CONTEST: 20 Free Copies of RepliGo Reader to be Won!

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Feb 2009 09:44 am EST

Just Login to and Leave a Comment to this Blog Post and you are Entered to Win a FREE Copy of RepliGo PDF Reader!

Last week our CrackBerry software reviewer Ryan Blundell took a spin on Cerience's RepliGo Reader for BlackBerry smartphones. If you're less the reading type and more into watching, the good folks at Cerience put together a video walk through of RepliGo Reader that you'll want to check out above.

And just to ring in the weekend on a fun note, Cerience is providing us with 20 copies of RepliGo Reader to give away for free! Just login to and leave a comment to this post and you are automatically entered to win. Contest ends this coming Monday at Midnight EST. Good luck!!

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CONTEST: 20 Free Copies of RepliGo Reader to be Won!



Free PDF reader?..... ooo oo oo pick me. pick me.

I can finally read my workout stuff considering most of the files I have are PDF.

Seems like it would be a real asset for my Blackberry.It should work well with my new 8900.I will be able to put the magnifying glass in the drawer.

That's Fantastic, This application is Cool for my BlackBerry. PDF Viewer (Adobe). IS VERY USEFUL!

I downloaded the ReliGo reader 10 day trial and was very impressed with the quality of the it. Very easy to use and very helpful to have such a tool on my Storm.

- Jeff C.

For a second there, I thought my Storm would stay inferior to the iPhone that everyone around me has. With my Superman theme, Poynt and Lightsaber apps and finally a way to read PDF's, I feel like I can hang in there. Thanks Crackberry!

Nice! I've been using Mobipocket for years. This looks like a possible replacement. Would love a free copy. I'd use it daily for sure.

At last a pdf viewer that actually works the way I want it to. I downloaded a trial version and it is very nice. I use my blackberry prodominatly for business and the industry I'm in relies heavy on pdf's for spec. sheets, technical data and many other things. I figured I would try to win a copy first, but as my luck always goes, it never happens. But if you don't sign up you will never win.
Thanks for the opportunity to win.

It's funny how PDF files can be such an integral part of day to day life these days, having them handy on my Berry would be fantastic.

Count me in!.

Looks like a great reader. I think I'll need to get a Storm to get the full experience. Better go visit Verizon.

I work in a telco operato and I do need to have RepliGo just to see if pdf can be a problem no more.


This looks to be such a great app for what I need to do. I receive many corporate documents with my job and and its hard to retrieve these documents with my storm, most of the time I am unable to read or even get the documents. With my line of work I am always receiving information on the fly and have to present information to my clients on a daily basis. This is a great way to see what I need to see and make my job a bit easier, without my laptop. Great work...

I'm trying it out now. How do you upload a file to the reader. It doesn't open the document automatically from your email attachment. Thanks.

Enter me in the contest!

An App that I don't have! And I would love to win it since my Bold can't read pdf files yet and I can't bare to keep her in suspense any longer..she really wants to see PDF

I get lots of pdf's attached to emails, and so a reader for them is a MUST. RepliGo works, and I have had no issues with either the leaked 99 or 103 OS on my Storm. I will be considering issuing this to others at work for their BB's.

This looks like an awesome program! Great review...
I hope I can win a copy - I have a LOT of .pdfs I would like to view.


I am always willing to comment for the chance to win something for my Storm. Like I thought this phone is getting better and better the longer it has been out.

this would good to have so i don't have to lug around my computer or the printed copy of the text.

Definitley hoping. It's the only program that displays most of the equations in my engineering PDF's correctly. Would be incredibly helpful!

i must admit this stuff so cool in comparision to set of tools doc to go. Cause i'm Vietnamese user, i need it to read reference pdf files written in Vietnamese. Thanks to this cool soft ^^

The PDf reader on the BB not as good as repligo, I like that way you can see the color just like if you had the documents itself. I like the fact when you put the document into a single column it puts the image as well within the column. Great program.

This looks like an interesting application. I have PDF To Go from Dataviz, but this looks a little easier to use. Thanks to Cerience for the 20 copies that CrackBerry can give away!

Would love to get this for free, I like the reformatted single column feature. I dont see that in BeamReader and would make reading those homework assignments alot easier, maybe easy enough to get that elusive "A". Count me in for a chance at a free one!!!!

I just used two of my three wishes!! For the last one I wish I win this!
Abracadabra, Alakazam, Hocus Pocus, Shazam......

RepliGo is perhaps the best .PDF solution for the BlackBerry, especially the Storm (which still has limited options). In fact, in using trials for both RepliGo and PDF2GO, I found RepliGo to be the better of the two and easier to use.

Repligo Reader is one of the best PDF programs out for the Blackberry. It's a must have in my opinion. This is one app you dont' want to be without.

I never knew about this app, but boy do I need it. I'm a lawyer, and my firm gets all faxes distributed as PDF email attachments. The native BB application just does not render the PDF's very readable. Sounds like a great program.

I am a Film major who often looks at 90 - 120pg scripts that are in the pdf format. I could really make good use of this app, so please please please let me have a free copy

I have absolutely 0 use for this app. But I want to win one just to take it away from someone who does have a use for it. Then maybe they'll give up and just buy the app. Thereby enriching the economy!

Would love to give this a try. The native PDF viewer on the BB leaves a lot to be desired. I'll keep my fingers crossed that I'm one of the lucky 20.

This application is definitely on point. Watching the video, I saw how useful and solid the app is. The clearness of the files is ridiculous. Keep in mind the screen was videotaped, so if it looked clear on the video...its more clear in person. Crazy!!!!

Looks good. I recieved a lot of PDF's and this would come in handy. Right now I just fwd them to my desktop.

Oh yes, I would love to be able to have the app! It would make life a little easier and in these hard times, easier is better!

I had recently installed the beta version and, although I did not get to use it extensively during the trial period, the limited times that I did use it was more than satisfactory. The BB PDF reader is basically useless; particularly when it needs to be zoomed. With RepliGo reader one was able to zoom and maintain the document's integrity. Although I am going to try their competitor's products for a better frame of reference, I suspect that RepliGo reader will prove to be the best.

This is so cool for my 8900 It's going to be awesome to read my textbooks since they come as a PDF please this Student need this........

Enter me in the contest. I've used Repligo briefly at a past job and I thought it was great. Would love to have it again.


Wow! This is awesome! It makes pdf files do all kinds of gymnastics. I really like the aspect of being able to condense the document into a single column and have the pictures in the right place as well. An added bonus is the search feature to look throughout the document. And if that isn't enough, having the ability to store the pdf on a memory card. Wow! This app is going to be revolutionary!

Repligo pdf reader works best for me compared with others.
Yet in Storm, the best zoom setting to read letter size pdf is 44% but it cuts last two letters in the column.
If it is allowed to zoom arbitrary scales, such as 42%,
it will be good to solve this problem.

A newbie to BlackBerry.

Loving my new Storm, and the excellent apps I've installed from CB -- I very quickly became an addict (no self-control). Thanks!