Contest: 150 Free Copies of SlickTasks

By Adam Zeis on 19 Aug 2009 09:32 am EDT

If the native tasks app on your device just isn't cutting it, you may want to check out SlickTasks. This new app takes things to the next level, allowing you to create folders and subtasks. With a clean and easy layout, You can even set custom colors, alerts and reminders. SlickTasks can help you be more productive and better organized. To celebrate the launch, we're giving away 150 copies free. Just leave a comment on this post to be entered. Please only leave one comment, multiple submissions won't count.

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Contest: 150 Free Copies of SlickTasks



A great app and clearly sometng I ned to make sure I don't miss any of the tasks my wife and kids give me!!


Well that looks pretty slick! I've never been able to find a simple task list program, always reverting to good old pen and paper. Maybe this is the one!

as a self employed person, I am constantly being pulled in all directions. This would aid greatly in me not being so fashionably late constantly!

I would love to give this a go. I'm not a big fan of the one that comes installed on the BlackBerry so I'm open to give it a shot.

This looks sweet. I've been looking for a nice replacement to the basic task app on my 8330. Here's hoping!

I have been looking for the past 3 years for a decent task app to keep my projects organized... please help a huge crackberry fan out!!!!

Seriously, though, this looks like an interesting and useful app. I'd be happy to accept a freebie copy!

This is great!! Knowing that there's an app like this, makes me realize why I looove Crackberry. I was able to do this with my Palm Treo back in the day, but then I saw the light. It would be awesome to have this app on my BB. Thanks CB for this chance ( once again) to try to win something.

I really really like this app and hope I win. Anyone who knows me knows that I would benefit from this app more than anyone.

It would be great to have an App like this...I am HUGE fan of the To-Do list and can't live with out one. This would be perfect!

Hey guys,

This looks like a great app that I would definitely use on a regular basis. I like the native tasks app, but with the added functionality that this app offers, I would LOVE using my daily tasks. Just the simple ability to color code tasks would be a great help as it gives the added advantage of being able to distinguish tasks by colors.
I hope I win this app.
Kudos to the developers. Keep em coming...

This looks like a good and effective tool. Nothing fancy; just effective. That's what I look for in apps.


Always important especially I'm heavily using Outlook Tasks at work. This looks neatly organized.

This looks AWESOME for me - a solo practitioner attorney. One neat, clean app to keep everything organized. Pick me and I'll be singing your praises forever!

This seems to one-up RIM's in-OS app by miles. I'm crossing my fingers there's a trial, because this looks like it might be worthy of purchasing, next to Quicklaunch. Now all we need is calendar implementation...

i would love to win a copy of this app as it seems to work better than the default task manager and will allow me to schedule my life better. thanks

I've used every task program made for the BB... I've yet to find one I truly like, so I would love to try this one.

I'd love to win this one, but I see the odds are stacked against me, already 23 pages of comments/entries. owch.

Oh well, you've got to be in it to win it. :P

It would be super handy to have for work (I'm in Real Estate) so *crosses finges*

Good Luck Everyone!

I was early for an interview by an hour earlier this week because I'm so absent minded sometimes. This could probably help!

Everytime it syncs with your BB task, it duplicates them... EVERY TIME. If you relly on it to sync with your Tasks and then to Outlook, be ready for some surprises.
If you want to use it as a stand alone unit, go for it.

Dear Crackberry,

Thank you for another great contest with apps that will make my BB work even more efficiently for me! Let me at it!!!

When there are too many tasks are in my calendar i always forget 50 opercent, this app would help me manage my troublefull life:D