Contest: 50 FREE Copies of MeterBerry for the Storm!

MeterBerry Contest! 50 FREE Copies to be Won!
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Apr 2009 01:10 pm EDT

MeterBerry is a handy battery and memory monitoring app for the BlackBerry Storm (not available for other models at this time) that already has quite a following by readers and members of And when Adam blogged about it just the other week that following took a jump up (see original post).

Giving back to the CrackBerry Nation, the developers of MeterBerry have given us 50 Free Copies to give away. For your chance to win a copy, simply login to and leave a comment to this blog post. Looking for something to comment on? Tell us how you plan to use MeterBerry.... diagnose a failing battery? find a memory leak? something else?? Contest runs until Sunday, Midnight PST. Good Luck!

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Contest: 50 FREE Copies of MeterBerry for the Storm!



This app should already be preinstalled.
But since it isn't, this would prove very useful. I have to find out why my battery only lasts 8 hours.

Of course I would use this to see memory leaks and the like... what else could you use it for? Plus it's free, does not get any better than that!

Maybe this will help me figure out why my Blackberry needs to be fully recharged every day....even when I don't use many of my apps.

I would love to use Meterberry to find out what makes my Storm so hot. I also would like a way to measure just how much of a blackberry geek I am. Stats dont lie..and I would trust in my Meterberry.

I could really use this app but since I am a poor college student i cant afford to spend a couple bucks so please pick me. GO CRACKBERRY!

I have a memory leak but I can't pinpoint it. I have to do atleast two battery pulls a day. Can anyone say inconvenience?

Add me to the bunch. This is a nice app. maybe it will keep me from forgetting to charge my battery.

With all the homegrown themes and beta OS's out there, it would be great to have tool to help diagnos memory leaks and battery drain performance. Meterberry looks like a great way to do that.

I go to bed at night and I charge my phone, I wake up and drive to work, use my phone as an MP3 player for 2.5 hours. Then in the afternoon I have to charge my phone from my work computer just so it doesn't die that night.

I love my Storm so bad that this will make sure its working in the most efficient manner 24/7/365........MeterBerry for the win!!!!

I get sometimes 400 emails and texts per day while on the road. I would really use this product to monitor memory while on the road during the day!!!!!

I was wondering what to do with an app like this, thanks for the ideas, I want to check my battery life, it seems to be going down quicker lately...

Don't pick me because I don't need it. I own a Storm with the .75 OS on it and I don't wait everyday for a "offical" release. Also, with all of the support and updates that Verizon releases, why would I need something to help my phone out? I probably wouldn't use this everyday, nor would I love to check to see just how much memory I am losing throughout the day. Looks like a great app but my Storm is in top working order. Thanks anyway!

I need help and your application can provide it to me! In the morning my Storm's memory is at 34MB. By 10am its at 28MB. By noon its at 24MB. By 1pm its back over 25MB, and by 2pm its down to 12MB. I'm exhausted chasing through the menus wondering if my Storm's memory is below 1MB and starting to drop texts and emails. I've deleted favorite apps looking for the leak(s), but to no avail. Yes- I need help and your application can provide it to me. Thank you!

A must-have app like this should have been incorporated into the latest RIM OS. As a true computer geek, I would love to find out the resource stats of my Blackberry Storm, and determine which apps are causing memory leaks.

I would surely like to be able to access this MeterBerry. I'm ALWAYS running low on battery AND just last night, it was ON but the status line on the upper right of the screen said "OFF". I NEED to have this Application, especially cause I'm pretty new to this phone and need all the help I can get!! Think about me, Please!!!

I am getting old and my memory is fading - so I don't want to lose it on my phone....MeterBerry can help me with that.

I would LOVE to have this app...Currently i have severe memory leak on my storm and cannot figure it out. I go from like 20 to 0 in the matter of 4-5 hours...then all day it is wicked sluggish. Hopefully this could help me pinpoint some of the issues

Would like to use it - looks very handy !! Hopefully, I'll be one of 50 that gets a free copy ;-)

GoodLuck Everyone !

Hi, I'm post_toastie and I am a free memory addict. It been 4... no 3 minutes from the last time I checked my free memory, did a memory cleaning and cleared my log. I know I have a problem and that's why I'm here. I thank you all for the support. I know together we can get through this.

Where do I start? This app seems to do all of those things a user wants to do without having to go through 4,000 options screens to get to the information. I will mainly use this to see how much free space I have on my memory card as well as tell if I am using the current OS. Oh, I cannot foget to mention the temperature feature! I know it is time to give my poor phone a break after browsing for hours and if the temerature reaches critical! I don't want to burn it up.

I would love to win a free copy! I feel like I keep puting in for these and never win. Maybe this one *crosses fingers*

Honestly this is an app I should already have but I try to limit the amount of apps I have for the very reason of memory leakage, battery loss, etc.. It would be great to have a management tool so I could actually log the progress of my utilites. Good to see developers giving back to the community. Hat's off to you guys.

I've had major battery issues with .122 and i've always had memory issues, so this program would definitely be helpful to me in guaging the battery usage and battery leaks.

I really need to find the memory leak. I start with 32mb after reboot and in a day I'm down to 1mb and need to reboot again. This would be really helpful.

Lost Power Again
Have to check the battery;
Meter Berry Helps!

Oh...this isn't the Haiku contest? Crud! Yes, I have one of those anomilies, that infect all Blackberry users....over usage has caused the battery life to last less than a day.....I seek ANY kind of monitoring system. If there were only a program on the market as efficient at monitoring technology as that program that monitors incoming missiles....oh really, there is??!! MeterBerry!!! Fantastic, I must check it ou......

(battery dead).....recharging....

Sounds like a great app, especially to monitor battery decrease rate, and memory usage. Definitely useful to have, I would think :D

I have been having constant trouble keeping my app memory above 12.9 mb. Every time I do a battery pull it goes to 20.9 mb and I close out of every app and everything...but within about an hour or two its back down again. So I could really use this app.

I like the way the name sounds. And it's fun to pronounce as though you're using a metronome. Which is funny really- me-ter-berr-y. (Metronome? Meter? Anybody? Nobody.)

This is one of the app, i've been waiting for, A Multi function App. You can also save space and needless resource because you don't have to install two application (One for Battery, One for Memory). Upz!

Diagnose why my memory is sometimes 13 megs free, and other times its 30... wtf? not doing anything differently!

Hey, looks like a great app. I haven't had my storm long and really haven't figured out the in's and out's of it. MeterBerry seems would be a great way to monitor the storms memory capacity. I've also read where some app's really draw on the storms battery. This would allow you to monitor which app's are harsh on the battery. I would love to try MeterBerry out, looks amazing! Jack

I would say noway out. It's great to see so many people trying to win. Good luck for everyone. Well, If I win I will send to my GirlFriend as a gift and write crackberry wish you have day.

it's a good app, you would have an idea of what's going on your cellphone, especially I receive so many emails from different clients. So, it helps me take more control of my space.

It's very useful for people who use their cell a lot. It's great.

Good luck. :)

I've been following this one in the forums...looks like a great way to have a better understanding of how your blackberry is working and how to stay ahead of problems.

I would so love a free copy of this program for my Storm!! I'd really like to know where the battery leaks are on this thing.....

I would use to make sure that the phone is working at a tip top shape. I would check the battery to make sure its at is optimal condition. Also I would use this to read the logs of my phone which I have no clue what some of the information it is giving me. Once that is all done I would reset the phone to start all over again another day.

My first post on the site since I got my Storm last weekend, and this could be one of my first apps! It be a good way to measure the changes on battery and memory if I get brave and upgrade to a leaked OS from .75.

I would love to use this to track memory leaks. I love trying out new apps, and it would be great to tell when a new app is causing a memory leak and slowing down my Storm.

I am going to use meter berry to scare my kids..haha the battery icons look like little tiny spiders made out of legos...Patrick

This is really cool. and i like being able to see what my storm is doing. I liked looking at the BIOS settings on my computer to...just to see whats going on lol.
I NEED A WIN! haha

I am fairly new to Blackberry and get frustrated with this memory leak thing. I love an app that would figure out what's causing it or at least alert me to when I need to restart.

I think this could be a very useful program, would love to win a copy and have a nice single place to see the diagnostics on my Storm!

This is one i have been waiting for to come out in a contest. If i dont win then i will still pay for it. looks awesome.

I would love a free copy of MeterBerry. I'm Storm bleeds memory and I would to try and pinpoint whats causing it!!!

I always leave an honest evaluated comment on the application and never win, so this time I'll just say......GIMME ONE FOR GOODNESS SAKE!

The uses that I would use the MeterBerry for would range from the simple (just to do something) to something more indepth (to find out the reason for battery loss.

would definitely use this to find memory leaks in version .109 i use. i have a terrible memory leak.

I'm interested to see just how much battery use fluctuates based on location and applications in use.

I am an IT Director for a outsourced IT provider. I would like a copy of MeterBerry so that I could use it to gather operational information about clients berries. I would like a free copy to evaluate it. If it works like I think it will I could potentially be snagging a few 100 licenses. I have about 100 storms under management now and it grows daily.

How would I use MeterBerry.....

I would use it to fill the void left during the agonizing moments when I'm waiting for my next email or SMS or other inane piece of useless correspondence to arrive on my Storm. Yes, I can say goodbye to the deafening silence my Storm makes when not chirping to announce the arrival of new mail. Or giving me something to do while waiting for the screen to go from portrait to landscape even though I've jiggled it a million times. Or waiting for the freakin' application to load that I've just downloaded, or waiting for the d#*m keyboard to catch up with my typing... or...wait.

OK, I do love love my Storm and this would be one more application to love having on it...

I would use it for all the reasons listed about. Track memory leaks, and the state of my battery. I am an EMT and use my BB Storm with medical software on it everyday. I love my BB STORM!

my storm sometimes is laggy sometimes its fast, its running .122, i would like to know the information of the device in one page report..

So, I didn't even know what MB was for sure until now. I'm particularly fond of diagnostic tools, does it measure Crackberry useage too?