Contest: 50 free copies of Fruit Ninja Bash to give away for the holiday season

Fruit Ninja Bash
By DJ Reyes on 17 Dec 2011 10:34 am EST

If you're looking for a game to keep you busy over the Christmas holiday season then why not try the fruit slicing and dicing game, Fruit Ninja Bash by The game premise is that you're a Ninja off to on a quest to slicing all the fruit across China that have been poisoned by the evil spirit Orochi. You must restore all the fruit gardens back to their former glory. So, let's get those finger sharpened and get swiping slicing some fruit.

There's Story Mode where you are a Ninja on the quest. Beware the bombs that get thrown into the mix. Slice three bombs and it's game over. You are also given five lives. If you fail to slice a fruit then that's a life gone. You can also rack up combos by slicing three or more fruit in one swipe. You will also find a pepper thrown in the mix that will give you 100 points if you can get it.

A recent update of the game brought about Arcade mode where you just enjoy playing the game with no quest. You still have to avoid the bombs and you still have five lives. 

Fruit Ninja Bash is currently on sale through App World for $0.99. So, hurry while the price cut is still available.

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Contest: The developer of Fruit Ninja Bash,, has sent us 50 free copies to pass on to you guys! To enter, leave a comment below. The contest ends Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck!  

Reader comments

Contest: 50 free copies of Fruit Ninja Bash to give away for the holiday season



I purchased this game a few months ago, and now I have to pay for the update, I would like one of these copy's please

My son has been asking me to buy him a copy. He is getting a copy this holiday season no matter what. If I win a copy, that will be for me and I will still buy one for him.

Great game, keeping my fingers crossed!

Long time blackberry user:
7290-> Original Curve -> Original Bold -> Bold 9700 -> Bold 9900

And finally jumping on the Playbook bandwagon with the new low price.

Thanks for your help! I guess I was already registered, then tried to register again. Much appreciated! Rick

Great app! My son and even myself loves playing it! Sure, I want a copy.. I know, I am going to win one.

I wouldn't mind a copy, but have they "fixed" it so that it is on par with the iPad version?

Wifey and the kids drain the batt of my Storm2 playing the free version :)

It would be a nice little neat gift to tell them I have the full version for Christmas.

Pearl 8100 > 8800 > Storm > Storm 2 -- Call me Oldie :)

HI I'm From Trinidad & Tobago! I Just Bought The Torch 9810 after upgrading from the curve 8520. Would love to have this game for my new phone, one of my friends has it on his Samsung Android phone and it is the bomb! Thanx in advance!!

Please I would love a copy. It's a very addicting game. The free version is great, and I would be so happy to get the full version for xmas !

Have been playing the free version on my Play Book and I love it, a full version for free would be SWEET!!!

I would like one -- I have a new Blackberry Playbook and I'll bet I am one of your oldest users -- I have just turned 67, and my Blackberry was a birthday gift.

hell yeah...I will f**k some fruit up...

genius borders insanity...welcome to the line in between...

I would love a copy. I have the free version. I do not know if the game is fun, my kids will not give me my phone back!!!!!! They are always playing it. Thanks CrackBerry!!!!!!!!!