Contest: 25 copies of BugMe! for BlackBerry smartphones up for grabs!

By Ryan Blundell on 6 Jan 2012 04:20 pm EST


Normally I don’t like being bugged or nagged, but I do need to be gently reminded of things sometimes. Sure, the memo application is always there for me to save information that catches my eye. The problem is, I tend to forget what I wrote down or forget that I need to check it. Electric Pocket developed an application called BugMe! a few years ago and has proven to be quite reliable. Think of BugMe! as a mix between a memo app, a task app and an alarm app. Just as your native memo pad would, BugMe! will recognize if you are typing out an URL, phone number or even an email address (and will treat them as such).

Additionally, you can create BugMe! entries while within (and using information from) other applications such as your call log, calendar, email and more! Now what’s great, is you can customize the type of alert you wish to have; pop-ups, LED, vibration, tone or any combination. Not wanting to be a hog, BugMe! will share the details of its notes with your tasks and calendar apps or send them off via SMS or email. I guess the app wants to allow others to nag you too. Why not have a quick read of the original review of BugMe! here? If you’re constantly in need of being reminded of anything and everything, BugMe! may be right up your alley.

Contest: We have 25 copies of BugMe! to give away! All you have to do is leave a comment to be entered. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST.

More information/download BugMe! for BlackBerry smartphones

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Contest: 25 copies of BugMe! for BlackBerry smartphones up for grabs!


What with doctors appointments, kids sports, birthdays, and other school meetings, BugMe! Would be a great help in keeping me on point!

This app does not work well with the Torch 9850. I have reported this to the developer on numerous occassions who simple has acknowledged the problem and to my knowledge has not done anything to address the issue with any upgrades. when scrolling you must use the touch pad and then select using the touch pad or the touch screen. If you scroll using only the touch screen you may not be able to open the note you want. You will be stuck in the last note opened. The work around as I was instructed by the customer service was to scroll with the touch pad and then use either the touch screen or touch pad to open. How about that for customer relations. I truly like this app, it worked well with my prior Storm. I would HIGHLY recommend it when it is working properly. Customer Service does not seem to care about the consumer's concern. I originally purchased this app through I would suggest waiting for an update if you are using the Torch. The work around works, but it can be will BUG YOU after a while. What is the value of something (free or not)if it doen't work properly.

I almost forgot to post a comment here. Say! What I really need is an app to help me remember such things. What app would be best? Hmmmm. Oh, yeah -- this app!! Please send me one of the free copies so that I won't forget to...forget to... drats, forgot again!

Looks like a great App! I went away and paid for it, can't go wrong with 3 bucks... Gift mine to someone else

Oh wow, I had this app once upon a time on the Pocket PC. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

I had bug me way back in my palm OS days...was a great app back then, the only that would make it better would be to have it my BB!

only $3? Fair price but what's the difference between THIS and the CALENDAR option of putting the info and it popping you the notification?

I really need this app!!! I spend a great deal of time writing memos then tasks and setting alarms.....i would really like to integrate these tasks. Thanks.....

Another Contest and another great app to try to win. This app would really help with my resolution to get more organized this year. What about it Crackberry?

With the economy so challenging right now, a free copy of Bug Me would sure be a great help to make my days more positive...keep up the great work CrackBerry!!! BugMe would help inspire me to keep pushing myself to land that new job!!! Props to everybody facing similar challenges.. Better days ahead...

i had never even heard of this.... now I need a copy, hope I win so i dont have to spend all those shiny pennies

Curious to know what the winners will think of this. I'm always on the look out for a new memo/notes app!

This app is just what I need to kick me in the butt to get everything done. I'd be happy to win a free app, and I'll use the magic word: "please"!

It would be great for bugging me to start doing my tutorials and projects and stop procrastinating in class!!(:

Don't need it, wouldn't use it. But I DID steal part of the screen capture for a Facebook status... so for that, THANKS (and it does sound like a good app, just no longer a BB user)

Sounds like a great ap, just what I need. I'm the one that writes things down to remember then forgets where I wrote them. I could use this ap. Thanks