CONTEST: 20 Free Copies of RepliGo Reader to be Won!

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Feb 2009 09:44 am EST

Just Login to and Leave a Comment to this Blog Post and you are Entered to Win a FREE Copy of RepliGo PDF Reader!

Last week our CrackBerry software reviewer Ryan Blundell took a spin on Cerience's RepliGo Reader for BlackBerry smartphones. If you're less the reading type and more into watching, the good folks at Cerience put together a video walk through of RepliGo Reader that you'll want to check out above.

And just to ring in the weekend on a fun note, Cerience is providing us with 20 copies of RepliGo Reader to give away for free! Just login to and leave a comment to this post and you are automatically entered to win. Contest ends this coming Monday at Midnight EST. Good luck!!

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CONTEST: 20 Free Copies of RepliGo Reader to be Won!



This a great app. for reading all those files i get from school on the go...I always tried zooming but the font would not change..

great app..thanks.

This is a *great* program that will become even more sophisticated once BB finally provides an OS that fully integrates with it.
But...I would love to play with now if free.

While working, I deal with multiple contracts on a daily basis. I am normally receiving/sending them digitally so this program would be fantastic to have on my BB. Even if I don't win a free copy I am going to purchase one.

I'm upset that the Storm came with such poor software. Honestly, you would think with all the bugs and flaws with the phone itself that Verizon/BB would offer its users something for free, or at a low cost, to be able to use the phone for things like PDF viewing without having to shell out extra money.

I wanted to stick with Verizon because their coverage is the best, so I put up with the crippled phones and expensive add-ons, but at some point, other networks will be just as good as Verizon, and then they'll lose customers if they offer less phone for the buck.

A free copy of a PDF reader would be great!

It's nice that there's more and more software for the Strom. Since the Storm as such great graphics and viewing capabilities, using it is even nicer Thanks.

Ok, here's my comment, in the form of tossing my berry into the ring to win a copy.

Lee Compton

I wasn't sure at first if this would be something I'd need, but I watched the video and read the review, and actually, I do need it! haha.

Notwithstanding that I just allowed my Amex to be hit for the full amount of the Kindle 2.0 (which probably won't arrive until sometime in 2011) I would love to test this out!

Most of my professors attach notes and assignments in pdf, so repligo reader would be awesome to have to review notes on the go.

I won't be picked.. so instead I will produce something entirely random. "Putin Wants Economic Loopholes Closed" How very exciting indeed...

I love this app. Hopefully I am going to win so I don't have to pay and then download it.

Keep up the awesome work CRACKBERRY.


I love this app. Hopefully I am going to win so I don't have to pay and then download it.

Keep up the awesome work CRACKBERRY.


Its great to not be stuck with paying $70 for Documents to Go Premium just to get the PDF reader that comes with it. Bravo Cerience, bravo.

Sounds like a perfect way to make 'reading' fun. It's cool apps like this one that could very well encourage more people to learn from, and enjoy, the printed word, in a great new way.

This is the closest app I can get on reading downloaded PDF books :) Hehehehe! I wish I win!

More power to CrackBerry and Cerience!

I would love to own a PDF Reader for my Blackberry Curve. Thanks RepliGo for providing 20 free copies. Being able to read pdfs on the go with this reader would definitely allow me to put some of my favorite reading materials on my curve so I have anytime access to them. Good luck to everyone!

Oh man, this would be awesomely useful :-) I love this site. Thanks for the info on the product. Even if I don't win, I'll probably give it a shot :-) Thanks a lot!

Crackberry does a great job in keeping me up to date with all things cracking in the berry world that i was happy to see this review. I have never left a comment before until today. One thing I get in my inbox at least 2-5 times a week are PDF files. This is a program I could use to help speed up my production. 2nd thing it will help me do is spread the word on how blakeberry are so much better than an iphone.

I thank you for the review

Crackberry is awesome. Crackberry keeps us up to date on anything up a coming weather good or not so good. I can't wait to use this application. Kudos. Thanks a bunch.

I'm in college and my instructors put out PDF's on their website, this looks like it would be a perfect application to take and study on the go!

Woot Woot. I would rather state something poignant, but I haven't used the software. It looks good though!

I'd love to have it. It would be great since I get a ton of PDF's at work, and a lot of times, they're pretty hard to read.

So let me get this straight. You are offering a video review of a reader for people who are more into video...So why would they be interested in a reader??
Anyway, please enter me in the contest.

It's really a mystery why RIM doesn't include native PDF support in Blackberries. Who uses PDFs more than their target demographic? That said, everyone needs a program like this, and I would love to win it.

I have the basic doc's to go but no PDF Reader. In my office we use PDF's a lot. Once something is sent out or finalized it get's scanned to PDF. So I hope I win!!!

I just got my first blackberry, ordered it on Tuesday! the new 8900, i have never bought any product the day it came out. I feel great!! I am looking for valuable apps to install, and considering that i love to read, RepliGo sounds perfect for me!!
Crossing my fingers..

I've been looking for a pdf app since beamreader left beta and gave RepliGo a shot. It works flawlessly and is exactly what I need. If I don't win, I'll likely buy a license anyway! (Wait, should I have said that?)

As a new blackberry owner, I have found that pdf files are just about the only types of files that I get (and the only type of file that I don't have a reader for). Here's to hoping that I win!

Thanks for the great site,!


This program looks awesome. I like the column view and how it puts the photos in where they belong. I sure hope I win a copy of this fantastic program.

Pick me, oh pick me, pick me, me me meeeeeee......... :) but really I would love a copy of this, I use it all the time

I must admit to being intrigued by keeping pdfs on the card. It would allow me to read no matter where I am (i.e. out of coverage)

I really this Application. I wish that he would of showed the app being used in horizontal and vertical mode on storm because the screen was not wide enough. I would've really liked it if he had used the Bold because not everyone has the storm. I like that you can view pdf on your sim card.
Overall I like it, I definately need it for my business as a Computer Admin.
Happy Valentines Day!!

I am always receiving emails with PDFs and not being able to view them is extremely frustrating. I would love this software!

I have been looking for a program like this...I always get PDFs and its tough to see them the BB. would love to get it.