CONTEST: 20 Free Copies of RepliGo Reader to be Won!

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Feb 2009 09:44 am EST

Just Login to and Leave a Comment to this Blog Post and you are Entered to Win a FREE Copy of RepliGo PDF Reader!

Last week our CrackBerry software reviewer Ryan Blundell took a spin on Cerience's RepliGo Reader for BlackBerry smartphones. If you're less the reading type and more into watching, the good folks at Cerience put together a video walk through of RepliGo Reader that you'll want to check out above.

And just to ring in the weekend on a fun note, Cerience is providing us with 20 copies of RepliGo Reader to give away for free! Just login to and leave a comment to this post and you are automatically entered to win. Contest ends this coming Monday at Midnight EST. Good luck!!

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CONTEST: 20 Free Copies of RepliGo Reader to be Won!



Good luck to all of you. Of course, I want this application too, I've got like, 80 PDF E-Books that I'm dying to read on my Storm.

This looks to be a handy application. I am seeing more use of pdfs these days so a good pdf app is a must.

hi i would like to enter the contest to win one of these free copies i could really use the function!!

Cuz i will use it a lot. I get PDF files from my professors and this will ease my view of the files.

This is my first comment on any blog spot & I must say that Crackberry is doing an excellent job of introducing BB user from all over to new & innovative happening in our world of BB use.All this effort help us to use our device -which has now become an essential part of our life, to the maximum capacity.
Well done Crackberry & RepliGo.


A program I have had my eye on for some time now, but a free copy would be really great!

Someone has to win them, so hopefully one of the lucky ones will be me!

Fingers crossed!

I guess I will give this contest a try, If I don't win, I will probably pick it up anyway. It looks like a great reader.

Not being able to zoom .pdf files without distortion is one of my biggest gripes about the BlackBerry......after all, the BlackBerry is known for it's email abilities, and viewing all attachments is a must.

This looks like a winner. Useful productivity, now if we get the Storm official update we will all be unstopable!

This looks like a really great application. Now if we can get our official Storm update we will all be unstopable! When it comes to productivity, I mean.

Ive always wanted PDF viewing software on my Storm for proofs and such! This software looks so amazing. I got to check out the trial!

I definitely need this app!!! I'm always on the run and the Boss wants Me to constantly look at reports in PDF format. I would buy it, but funds are scary LOW. PLEASE, PLEASE HOOK ME UP!!! Think of it as a contribution to stimulate one's ill personal economy. THNX!

That looks like a very well scripted program I cannot wait to give it a try. With all of the progress you guys have made it will probably be better than the phone itself...
Thank you

Sweet, I tried the demo and was more than pleased. I do find myself wondering why there isn't a native PDF reader though...

I dont know why people say they dont like the storm. i believe it is because they are different. and people are not comfortable with change. I love the storm. i think that good things are to come. good things come to those who wait! and this application is just one of many. hope everyone has a great valentines day.

I had something similar to this on my Curve... but now that i have a storm i've been sorely missing it. :(

It would be awesome to win a copy!

The video demo was good showing how it is a very useful tool for reference material and very special archive material. This reader is very easy to use with great resolution and clarity. Very nice reader.

Pretty cool, yet though I am a selfless person (I will beat you up if you steal my storm though) I do not care if I win this good ole contest. Whoever does win, though, congrats for the free Software. Cheers.

So that I can review documents on the go in my job as a volunteer board member for the non-profit organization the Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Association --

We help save lives of people with HCM - the most common genetic heart disease.

Now this is just an awesome app, this was be a great way to show design projects to both clients and employers on the fly. Since i dont always have my computer around. I am so in for this app.

Or maybe I am, but with this app, I won't notice it as much.
I hate trying to zoom into a PDF, only to have the text big enough to read, but blurry and making me feel old.
Ryan - your instructions are clear and easy...Crackberry, make my comment a winner!

Its kinda silly that the Storm can not view PDF files straight out of the box!

(I know it can through email, but I mean a saved file.)

Looks like a great application. All I receive in emails are pdf files and this looks like a great app to have!

Good going, Kevin. Another great app! I would absolutely love this. I can't wait.

Please delete this one. I don't know how it got double posted.

A great pdf app. Would love to use this since my work often distributes files in pdf format.

PDF documents have always been problematic for Blackberry's and other hand-held devices. So far, the only software option that I have tried is Documents2Go which, while usable has certain limitations. Hopefully, Repligo resolves these limitations.

If I won this program. I receive pdf faxes from work while I'm on the road, and it would come in very handy!

its about time specialy for me wondering if black berry storm could be really a "storm" when it comes to "fine"reading with graphics like a regular computer. my prayers have been answered

I absolutely love this program. I had it on my palm treo and I had all my ebooks and Pdf files on an Sd card. I
Download the trial version and its amazing.