provides. Please consider me as one of the "needy" for the app. Thank you.


hopefully i win this time


I would use this to find potential memory leaks on my Storm, as I run many beta apps, a few of which I think (but can't seem to prove) have memory leaks. I would also use it to maintain the most available memory. That and since I am trying my hand at developing themes, this would be an extremely handy tool to help in finding improvements in my developing themes!


looks like a must app for fellow stormers


Definately a program I could use to help figure what uses the most battery and memory


Time to find the memory mismanagement problem. Hope I get picked this time.


Hey, that is exactly what I need. This way I will exactly know how my battery last and how much memory left inan instant. I think all BB should have this application. With this application people know the Heart pulse of their BB. Thanks.


sure would be nice to win this neat program.


Time to find the memory mismanagement problem. Hope I get picked this time.


Time to find the memory mismanagement problem. Hope I get picked this time.


A Must have! I'll Take 1! Please!


After trying about every OS leak there is, this app is something that I need pretty bad. I have a constant memory leak which is the cause of an app and this program would definitely help me find it. Thanks to Crackberry, I love my Blackberry!


I could use this to watch my memory, always dropping throughout the day! Pick ME!!!


Looks like a great product in the sense that you could test and weed out the apps that use to much battery or leaks memory. App management! Who couldn'd use a app like that...


Looks like a program I could really use


I totally need this application... It is wiked awesome!

I don't know if it does this or not, but it would be even cooler if the application knew when the OS rebooted or crashed and could keep track of those.


I would love to find my memory leak!


Would love a free copy!


I've had my storm since january and my application memory since I got it has never been above 38MB I got Meterberry a few days ago so I could be alerted for when It drops below 20MB so that I can reset the BB. I see on this the it shows the free application memory at 49.7MB and is running on the OS same as I am. Is there something wrong with my storm or is it more normal to have it running around 20 to 30 MB like mine does?


Please for to win me Meterberry

peter reynoso

awesome application can i have one


I've been wanting this since it came out...


I've heard great things about this app. Would love to get a copy to try it out!


Sounds like a sweet app!


Comment... I'm all about tweaking my Storm to running it's best (beta OS's, battery and memory optimization programs, etc.), so this would be a great way to see how well it's all working... especially with the logging feature!



I was looking for something better than the soft reset app and this came along, Great job making it.


I think that this will be a very useful tool in finding various memory leaks that tend to occur when my storm is just sitting there minid its own business....... I do hope that it doesnt drain memory or battery power itself..... e.f.davis


these contests never go my way, but if you fail, try try again!


This does look like very a very useful app