Contest: 200 Copies of UberTwitter to Give Away

By Adam Zeis on 20 Aug 2009 10:02 am EDT

Excited to get your hands on the new UberTwitter update? Well maybe you can get away without paying for it. With the release of the 0.912 update, UberTwitter has been kind enough to give us 200 copies of their new ad-free version to give away. The update provides users with a free ad-supported version, as well as a paid ad-free version. The paid version is $4.99 for a year of full service and upgrades. Not really a twerrible price if you use UberTwitter as your main Twitter client. On a side note, their new TwitVid support is great (especially since TwitVid actually works on mobile devices now). To enter to win, just leave a comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment - multiple submissions won't count.

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Reader comments

Contest: 200 Copies of UberTwitter to Give Away



I don't have Twitter, but I would get it if I get this app. It's up to you Crackberry. Hook a brotha up. ; )

I'm still going to pay for it...
But I wanna win!!!

My personal favorite Twitter client for my BlackBerry Tour...

I really hope I win so I can save the $5 and buy myself a Jumbo Jack Value Meal instead, but if not... :)

Times are tough these days ya know...

I'd love to win this! The more and more we use twitter the more a great program like UberTwitter is needed.
Help this Crackberry addict and pick me!

me want me want me want me want me want me want me want me want me want me want me want me want me want me want me want me want me want me want me want

I didn't care about Twitter at all until I downloaded this app. Now I actually get it. I think Ubertwitter deserve a few bucks for their great app.

I love this program. I have been using it for a while now and I think it's the best twitter client out there for BB. I would love to win one of the copies you guys have!

I like it. The free version does not bother me that much with the ads but it would be cool to get the no ad version for free.

UberTwitter Ad integration is a nice compromise. Ads look okay and they don't take up space as they scroll off and out of way. No issue 4me....but would love a free copy anyway. The money I save could be me 3 donut shop coffees

I absolutely LOVE this program! And with the new twitvid support, I'm sure it's gotten even better! I sure hope I get selected for this contest. Would love to have the new update!

I love my little ubertwitter app! WOuld love to see use the updated version cant wait to see it work in action!

I really like this app and while the newer version with the ads isn't as bad as the original release one, I would much prefer the no ad version. thanks for the chance to win.

UberTwitter is the best twitter app for blackberry right now. they are dedicated to give it users the best quality product possible. thats why i can NOT use an twitter app thats is NOT Ubertwitter, forget Twitterberry. if you dont use Ubertwitter you wont be disapointed... PICK ME!!!!!!!!!

i am in love with ubertwitter, it would be great to have the ad-free version! pick me, pick me! thanks :)

I am uber-excited to enter this UberContest for an UberChance to win a copy of UberTwitter for my UberTour.

Uber-ly yours...


Oh please pick me! I've been a loyal UberTwitter supporter since day 1 and I'm always telling people who use Twitterberry to switch over to UberTwitter!

I'm more than willing to pay for UberTwitter, but unwilling to establish a Google account to do so. Only one form of payment is accepted? Seriously? Maybe CrackBerry can satisfy my addiction.

i need this ad version, i think ubertwitter rocks but with a 8330 its take up about a third of the screen, which is really annoying, i just cannot go back to twitterberry, i cant!

Leaving a comment, maybe I will get lucky this time! I love UT I think it's the best twitter client out there for blackberry!

Leaving a comment, maybe I will get lucky this time! I love UT I think it's the best twitter client out there for blackberry!

I'm a new-ish Twitter user, but I've found UberTwitter on my Blackberry Bold to be very useful -- well designed, intuitive, etc.

Looking forward to new updates to the application as they are released.

My favorite blackberry app for Twitter!I need a copy! (ok,my 2nd post cause I can't find my 1s comment!)

I would like a free copy! I use the free one all the time and sent it as a suggested app to a procyclist who asked what to use for Twitter with his BB Storm, and then you know who started using it the next morning! Wow! Lot's of them use it now.

UberTwitter is great! I would love to win a copy of this most used software on my Bold. Thanks CrackBerry and UberTwitter!

love - seriously, this site has helped me out with so many issues I was having with my 8310 and even helped me get started with my Bold. Love you guys! Thanks a bunch!

Ive been using UberTwitter for a while, it blows all the other twitter clients out of the water. GO UBERTWITTER!!

While I'm using Social Scope now, I still find UT to be a far superior Twitter client. I'd love an ad-free version

When I first downloaded UberTwitter when it first came out, I knew it was a great app. It's worth paying for especially if you use UberTwitter multiple times a day as I do.

I can't wait for Sunday at midnight. I hope I win!!!!

Ubertwitter is a pretty cool thing to any twitter user, especially to those who live in places where strict net censorship is carried out. As i live inside of Chinese G.F.W ,the ways for me to listen to different voices are getting less and less.
Thankfully, software like operamini and Uberwtitter help me to some extend.
Really hope i can win one copy.
Best wishes to all of the Crackberry citizens.

The things we won't do to save $5 and not have to read ads, right?? Would love a copy of UberTwitter without those pesky space hoggers!! Thanks for the generous offer. Good luck everyone!

I hope I get this, the ads are annoying...I understand the reason for them but could they be the same size of a tweet so they don't make for cut off messages, I hate the extra scrolling above all else.

I personally feel UberTwitter is the best twitter client for the BB. Would love a copy!

Thanks in advance.

a free copy of Ubertwitter :p I already use it with the ads on it but would be awesome to win a ad free one too.

This new version would go nicely with my new Tour...I never win these things, I guess there is a first time for everything :)

I visit Crackberry everyday, multiple times! And I love UberTwitter, one of the best twitter apps available. Please pick me!