Contest: 50 copies of Slide Show Maker up for grabs

By Kerri Neill on 11 Feb 2012 01:53 pm EST
Slide Show Maker

Alright folks, here at CrackBerry we just love when we get the chance to give stuff away. This time we're offering up Slide Show Maker for your BlackBerry device. Ryan first showed us this app back in June of last year so I won't go into a full review. The gist of the app is to take your photos one step further then the native "Slide Show" already available on our BlackBerry devices.

Slide Show Maker Features :

  • Browse through all your pictures on your device. You select which to include in your sllide show.
  • Arrange the selected pictures any which way you'd like
  • Add a title slide
  • Add some background music (only 5 sound clips available)
  • Share your slide via email or on Facebook
Slide Show Maker is available for the following BlackBerry devices running OS 4.5 or higher: 8520, 8530, 9000, 9300, 9330, 9500, 9520, 9530, 9550, 9630, 9650, 9700, 9780, 9788 and 9800.

Contest: RP Mobile has given us 50 copies to give away to our faithful CrackBerry readers. Here's a great chance to try out an app for FREE and leave an honest review in App World (aside from all those spam ones we so often see). If you have a compatible BlackBerry and want to enter, just leave a comment below. The contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. One entry per person please.

Reader comments

Contest: 50 copies of Slide Show Maker up for grabs


Ha I've been wanting an app like this for my playbook and wouldn't mind it for my phone and to see that the OS7 devices being skipped for apps is amoslt forcing me to move on with the new OS10 Bold......Well played my evil Genius.

This app looks great! Using it on my bold 9930 would be awesome! Let me try it so i can give an honest review.. Thanks

It would be awesome considering this app doesn't seem to be supporting OS 7. Let us have the honest review if you win it.

The very top reason I bought the Torch was the great pix it takes. I take a lot of pics of rescue animals for my rescue and others. This would be a GREAT way to share those pics and get these furbabies adopted! Hope you pick me! :)

Slide 1: I
Slide 2: would
Slide 3: love
Slide 4: to
Slide 5: win
Slide 6: this!
Slide 7: Good
Slide 8: luck
Slide 9: everyone!
The end

Will Be make it every blackberry who's has This App More cool, and awesome..
Making Slideshow directly through Blackberry Mobile, Will be awesome,
Taking Picture by The cam, With Flash, and save it in Big Storage SD Card, and Design and edit pic and perfect making Slideshow, so we can collected every beautiful Moment and share...

WIsh i can have chance as Winner,
trying This awesome app from RP mobile..

Thanks for it..

This would really be nice to use to explain to friends and family the various projects that I am working on at my cottage doing renovations and the sort. I could set up a slide show of the project from start to finish. Wish i could have had this sooner.

I just picked up an extra dock for at work and was thinking about purchasing this to make win a copy would be much nicer!

I have been a crackberry user from the moment I purchased my bb torch. I have found your sight to be the best in every way. I would enjoy trying the free app and writing a review. Keep up the great work.


Lets show the world that BB apps are worth having and stop their shares sliding!

As I am across the pond I could spread the word.

Keep up the good work Crackberry - I think the share purchase will pay off - good time to buy.