Contest: 50 FREE Copies of MeterBerry for the Storm!

MeterBerry Contest! 50 FREE Copies to be Won!
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Apr 2009 01:10 pm EDT

MeterBerry is a handy battery and memory monitoring app for the BlackBerry Storm (not available for other models at this time) that already has quite a following by readers and members of And when Adam blogged about it just the other week that following took a jump up (see original post).

Giving back to the CrackBerry Nation, the developers of MeterBerry have given us 50 Free Copies to give away. For your chance to win a copy, simply login to and leave a comment to this blog post. Looking for something to comment on? Tell us how you plan to use MeterBerry.... diagnose a failing battery? find a memory leak? something else?? Contest runs until Sunday, Midnight PST. Good Luck!

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Contest: 50 FREE Copies of MeterBerry for the Storm!



Oh me oh my! I really need to find out where my memory has gone!

I would like to be on the CB blogs but instead I have to hit SoftReset button instead!



I gotta admit this looks very practical. My main problem is the memory leaks and this app would be very practical to let me know when my device is under 20 MB free. I wanna win it :)

I would love to have a copy of Meterberry, track down those pesky memory leaks, and keep my storm running at full potential.

I really hope this will allow me to identify memory leaks with the poor OS that Verizon will not update!

Maybe I should have read a little bit before I posted. My battery drains quite quickly, I think it would be pretty cool to see how fast and possibly why with this program. Also Im always scared to download too many apps because of memory usage, and with this program it can show me how much is left. Also the temperature gauge is a pretty cool idea ;)

But can it tell me, natively, how many times I get frustrated when I rotate a different device and it doesnt auto rotate like my storm?

I'd use Meterberry to figure out when I'm getting a memory leak so I can axe the programs that slow my storm down.

I would find this app extremely useful for me because my memory is constantly leaking, I always have to do battery pulls and my battery drains very quickly. At least this very useful app will keep me informed... Thanks Crackberry! Pick me, pick me... =)

Hey, I looked for an app like this for a long time!!!

I would use it for multiple purposes - because I like to know EVERYTHING about my new beloved gadget :-)

It would be really great to win a copy of this app *g*

Best regards


I would love to have this app. It would allow me to keep track of my battery usage!

Shane Miller

As someone who is VERY new to the BB world but very interested. This looks like just the type of app to help me micromanage the crap out of my personal digital slave... I mean assistant!

Now, if only MeterBerry could meter the time I waste playing games on my Storm... that would be something!

Have not had a chance to use this application yet, but I'm excited to try it out. I really like the idea of following a log of activity (battery useage, memory leak for applications, especially new applications, etc.), and think this is an awesome application to get.

I also think that even if I do not win this contest for a free copy, once I enter a new credit card billing period I will purchase this application anyways. Just trying to manage my money during this economic time, but I think the value for the price on this app is well worth it!


Maybe it can help me find out what is causing my Storm's App Memory to be down to 0.2MB available almost every day!!?

I think this would definitely be something to try. Keeping track of when memory is low would definitely be a way to reduce random reboots.

i'd love to have a copy of meterberry. i need a battery/memory tweaking program for my storm. PLEASE send me 1 THANKS

I will use this app to monitor my memory usage so that I don't have to keep doing a battery pull when I get the error message about device memory.

hope i win one so i can finally see where my mem leak is coming from. it hovers around 15mb around the end of the day without even using most of the apps since i'm working all day. even tried battery pulls without luck

looking for a replacement to storm stat, i continually monitor my memory for leaks. i would love to use this program so i can recomend to other friends blackberry owners.

It looks like the bomb, I'd love to get a copy for myself and fix up my 9530 on Verizon. I don't think OS 5.0 is coming to it anytime soon anyway...

for free i might finally find out why everyone has 40+mb of memory on a daily basis and i only have 17mb... it makes no sense

*raises hand*

Seriously though, I'd love to have this utility to track memory usage when I install new software or test out beta OS's....

Man I need this. My Storm is always very sluggish. On top of that it's "thinking" most of the time. I can't even use the GPS on the phone cause it's so slow. Hopefully with this, Memory/Batter management will be better.

I would love to find an app (other than qikpull) that will help clean up my storms memory. No matter what I try I'm always getting the little black square hourglass thing. Please help me.

i want to use this app to test out if the new OS (beta or official) actually fixes the memory leak issues

I just deleted a few apps yesterday and have re-cracked the 30 barrier for free member after a battery pull.

By the time my battery is drained from a full charge, my memory is usually down to about 10..

I'd love to have a chance to have this app, I'm stuck with dial up internet connections so I can't update my os, I've got a terrible memory leak that I can't figure out and I don't have paypal so I can't purchase anything. This looks like a great app and i hope I can get to use it.

This is the best site i've ever been to for phones period!!!
Been using it for a few months now just finally got around to trying for my first free application.

Thanks a lot everyone I appreciate all of your hard work :-)

Looks like a sweet app. It would be nice to be able to tell what I do to eat up the battery some days. Other days I know exactly what I do to kill it.. Stupid Sudoku..

In for a chance to win!

I am new to the Storm (5 days). My battery dies in less than 12 hours. I would love to find out why....... I could really use this program.

I need this without a doubt i have tons of movies, apps and other what nots on my storm and need to have a program that would alert me on my mem.
thanks in advance...i no im a winner!!
crack out

My storm's memory this morning was at 1.7mbs! why? i dont know. it use to be fine and now i have a serious memory leak. please help me figure out why.
ps. since a battery pull at 3pm (now 4:39pm) my memory is down almost 20mbs and its been in my pocket the whole time!

This multi-purpose utility seems to replace other single purpose apps and provides features I have not seen elsewhere. Thanks for building and offering it.

This looks like a great app. Expecially seeing how I must know every function and every opperation of my BlackBerry at all times... It's a problem I have, I know...

This app seems like it could be worthwhile. Personally I have a lot of apps sitting on my storm, and for some reason I refuse to delete them. If I win this contest, warning to all useless apps, your time has come.

Had some battery issues with .122 hybrid and 5.0 hybrid. Now I want to see if a fresh install of the .122 will pay off.

This looks like a great application. Troubleshooting your phone with going to the store to see a tach. This could save alot of time.

I have had app memory consistently at 34MB, I wish I could get it up to 50MB! I don't have as many apps on the phone itself and my message count isn't that high, help me find out why!!!!

i would use it to monitor my memory and space available. Please pick me crackberry, ppplllllleeeeeeaaaaaassssseeeee.

This software looks like a winner. It does everything that a blackberry user needs so far as a monitoring software. It works wonderfully inorder to diagonse a problem with our beloved blackberries. This program is very useful since we are always wondering how our battery is running, what the current charge level is , its discharge rate as well as how much memory we are currently using. The memory part of the application is probably the best out there, since it will tell any user how much memory is utilized via system resources and how much is left. Concurrent with this information it will tell you how much has been utilized since startup a absolutely wonderful feature. This is super handy when trying to determine if your blackberry has one of those surrepitious memory leaks that are very difficult to pinpoint. This software is most masterfully designed and seems to be a wonderful product.

This looks like a very fast and efficient way to monitor Storm performance. Perhaps RIM should make this standard, making support calls to a provider potentially faster.

I don't know why, but my phone only has 12 to 19 megs of free mem, even after a battery pull. My wife's storm is always in the mid 20's or more, so I could really use an app like MeterBerry to monitor my storm.

I am currently using quick pull and stormstat but this looks it will the job of both and I will only need one app.

i am currently running lyricidal's hybrid and i notice a battery leak of about 5% every hour of non-use. i am running a vista theme and viigo and currently have about 45.2 MB running. i would like to see that increase as well as fix my battery leak, im new to this forum but not new to my Storm! help me out and lets get some good testing in!

Oh please pick me, I intend to use it for world domination....

Oh, and maybe to troubleshoot my leaky Storm :)

How come this Storm says 60MB of memory and mine has only 32MB???? my MeterBerry is always in the reds. I feel like a moron having 32MB of memory and 8GB MicroSD of storage. How can I upgrade my memory!!!!?????

I'm dying to know if its applications that i have running that lead to battery drain or just an OS issue!

Ok, so maybe i'm not dying to know, otherwise i'd buy it, but i'd really like to know!



Looking forward to the application as I have recently been utilizing leaked OS and have upgraded today to

i desperately want to see exactly why my battery life vanishes so quickly.. i would love to win this!

I'm a computer engineer and I think that this app it's very usefull. I hope to win a copy...

Need this little program to fix this nagging little memory leak that I am dealing with, I think it is weatherbug. I also want to check how the battery life is used.

This app would be perfect for my Storm. This is something that I think should be included in the OS. Great app Guys!

I'm so addicted to crackberry... I can't go anywhere without checking for the next leaked beta. So having MeterBerry will help ease those pains that many of us have waiting for a stable OS from RIM or our carriers.

O O O O me, pick me, pick me......I've been reading all about this memory leak issue all over Mines not leaking, it's a major spillage and this app is just what I need to help mop it up.....thanks

As if obsessing over application memory on my Storm wasn't bad enough now, add MeterBerry into the mix and I will need professional counseling.

I cant get my free memory above 13.9 MB. I would love to see where its all going and achieve the 40 - 50MB that some people seem to see!

I cant get my free memory above 13.9 MB. I would love to see where its all going and achieve the 40 - 50MB that some people seem to see!

I plan to use MeterBerry to obsess over my free memory all day long! If it drops the slightest bit, I will run to the CrackBerry forums and immediately complain of memory leak, and complain that I want an iPhone. Or something.

This application looks like something i would get alot of use out of. I'd like to diagnose my battery, know how much free memory is available ( i think the alert feature is awesome! )

i have a couple of friends with the storm as well so with my free copy i can show them and then maybe they will purchse copies themselves!


The Storm needs to be nursed and meterberry takes the pulse, heart-rate and blood-pressure to keep it in tip-top shape


This application will make looking at the memory a lot easier and together with the battery pull application makes it a good 1-2 punch lol.

Spin wheel, spin... no whammies.... big money!

Come on guys. Natural born loser needs a break!

It is my birthday Tuesday the 21st... to quote my favorite actor... GO AHEAD,MAKE MY DAY! (pretty please)

Wow - my first post and its for a contest. Since i just had to reboot b/c my memory was 0.0, winning this would be perrrfect!!!!

i monitor my memory and my battery many times a day. i always try to find out ways to maximize both of them. it would be greatly appreciated if i could get this because i always monitor my battery life to try and see what gives me the best performance. thank you