Contest: 250 Free Copies of BerryBuzz 2.0!

By Adam Zeis on 13 Jul 2009 09:13 am EDT

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win a copy of BerryBuzz!


Of all the applications I have used while owning a BlackBerry, I have to say that BerryBuzz is by far my favorite. The first release was awesome in that it easily let you specifiy different LED colors for emails, SMS and phone calls. In the newly updated BerryBuzz 2.0, Bellshare has stepped up their game. There are a ton of additional options in this update. You can set LED alerts for emails, SMS, phone calls, calendar events and more. You can tweak the LED flash settings like interval and slow flash time. There is even a "disco" light which flashes different colors and is hard to miss (check out this video for a demo). The biggest addition has to be the ability to set an LED alert for BlackBerry Messenger - which in the past "couldn't be done". The upgrade is $2.99 for previous owners of BerryBuzz 1.0, but is free for users who have purchased BerryBuzz 1.0 after June 25th, 2009.

Contest: We have 250 free copies of BerryBuzz 2.0 to give away. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post.  Contest ends Sunday at Midnight PST. Check out BerryBuzz 2.0 in the CrackBerry App Store for more info and a free trial.

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Contest: 250 Free Copies of BerryBuzz 2.0!



This looks like the best app to show off and be the only one with it! please send to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. please it would make my 8900 look amazing

as a fairly new and completely inexperienced blackberry app user changing the colors would change the much needed gong of alerts.

It's only been less than two weeks since starting this love affair with my Blackberry... And winning this would be oh so sweet! :)

im so souped that they came out with an upgrade for this app....i dont know why RIM doesnt have this part of their OS.....anyway i hope i win if not im def buying...PEACE

This sounds great! I've always wanted something like this but never gotten a chance to fully try it out except for the trial...

Yup, not sure if I'm going to stand out from the people writing comments taking up a quarter of the page with the words ' please'

Here it goes 'PLease'!!!!!

I fell in love with this app. ever sence the day i shall it! Would be great to get my hands on this one!

>>>>>>>>>> PICK ME <<<<<<<<<<<<<

I want this app to help my BOLD better notify me of anything that is important to me.. I need all the assistance that I can get even if it is FREE........

This is my official comment to enter the contest. I downloaded the free trial and the app is pretty cool. I have BB messenger set to "Blue" because it reminds me of a "Blue" app. My email is "Green," but I do not know why.

Looking at my Storm, it looks like it is sitting on my desk at an angle, but then I noticed that my desk sits on an angle. I never noticed this before and it's going to bug me until I quit my job or get a new desk. Or new desk legs. Or crooked eyes.

This looks like a great app and something I've been wanting to do with my Berries for ages. I'm looking forward to it.

What can I tell, it looks like a great app, BB is getting everyday more smarter and so we shall meet the challenge, BerryBuzz can help us to do so.

i wanna win berrybuzz!!! :) i ablsolutely love customizing my berry... i just got my bold and im feeling kinda left out :( i had soo many apps on my 8320 :(

Like I said this is my first BB and cool led colors! I wonder if they can change like those mood lights?

Think this app would look so cool on my Storm - can't afford it though as I have a wee new six week old baby so would love a free one :D

i was using the 7 day free trial of this app and purchased it the first time around. this app is awsome. i didnt win the first time around when they had the contest. i would LOVE to win this version. Goodluck crackberry nation. another great contest from

I downloaded the free trial, and love it!!!!! PLEASE PICK ME!!!! PLEASE PICK ME!!!! PLEASE PICK ME!!!! PLEASE PICK ME!!!!

BB should have included these features built in to the OS.... but hey atleast someone thought about it and developed something. :)

Just got a blackberry tour. Missed a few calls. Never EVER noticed until hours later. I hope I win, this thing sounds like a godsend. I've already missed a bunch of calls. Thanks to the BerryBuzz team for picking up the much needed slack that RIM has left dangling.

Such an entertaining app! Pink flashing lights for texts, purple flashing lights for emails and lime green flashing lights for BBMs!

You have helped me in the past and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that... I would like to request for BerryBuzz 2 from you.. my PIN is 204B287B . My Pearl 8100 ....... Email :

Thank you very much .......

I'd LOVE this app! I gave it a shot when it was a contest for Version 1.0 and I like the new features for 2.0

I'm crossin' my fingers on this one...C'mon Lady Luck. =)

I always wanted to get BerryBuzz, but my noobness has stumped me hardcore. LOL

BerryBuzz FTW!!!!