Contest: 200 Free Copies of BerryPopup!

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Apr 2009 06:56 pm EDT

Login to and leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free copy of BerryPopup! 200 copies to be won!

New from Bellshare, the developers who brought you BerryBuzz and BerryWeather, comes BerryPopup, the latest app to bring popup email and SMS alerts to your BlackBerry smartphone.

Following in the footsteps of PeeKaWho, Email Alerts and Message Peek, BerryPopup appears to be a pretty feature rich, well-executed app:

  • Preview incoming e-mails/alerts
  • Open inbox, reply, forward, mark as read and delete e-mails right from the popup
  • Open inbox, reply and forward SMS right from the popup
  • Disable popups until backlight dims or for a certain time right from the popup
  • Customize order of messages (Oldest first, Newest first)
  • Only show popups for messages from contacts you have in your phonebook
  • Customize positioning of the popup ("System Default", "Bottom of screen" or "Stretch to the borders of the screen")
  • Customize position of the button bar (left, right, top, bottom)
  • Automatically turn on backlight when a message comes in
  • Auto-dismiss popup after specified time
  • Disable popups while in the messaging application
  • Disable while device is locked so you will not be flooded with popups after unlocking
  • Disable popups while backlight is on
  • Show contact photo and customize its size
  • Customize font sizes
  • Integrates with SmartAlerts (coming May 2009) for absolute control which messages trigger popups and which don't

BerryPopup sells for $6.95 but is on sale in the CrackBerry App Store until May 6th for $4.95 (no coupon code required). A 7-day free trial is available.

Contest - Win a Free Copy: Bellshare was going to give us 100 free copies to giveaway, but in honor passing the 1 Million Member Milestone they doubled it to 200 free copies. Just leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win. Entry deadline is Midnight PST on May 3rd. Good luck!

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Reader comments

Contest: 200 Free Copies of BerryPopup!




wow im pretty sure thats the greatest app ever and i didn't even know it existed until right now.. haha

I'm currently using the free trial and I love it. I've tried all the others but found them very annoying. BerryPopup is much better.

I'll take a free copy!

i have aerize too but i like the buttons on this plus i have berryweather and berry buzz and very happy so i'll check this out for sure

I would love this! I have the trial and absolutely would love to continue it! A free copy would help my financial issues right now =]

Again congrats on the million users, this site saved my confusion so many times and has made my experience amazing with my bb

Oh... Finally . I can't wait to rock this app.
I hate closing out of what I was doing when I get so rudely interrupted. Sweet..

I've just been using Peekawho and HATED it! This looks like it has much better integration with the BB Storm. Whether I'm fortunate enough to get a free copy or not, it's something I'll try out. Good job guys.

This is one of those functions that should be built in. Thanks to Bellshare for building what RIM did not.

id love to have this app, my storm always has a delay when i try to go view my messages this would be so much easier!

So, here's to hoping that I win.

BTW, Kevin, congrats on the 1 million members. The addiction is spreading!

id love to have this app, my storm always has a delay when i try to go view my messages this would be so much easier!

This'll let me get a more useful theme on the phone so I'm not worrying about my email showing up on the home screen.

I definitely need a copy. I don't have any of them yet lol. There nice just can't spend money on them. This one looks awesome!

Man I would love to have this for my new 8900!! Please please pick me! I receive a ton of emails daily from work and this app would make my life so much easier. Thanks CB for all of your hard work!!!!!

I've been looking into getting one of these programs. I'll hold off until this competition is over now, hopefully I won't have to buy one :)!

I guess with 200 to giveaway it looks like there is a chance.

This app surely looks the part and wouldnt mind getting my hands on a free copy.

This is a must have for the App Collection! Life made easy on a BlackBerry! Count me in guys! Good luck to everyone & thanks for the entry bid. [*_*]

THis looks like a great app. I would love to be able to have some kind of easy notification without having to constantly see which e mail it was...

Nice clean looking app adding plenty of functionality to the Blackberry, well done Bellshare for the app and Crackberry for the contest.


What a great sounding application. I hadn't heard of it until now. But I could really see it becoming a must have app. I would love a free copy

Thanks Crackberry for making all these cool giveaways possible.