Contest: 40 copies of AddOnis & WiFi Hero up for grabs

By Adam Zeis on 6 Sep 2010 11:24 am EDT

Twinkler Software

The guys at Twinkler Software are offering up a bundle of AddOnis and WiFi Hero for $11.98. These two great apps add some great functionality to your device giving you more control over common tasks.

  • AddOnis: AddOnis extends system functionality, enabling features missing from the system that make your device easier and more efficient to use by adding all of the choices you always wanted to your menu selections.
  • WiFi Hero: WiFi Hero automatically controls your WiFi Power Status to save power and make your battery last longer. WiFi Hero can automatically turn off or turn on WiFi power (on GSM or WCDMA netwoks only) based on your location, screen status (on/off) and charging status (on charger/off charger). 
Contest: Twinkler Software is giving up 40 app bundles to CrackBerry readers - This means you can win both AddOnis and WiFi Hero. To enter, just leave a single comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT.
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Reader comments

Contest: 40 copies of AddOnis & WiFi Hero up for grabs



I use WIFI both at home and work. I'd love to win this package and and have less battery drain since my wifi is basically ALWAYS on :)

Love the extends system functionality and increasing my menu selections. Also, having WiFi Hero controling my WiFi Power Status will save my battery.

Just downloaded the trail of AddOnis and WifiHero, love it so far... I can see this being part of my Apps list... =)

It would be so cool to have my 9700 last even longer. And addonis would help me use my phone for the extra length of time.

Waiting for my new Blackberry Torch to arrive. I think it would be great to have apps on my new phone that will save me battery life and make it more efficient to use.

This sounds great I would love to have something help manage the power since my phone is constantly switching from Wifi to 3g.

Hmm, these apps sound like something I'd need to give a try to understand a bit better. What an excellent opportunity to give 'em a go :-D