Contest: 200 Free Copies of BerrySilent

By Adam Zeis on 27 Oct 2009 09:57 am EDT

Last week we checked out BerrySilent from BellShare and it seemed to go over well. A cool app for the Storm, BerrySilent allows you to silence your ringer or change profiles just by placing the device face down. Another great app in the long line from Bellshare, BerrySilent is available in the CrackBerry App Store for only $1.99 through Friday (regularly $3.99). If you're not quite ready to buy it, you're in luck. We have 200 copies to give away. Simply leave a comment on this post to enter to win 1 of 200 copies. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

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Contest: 200 Free Copies of BerrySilent



This application would would be a great addition to an already great Storm Blackberry!!! Thanks for the chance to win a free copy from you.

BEERYSILENT - BERRY being Silent ..just kiddin. This is on of the best productive applications applicable for all corporate people(Business people) when they are busy with the work running around going into meetings, I would not remember to put my phone on silent.. HAndy usefull app, i havent used it but if it works 90% of the time then its worth the price they are offering.

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Pick me need to win

Looks liek a great app...I am in somany meetings and sometimes forget to silence my Storm. This could help with that. Hope I am chosen for a copy. Thanks.

I need this. Looks so much better than the default ring manager, and going in and out of meetings and class this would come in handy.

This is an appp that would be very, very useful. Thanx for the chance to win................Crackberry rocks!

Sounds like a cool AP! would love to try this. May keep me out of trouble when I forget to turn the phone on silence in meetings!! hhahahahah

This is the application which I have been looking for forever!
When I am sitting in class and flip over my storm, I always forget that I am leaving it on the Normal setting and I always get a call, email and bbm during the class and get the entire class to look at me!
Great call on making this application!!!!


another cool application by BellShare facilitated with the awesome crackberry site. I hope I win

My office would love you if I won this app. I am sure they are tired of hearing honkytonk baddonkydonk play on my phone when I am not in my office to hit silent.

This sounds like a really cool App. I look forward to trying this out and making it work for me. Thanks and keep the cool Apps coming !!!

This would be sweet! A free program that adds one of the huge selling points of one of the Samsung phones I was looking at when I bought my storm! It would be awesome to get hooked up with this!

Well as long as I have my Dexter themed ringtone I don't think I mind listening to my cell go off. Howevver the ladies at my office don't seem to feel the same. I think BerrySilent sounds pretty sweet. <3 :D

Veronica VICE

This would be really good for work, so that my loud ringtone doesn't interrupt the office when I forget to change profiles.

Hey, I wanted to leave a comment regarding BerryBuzz and what a great product it is. My family has 4 BB's and I've purchased this for everyone, my wife being the last to convert to the Tour. I think this would be kewl app to win, if given the chance!

I am truly an idiot. This is a perfect app that even I couldn't mess up. Very intuitive... just flipping the phone over.