Contest: 50 Free BlackBerry Skins from MusicSkins

By Adam Zeis on 12 Oct 2009 09:45 am EDT

The good folks at were kind enough to offer up 50 free skins for CrackBerry members. MusicSkins are durable premium vinyl skins for your device that will protect it from everyday dings and scratches. The skins are thin so you won't have to worry about adding extra bulk to your device, but you can still have it protected. The cool thing is that you can choose from a ton of various rock, R&B, country and pop skins that match your music style. Bob Marley, Coldplay, Johnny Cash .. the list goes on and on. If you are into music and don't like the bulk of a full case or skin, you may want to check these out. They are available for most devices and regularly sell for $15.00.

Contest: Just leave a comment on this post to enter to win one of 50 free skins (you will receive a coupon code and may purchase the skin of your choice). Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count. 

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Contest: 50 Free BlackBerry Skins from MusicSkins



It's been a year of entering every contest without winning anything yet, so odds have to be shifting towards me now, right?

My old Tour died the other day. yes, it was bricked due a bad software load and it was the official load as well.
So vzw decided to send me the green dot tour which i got 2 days after. Sad thing is that while I was running to catch the train - as I commute to college - I didn't realize my holster was not all the way into my belt so my holster, along with the tour inside, went flying bye-bye. Luckily the screen was protected and I have a huge dent on the side which doesn't affect the performance of the phone.

I believe this skin can help prevent future dents in case my phone was to go flying on me again. Will def. love to have the product for free as I love this skin - bought one for my dad's curve about 1 week ago.

Anyhow, regardless of winning or not - thanks a bunch for offering! (Maybe one day I might win one of these!)

i will take one. i really need a new look for my blackberry and this is just what i have been waiting for , may i please own 1, that's awesome MusicSkins, i really do love the choices you have , i have been waiting for this contest for awhile. YOU ROCK!!!!

I have been out on their site all morning checking these out. Alot of cool styles, some are kinda middle school though.

please give me one

My wonderful, beautiful and exceptionally hardworing school teacher wife of mine and myself both have BB Tour's and would love to win some skins. Have a great day on this cold and snowy day here in S.Dak.

This is excellent!!!! I would LOVEEEEE to win one of these... they're so creative and fun! This is so far my favorite contest yet!! Please pick me!!!!

HUGE Madonna fan! I have 3 Madonna tattoos on my skin. Would love to sport a Madonna SKIN on my Berry! As Madonna would say, "Give It To Me!"

This would be really nice for me because my current skin makes the phone way too hard to quickly pull out of my pocket.

Sorry to double- -but I just checked out the selection and why the H*LL is there no Crackberry Skin offered?!! Ya'll would make a m$nt on it! How long am I gonna ahve to wait? I can see some sort of gumby-bodied stick man with a crackberry logo head...or a black-and-white drawing of a tweaker smoking a pipe of crackberry... come on guys!!!

shame on me for viewing this post a day late,
and 600+ people ahead of me !
i pray i win this , thank you lovely people from musicskins + crackberry ftw ;)

Hey since cali is paving the way for legal weed I would love to have a BOB MARLEY one cause he mad some of the best music and his kids are very good musicians also so plase let win one for cali!

Please hook it up with one i need a new skin cause this invisible shield i have is plain and old and boring. need to spice it up! Santana style!

Is anyone else really hyped over this contest or is it those with musical obsessions? Lol, Count me in, seriously.

I just recently got a divorce(upgrade) from a T-Mobile Dash (of 2 years)to a BB 8900 and I can't imagine EVER being without it. Good Phone can't wait until get another one!!! I would love to jazz it up with some cool graphics!!

I havent won anything yet but i have a good feeling about this one lol....but to me is probably one of the best if not thee best for all the cool free sh*t they give away seriously lol its better then the lotta man......thanx CB

Now this is one I could use. Just got my curve a couple of weeks ago, and don't have a skin for it yet. I hope I win!

I've been thinking of trying out a skin on my Storm, this would be a great way to see how it works with the holster.

OMG, would this be a wonderful addition for my BlackBerry Bold. I am always going through skins and could really use this. Thanks.

ooo! ive used this before except for my ipod! absolutely loved it.

hope I get one for my blackberry as well :) that would really top things off for me with this company!

I would love to have one of these thin music skins..Yes I have a bulky one and hate is and its boring to the eye.. There's not much out there for a i8350.. thanks , niecee..