Contest: 50 FREE Copies of MeterBerry for the Storm!

MeterBerry Contest! 50 FREE Copies to be Won!
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Apr 2009 01:10 pm EDT

MeterBerry is a handy battery and memory monitoring app for the BlackBerry Storm (not available for other models at this time) that already has quite a following by readers and members of And when Adam blogged about it just the other week that following took a jump up (see original post).

Giving back to the CrackBerry Nation, the developers of MeterBerry have given us 50 Free Copies to give away. For your chance to win a copy, simply login to and leave a comment to this blog post. Looking for something to comment on? Tell us how you plan to use MeterBerry.... diagnose a failing battery? find a memory leak? something else?? Contest runs until Sunday, Midnight PST. Good Luck!

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Reader comments

Contest: 50 FREE Copies of MeterBerry for the Storm!



Ok, as a professional theme maker I would find this a LOVELY app to monitor how my themes impact memory and battery performance over the course of the day at a simple glance, instead of navigating all the way to options and memory! How tedious!

Thanks for the chance to win!

I have had a completely unpredictable battery some days i won't use it and the battery will suck itself down and other i will use it a ton and it won't go anywhere...or will jump down real fast.

I need MB, I hate the fact that my memory after boot up is 40+ but after five mins it drops to 38 then just lowers to 20 and I want to know what causes my memory leak. MB will definitely give me answers.

i would love to get meterberry for the storm for free, but if not how about get it for 99 cents like ibeefarting?????

My battery seems to drain for no reason, resolve itself and then drain again. This would be a great tool to see what's up.

I would definitely use this program. For one, I like utilities that have this type of information available all in one easy to read place. The notification feature is great, as I find I have to reset my phone about once a day. Thanks for the chance to win this!

I would use it to diagnose which apps eat up valuable memory and which run like I gentle breeze on a warm summer’s day. Oh and I would use it to keep tabs on my batteries overall life span.

I think it's necessary and useful to find the reason for memory leaks on my device, and this new software will help me to discover which of my apps these leaks causes. So I really would be glad to win a free copy! :-)

This is an excellent program for those "crazy-memory freaks" like myself. I need this, and want this! Plus, I have to eventually win a Crackberry contest! Maybe?????

This seems productive and useful. I hope to win this, but if not it will definitely be a solid purchase.

This would be great! Just upgraded from a Pearl to the Storm and I'm trying to find out which Apps I can and can't live without. This would help weed out the pigs!

I would use MeterBerry to monitor available memory. I am running several programs in the background which are memory hogs. I would use MeterBerry first to determine how long it takes for my memory to run down to less than 10 MB, and then set the automatic reset to clear the memory before my Storm gets too bogged down.

This is just another example of an app that's only available on the storm. Where's the love for the bold? This is an outrage!!


I have lost my memory, I have no power..
Is there a tool to help me find the things I need
to regain what I once had...

Pick Me !! Pick Me !!

Id like to kno how my memory keeps changing. Not sure if its a leak or i have just one to many apps. This would help.

I have a terrible memory leak. I would love to use this to troubleshoot it. My battery also lasts longer sometimes and I would like to see what is up with that also. I would purchase the product but my wife has enacted a very strict budget.

would love to try this out and see how my memory management could improve!! ooh!! ooh!! me!! me!! (jumpin up and down in the back of the crowd)

Could really use something like this. Please pick me to get this app. Would be willing to give a review of it.

Very useful app. A app like this should of been included with the os. I'd use this figure out which of my apps is causing a memory leak....and to see about how much an hour my battery drains from this addiction I've picked up recently. Thanks again for these dope contests crackberry!

This would be a great APP to have i mean sometimes we go wild downloading new apps and putting stuff on the phone itself. This will easily show the memory usage and battery information


I would like to use it to determine the rate of memory loss with and without a custom theme installed...

I plan to use MeterBerry to check my battery status on my Storm to confirm what is killing my phone I have alot of apps on my device.

The program would be great for me working in a IT BES Admin role for testing and recommendations to other BlackBerry users.

I never win these things but I can't win if I don't try. I want to keep track of my battery burn rate and memory usage when I add other applications.

Everyone should have this app. At least everyone who cares enough about the capabilties of what their storm can and want it to do.

I would love to get a copy of this app! It would be a great way to keep tabs on my first blackberry ... scratch that... crackberry!

i will use meterberry to its max potential. if my phone is running well then im running well. dcook717 runs on blackberry

I seriously want this one! Have both battery and memory leak issues that I very much would like to get to the bottom of. Nothing kills me more than the people who say they go 1-2 days without recharging despite moderate usage while I seem to try NOT to use my phone, just to get it through the day. And then there's the reboots every 1-2 days because my app memory goes from 25 megs at start up to less than a meg, despite me never running anything in the background, at all, and keeping app usage as brief as possible (it sucks, I have this phone that does all these amazing things and I spend all my time trying to use it as little as possible so as not to kill battery and memory, verrrrrry frustrating). Would very much like to know if there was something specific driving these problems! Free copy here please!

I purchase many applications and themes off and I always have memory leak problems. This application would be perfect to help me find the culprits! CRACKBERRY PLEASE CHOOSE ME =)

I read about this app and it looks awesome. I love having too much information at my fingertips.

I work in tech support and download anything and everything to test out on my own. MeterBerry would help track all the problems that this causes!

I am experiencing memory loss and would like to monitor it, would also love to have a battery meter too boot.
I hate the fact you are uncertian when you close an application.

I am experiencing memory loss and would like to monitor it, would also love to have a battery meter too boot.
I hate the fact you are uncertian when you close an application.

This should be helpful in keeping track of app memory since the Storm really bogs down when it gets under 25MB free. Being new to the BB world, I'm surprised that this kind of memory issue is so systemic. Would love a free program!

Hey Crackberry... I'm fairly new here and would love a copy of this app... so I can further my blackberry/crackberry addiction...

I never win anything, so I don't expect to win now, but this looks like a MUST have for every Storm owner.

The memory on my Storm leaks more than an old man with incontinence.


I'm really excited about this program, i hate not knowing more about the diagnostics of my berry! Plz to have one?

I really like the idea of being able to track my battery usuage during the day and seeing which apps are using the most power. Great contest!

I would love to have this app because I'm always having to check my memory. This will give a great interface for a task done so often!

... most likely use this application to find the perfect balance of applications to run on my BlackBerry, in the background, allowing me to make iPhone users feel sad that even with v3, they still can't get one real background application, never mind loads ;)

With so many apps out there and almost all of them necessary,(read desirable)this is one addition that will maintain the rest. Count me in.

Just got the storm and no matter what I do, after a day of use I have a major memory drain.... hope this helps.

My Comment is I'd like to try this application out... Battery Levels seem to really vary with the different OS versions. This would really help to see how the "updates" affect battery power on the STORM.

I am very interested in this app. I would like to monitor a memory leak and my batteries performance. I've noticed my battery needs recharging every day regardless of how much it's used. Also I only have Poynt,Google Maps, Viigo,Slacker, BB apps, and QuickLaunch. Yet I seem to have fairly serious memory leaks. I would love to be one of the 50 chosen to have this app.

Thank You.

I especially like the feature that shows how the memory leaks over time. That will allow me to determine which app is the culprit.

I like the idea of the app.. I find my battery has been getting worse and worse. so this would help me with that

I enter these things all the time but after lookin over the screen-shots I decided it was worth the 3 bux. The uptime was one of the most important. I think based on what I saw it can tell when the battery was removed which is awsome.

Also like the changing icon that shows all the stats on each rotation of a icon. Everything at a glance which is just awsome. If by some chance I win, my wife will be the lucky recipient.

I'm gonna use it to combat my memory leak that has reached zero and shut off my phone on several occasions.

I am a Verizon Wireless Employee, working at a direct store. I use a BB Storm myself and I also sell quite a few of them. Because of this, I test all kinds of different programs that come out and read different blogs, so that I may learn what works well on the Storm (so that I can sell these products). Meterbury will give me a good idea of what programs drain the battery and leak memory quickly. In addition, it will help me better position the program to sell to customers as well.

I need this app to let me know what other app running is sucking the life outta my battery!

This is on my list of 'have-to-haves'!

this app looks pretty cool, im always second guessing on what my berry is doing, its not too specific when you go to options>status
this is gonna help when i try and find out how much my memory is dying from my apps, cause i have so many and at what rate my battery dies, so i can be more conciouss :)

I really wanted to try meterberry. I need to figure out why my battery is draining so fast. Sounds like an amazing app!

I need MeterBerry to show my wife that a man's storm is always better then a womens. That's right.

I think I would probably best use this to help keep my phone running in the most efficient way possible. Monitoring the battery and memory to get longer usage out of it.

This looks like an awesome program that I would LOVE to try out. Thanks all.


I've seen screen shots of that ICON was wondering what it was... I would really like to win this program!!!! :dance

I've used a free version of some software such as this and loved it. I would love to win a copy of this app, it seems to do so much more. Sweet...

I most definitely need this! As much as I love my Storm I must admit there are several times throughout the day I need to unholster my phone and just do something QUICKLY. When the memory is low I click on the phone button to make a quick call...there's the little spinning clock. I get an email and click reply on Message Peek...there's the little spinning clock. "Oh my son has gotten so big let me show you some of his soccer pics..." just want to show a few pics real quick...there's the spinning clock. It would be nice to know when I needed reboot, and the log looks like it would come in handy also. Pick me Pick me! LoL

I would love to use this to monitor memory, which seems to be leaking more than usual. Also, when my Storm gets warmer, it tends to shut down so this would be great to use to monitor what the "danger zone" is.

Absolute must have RIM should contract with vendor and put this program on all thier phones

Oh me oh my! I really need to find out where my memory has gone!

I would like to be on the CB blogs but instead I have to hit SoftReset button instead!