Contest: 50 Free 30-Day Trials to the Thumbplay Music Store

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Jan 2010 12:21 pm EST

At CES, Thumbplay was showing off their music app for BlackBerry and announced a private beta for the new service. The Unlimited Music App is a subscription based service that allows you to stream music (you don't actually purchase the songs) from Thumbplay's huge database on both your device and PC. You can create playlists, wirelessly sync, use autoplaylists and buy songs right from the app. The full app should be available in the coming weeks and will be priced at $9.99/month.

Contest: The Thumbplay Unlimited Music App is currently in private beta, but we have 50 free 30-day subscriptions to give away. This will get you a sneak peak before everyone else. To use the app, you'll have to have a US phone number and be using either a Tour 9630, Bold 9000 or Curve 8900. To enter, just leave a comment on this post. Contest ends this Monday at Midnight PST. Good luck!

Reader comments

Contest: 50 Free 30-Day Trials to the Thumbplay Music Store


We do not yet support the 9700, but we will VERY soon. No worries, we'll take care of you when the time comes! :)

I'm so glad you put in BOLD letters which phones are compatible with this app, a few weeks back I won one of the unlock codes only to find out my phone was not supported,it was so disappointing :-(. I hope I can still use my free unlock code when I upgrade my 8330. Best of luck to your qualifying BB addicts :-)

If it works for the 9700 i would want it. I can try it out on my 8900 though. So i can i have one.. PLEASEEEEE

We don't support the 9700 yet, but its coming VERY soon! Stay tuned... But YES you are eligible with your 8900! :)

i have a black berry tour...and man that would be cool if i got picked...50 free 30 subscriptions would be super cool so sign me up

I would be loving some music on my Tour and I saw that it was already mentioned, but great idea on which phones are compatible. thanks.

Just left a comment but what im wondering is why they wouldnt release it for the 9700 but they are using a 9700 in the above video.

But once again.. Please pick me.

Ha ~ Great catch! Guess we are busted on that one! But take it as a great sign that the 9700 is coming soon (in QA as I write this). We'll take care of you all when the time comes! :)

Storm (in addition to 9700) is coming VERY soon, so stay tuned! We'll take care of you when the time comes! :)

Just a heads up that the 9700 is coming VERY soon! Stay tuned ~ we'll take care of you when the time comes! :)

this is an awesome service. I requested a beta invitation but never got one. I really want this!

Hey all -- This is Thumbplay -- just to let you know, the 9700 (+ more BlackBerry devices) are coming VERY soon (in QA as I write this!). We will hook you up!

I have a black berry curve 8900 and I still trying to figure it out. I haven't got any songs on it don't know how to use the apps and I'm still working or figuring out how to work it. The phones amazing but I'm just a plain chick that does not have money to work anything if I was able to get a little help working it and checking it out I'd be blackberry's number one user. I love the phone to death. If I won I would really feel good inside. There's alot of people wanting this but I would really appreciate it. But only luck would let me win and thats a thin chance.

Thanks if you read this,

P.S. i love crackberry i get so much help on here!

I have been waiting for this for awhile. I've been a a Rhapsody subscriber for going on 8 years now, and have wanted a good streaming client for the Blackberry since I got one. I might just make a switch here.