Contest: 50 Free BlackBerry Skins from MusicSkins

By Adam Zeis on 12 Oct 2009 09:45 am EDT

The good folks at were kind enough to offer up 50 free skins for CrackBerry members. MusicSkins are durable premium vinyl skins for your device that will protect it from everyday dings and scratches. The skins are thin so you won't have to worry about adding extra bulk to your device, but you can still have it protected. The cool thing is that you can choose from a ton of various rock, R&B, country and pop skins that match your music style. Bob Marley, Coldplay, Johnny Cash .. the list goes on and on. If you are into music and don't like the bulk of a full case or skin, you may want to check these out. They are available for most devices and regularly sell for $15.00.

Contest: Just leave a comment on this post to enter to win one of 50 free skins (you will receive a coupon code and may purchase the skin of your choice). Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count. 

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Contest: 50 Free BlackBerry Skins from MusicSkins



Well, with all the new Storm 2 news, my Storm feels it needs something to jazz it up a bit. Let's skin it!

gimme the skinny...
do they got Ginuwine?? maybe with like logos of the Stallion that he uses on his album art...and maybe some logos that say "The Bachelor"???

I am fairly new to blackberry and phone accesories. But when I saw this new skin I was amazed! How cool! I can't wait to get one when I get some extra cash! Great idea!keep them coming!

Hi. I'm Cookie, a new owner to the Tour and as you know there are not many protective, creative accessories for new Blackberrys, which is why you exist. I have going back and forth to my local mall asking for new hip and cute covers for my phone. They either are "out of stock" or carry basic color 'sleeves'. I'm SO over it! Please allow me the pleasure of owning a really cool Musicskin. I would be so humbly greatful!!!

Ms Skinless

Hook it up! I could use that Turn it UP Black Skin! My blackberry is starting to look like I use it for target practice! My BB needs a vest!

A new skin for my Bold would be bold is used so much that it needs all the protection is can get :)

I'm headed to MusicSkins right now to find out if they can get me a Hasselhoff skin. That man is a musical genius...

I really want this skin. You had a contest on a skin before. Please would love to win this. Please Please. LOve your contests. There are great.

I've recently had spinal surgery and am constantly dropping my Storm ! Poor thing ! lol But it's surviving ! Somehow ?
This is way cool ! Not only would it be protecting my lil' step-child, but now it could look pretty too !!! Awesome !!
Thanks guys ! For whoever wins ! Puttin a smile on some faces and some phones !!!! ; )

I am so excited I won. I had totally forgotten that I had posted my name. I'm not sure why it took so long, but I don't care.

Is this contest over? I hope not, I really want a new skin, I'm getting bored of my generic purple one lol

I just bought myself a blackberry and would love skins to protect my little baby. Thank you for the chance to enter this contest, much appreciated!!