Contest: 250 Free Copies of BerryBuzz 2.0!

By Adam Zeis on 13 Jul 2009 09:13 am EDT

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win a copy of BerryBuzz!


Of all the applications I have used while owning a BlackBerry, I have to say that BerryBuzz is by far my favorite. The first release was awesome in that it easily let you specifiy different LED colors for emails, SMS and phone calls. In the newly updated BerryBuzz 2.0, Bellshare has stepped up their game. There are a ton of additional options in this update. You can set LED alerts for emails, SMS, phone calls, calendar events and more. You can tweak the LED flash settings like interval and slow flash time. There is even a "disco" light which flashes different colors and is hard to miss (check out this video for a demo). The biggest addition has to be the ability to set an LED alert for BlackBerry Messenger - which in the past "couldn't be done". The upgrade is $2.99 for previous owners of BerryBuzz 1.0, but is free for users who have purchased BerryBuzz 1.0 after June 25th, 2009.

Contest: We have 250 free copies of BerryBuzz 2.0 to give away. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post.  Contest ends Sunday at Midnight PST. Check out BerryBuzz 2.0 in the CrackBerry App Store for more info and a free trial.

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Contest: 250 Free Copies of BerryBuzz 2.0!



Well, I think if its your favorite, it could easily become mine too. Thanking you in advance because I'll be a winner.

this place is great!! thanks to you guys, i have ringtones, information and so much more. would love to get this app. thanks! :o)

Wow, I haven't used BerryBuzz yet, but I am starting to think I need to. I don't like the fact we need a third party program to do lots of things that even dumb phones do by default, but its nice we have the option, and it looks like BerryBuzz is probably the best way to go in this regard. Very much like the idea of recurring alerts, vibrate and ring at the same time, and custom LED colours for alerts. Have to give it a try!


I hate staring at that annoying red light not knowing lies behind it. Is it an email, sms, voicemail. This app would be perfect since I am too cheap to pony up the $3 for it. Ha ha

Had not seen this program yet. After reading about it, it sounds awesome!! This will be a great feature to add on!!!!
Thanks for sharing it!!!!

I will probably buy this if I don't win a copy. Definitely looks like something every blackberry user could use.

I hate not knowing what type of message I have just from seeing the red LED. If my phone is not in reachable distance I never know if it's an SMS (which is very important) or an email (which is not something I need to check immediately.

Please crackberry!!!!!!!!!



I am currently using the first release of BerryBuzz on my Curve 8330 and it is awesome. The different LED colors for Emails, SMS. Phone Calls etc. is so much better than the standard "Red" color. I like to know just by viewing the LED color what type of alert i have waiting or what type of alert is happening real-time on my BB.

If i win this! I promise to make new jobs for amer-wait that's my electorial speech....I want one!

This is a very huge improvement over the first berry buzz!! Loving the new features of making your own custom colors and the bb messenger feature!! good work...

I like the idea. Would definitely help me notify who is calling when I have my phone on vibe or silent. Hook me up!!!

I think BerryBuzz would be a great addition to my tons of great apps ( all I've used is the Crackberry)! I'm for sure willing to admit I am a crackberry addict bad. If Betty Ford had a clinic for this addiction the people around me would check me in!!

Yeah, I'd love to win one! BTW, anyone know if you can disable Berry Buzz either in "off" profiles, or maybe at designated times - for instance at night? Thanks!

HELP ME UPGRADE!!! please .. To all: This is an awesome app really lets you know what type of messages you have according to assigned led colors

I am a new owner of a Blackberry 8830 and have never heard of this BerryBuzz. Could someone explain it to me?

The idea of having a separate LED signal for BlackBerry Messenger is a great idea. This would be a fun but useful application.

Please send a copy of BerryBuzz this way!!!!!!!! I've been wanting to try this app out for a while now. It looks promising. Pick me!!!!!!!!!

but never did... my big concern is if it runs in the background all the time and takes up memory...

I just downloaded the trail and this is an awesome app. With all the messages i get it would be really nice to have.

I tried out the first version of BerryBuzz and liked it a lot. I hadn't checked out the new version until this blog post and it looks fantastic. If I don't get a free copy I'm almost surely buying this.

I'm a busy girl and this app would be a great thing for me!! It looks great and I like the idea of different colored indicators!! Hopefully I win!!

Bellshare keep improving on an already impressive suite of apps. This new version of BerryBuzz sounds awesome and a must have! If I dont win I will buy. :-)

This is my first comment ever on CB... and it would be AWESOME if I won a copy! I'm excited to be a new BB user and to join the CB addicts! =D

i've been a bb user for the past couple of years and couldn't utilize any led apps...until now. i hope to get this for my new tour..but still waiting for delivery. argh-

I am new to the blackberry world coming from a Treo 755p and Berry Buzz would make my BB feel like home!

Hi from Argentina!
I've just bought my first Blackberry and is a BOLD 9000.
This app is incredible and i wanna have it!

Best Regards,

I'm not expecting anything so here goes. It would be much appreciated if you kind people chose me as one of the many winners to recieve a copy of this wonderful app! Thanks!

BerryBuzz should be included by RIM as a standard application. Blinking red LED is kind of boring.
By differentiating the color, we know what is going on with our blackberry with a glance.

Please pick me! My new BB is on the way in the mail and I can't wait to make it more fun like my Treo 755p was!

I'd like a copy to see if it really can replace BBAlerts (which is one of my fav apps).

WHOA! I just have to leave a comment to have a chance to win this program! Geez, well, that's fantastic guys. You guys are the greatest! Um, what would I do with an app like that? I'd probably have a green led flash for my emails. A blue one for my SMS and probably a purple one for my Facebook messages. WOW! I'd love to have all the colors of the rainbow flashing on my BlackBerry Curve! Especially after I receive my ebay purchase of a wicked sick and cool face plate! Here's the link if anyone is interested:

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The preview isn't showing the hyperlinks so I'll just repost them below:

Been using the trial version of this app and it's great! Very convenient, intuitive; saves time knowing what kind of message is coming through. Fun too of course!

TOUR could use some different settings. i come for a WM phone and this software gives me back some of the small details i was use to.

yo la quiero mucho me es muy util probe el trial y esta de pelos por favor quiero una para mi siiiiiiiiiii.......

Let Me Have One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Perfect for my Bold

I need a new BerryBuzz to go along with my caffine buzz in the morning and my beer buzz in the afternoon