Contest: 50 Free Copies of Empower SMS Viewer

By Adam Zeis on 8 Sep 2009 02:28 pm EDT

Empower SMS Viewer

Its no secret that BlackBerry users want threaded SMS, and back in July we got a great offering with Empower SMS Viewer. The application is totally customizable, and allows for threaded SMS that actually integrates with the native BlackBerry client. The features are endless, having the ability to change backgrounds, fonts, templates and more. SMS Viewer has been a big hit, and more features are in store for upcoming versions. The biggest update will include grouping of SMS messages under contact name, which will allow for true SMS chat. Empower SMS Viewer is available in the CrackBerry App Store for $9.99 through September 15th

Contest: We have 50 free copies of Empower SMS Viewer to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to be entered. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

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Reader comments

Contest: 50 Free Copies of Empower SMS Viewer



What an awesome program! This is definitely a must-have form my phone. I have bought so many apps lately that this free contest couldn't come at a better time, haha.

I have unlimited SMS and it's just a pain to use the native app. I wish we had threaded... which we don't... well we will in 5.0 but not now.
I hope I can win this but this isn't an app i would really kill myself for. Maybe the free tour but not this :)
Well, if I win then great otherwise eh... i have already won so much (2) on till now :)

this app company has you guys all fooled..this app is not true threaded messaging...true threaded messaging groups invdividual converstaion into a one group. All this app does is skin the existing sms on the bb (which is not true threaded sms) and makes it pretty with colors and icons which to me is useless and takes up memory..dont be fooled people!

the blackberry sms app is good enough.. although i wouldn't mind having this n showing off my latest sms app to other friends and be all.... "cool", you know?


I need this app so I can see in colorful detail my wife bitching at me through SMS for all the things I didn't do right!

I used it when it was in Beta, it was an awesome program but it stopped working after a couple of days. I never did figure out what happened with it. I even tried re-installing it and wiping my blackberry to no avail. I think the beta period had run out.

Needless to say it was awesome while I used it.

Wow that is really cool I spend most my time texting cuz I try to concerve my minutes as much as I can. I'm pritty new at this site but this contest stuff is really cool well hope all goes well goodluck to all

Sounds like a nice application. Really, sorely needed.
I hope something like this will come standard in future OS revisions - along with some improvements to the Web Browser and eMail management.

But that's why it's nice to have 3rd party developers - to make these kinds of useful things people really enjoy, that were missed during the original round table discussions.

Anyhoo, there's my comment. Good luck to everybody.
:). Spoon.

Just got a BB and so excited about it! I would love a cool app like this to start my new addiction! I'm loving it so far!

This product will reduce the "industrial" feeling and more of the popular palm/Apple threaded SMS style. I love to see this as standard feature on BlackBerry. Its a must have application for SMS especially for ex-Palm people.

i'm guessing they are trying to push the sales of this product before OS 5.0 comes out with the threaded messaging included., Would be cool to win the free app for 4.6 OS lol

I missed Empower after using their email viewer and not currently needing it any longer. Nice to see them back in the game.

Had the trial version for awhile and loved it! Money is tight so I didn't buy full version so winning it would be awesome!

I am highly anticipating threaded sms and would love to have an app before the official 5.0 comes out.........please select me!!

I would love to win this app. My hubby has something like this on his tour and it looks awesome. I text a lot with friends and family, so this will be cool to use. I really hope I win. Thanks for the contest too.

Blackberry has came a long way since I had my BB 7100 and then changed over to the Sprint Curve... This APP is going to be a live saver...

Enter me! I'd love to win a free copy of this app, I loved it during the trial period in which I used it.