Contest: 50 copies of Nav by Pootermobile up for grabs!

Nav by Pootermobile
By Michelle Haag on 13 Jun 2011 04:05 pm EDT

There are times you want cutesy, complicated themes on your BlackBerry, and there are times when you just want something easy to use that allows you to get stuff done. You know, no hunting around for the right hotspot, or fumbling through multiple homescreens just to find your calendar. The latest theme from Pootermobile falls into the second category, providing ease of use but not sacrificing style to do it.

With Nav, you get an organized layout with three sections.  The first features 5-6 customizable home screen icons with text in a vertical dock. While these are aligned in the middle of your screen, you will be pleasantly surprised at how wallpaper friendly this theme remains. At the top of your screen you'll find the second section with a weather/OCD slot (also with text which makes it perfect for weather apps) and your meters and indicators. On the left of your screen you have the last section which holds your profiles icon. You'll also find here a unique clock and date, which run vertically, instead of the typical horizontal you're all used to. This is great, as they take up less room, yet are still easy to read at a glance. Custom icons round out this awesome theme.

As with all of the themes from The World of Pootermobile, you will find that Nav has a great UI, and runs very smoothly on your device with no lag. This will be a theme you return to time and again, when you're ready to stop playing and crave that simplicity and organization that allows you to use your BlackBerry with ease. Nav is available for $3.99 and is compatible with BlackBerry 89xx, 9000, 91xx, 95xx, 96xx, 97xx, and 9800.

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Contest: We have 50 copies of Nav to give away this week, courtesy of Pootermobile! To enter to win a free copy, make sure you have one of the compatible devices listed above, and then leave a comment below. One entry per person please, and it all ends this Sunday at midnight PST.

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Reader comments

Contest: 50 copies of Nav by Pootermobile up for grabs!



Nice simple theme that tottally looks like it can make the blackberry experience even more fun ! Would be a priviledge to win it! Would bring life back into my 9780

looks like a pretty cool interface..i could def use something easy to a access everything with my busy schedule i don't have much free time to look at my phone

Theme looks good and easy to navigate! I just bought my torch it would be great to have a cool new theme to go with it!

This is a nice theme. It feels like a new look to Blackberry. I don't have any theme on my blackberry yet. Like to have this and explore.

NAV looks very nicely done, expect nothing less from the one they call pooter. Would love to win a copy for my Bold 9650!! :)

The app looks like it would be easier to move around to the apps you would use. I look forward to seeing how it works.

Nice theme.. Love it so must. Wish I can get it for my  bold2. Pick me pls. Thx crackberry.

so, i just went and bought it, no hot spot to get to wireless settings on the home screen of 9800?

that sucks and now i wish i had not bought it, like to keep my Bluetooth off till i am in the car and is so easy with the wireless settings hotspot:(

Yes there is a hotspot for your wireless settings. Click/touch the signal meter. I have found it much easier to navigate to it with the trackpad because the signal meter is a bit small to touch.

Pootermobile really does make some pretty slick themes for BlackBerry devices... I hope I get the opportunity to use this on mine!