Contest: 100 Free Visto Themes From Corey Visto

Visto Themes
By Adam Zeis on 30 Jul 2009 01:55 pm EDT

Our good friend Corey Visto of Visto Themes has been out of the theme game lately, but I got a quick note from him offering up 100 free themes. He has some great stuff available for almost all devices in a variety of styles. Corey's theme sell for $7.00, but we have 100 to give away free. You can choose from BB Droid 2.0, Docked, Grayonic, BB Seven and more. To enter, just leave a comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Only one entry per person - so please don't leave more than one comment or only your first entry will count!

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Contest: 100 Free Visto Themes From Corey Visto



WOW! i hope to win this free theme! i see the previw and is very cool!!

thank you for your work


Wow...this one look so sleek and clean, MUST HAVE...I would be happy if I can get this theme for free...

Wow.. Visto Theme.. They all looked great. I particularly have been wanting the Docked Style and I think this one gonna look great for my Bold.

I'd really like to try out your great looking themes on my Crackberry! Thanks Visto Themes for this contest!!!

Would love to have one of the awesome themes by Corey Visto! Any chance on CrackBerry doing a giveaway for that new awesome Elycruz theme???

Let'so guys! This is something great we always appreciate!

Crackberry nation rulez!


One of the first things to make a BlackBerry 'YOUR BLACKBERRY'. Themes personalize your phone to you. Nothing like changing your personality around!

My work is VERY stressful and I truly feel that these themes would help me re-focus and regroup and provide a more positive outlook on everyday's life.

You are more than a Theme Designer. You REALLY help people.


I'm still using the standard theme after 3 months, I could really use a first new theme to open my mind to the world of custom themes.

Im in love with the Android one, but there's no way Im going to change my 8900 for any HTC, just no way.

But I can use that nice looking theme for it.

Thanks JCR

I use these themes religiously, so I could use one :) especially if one can work for the Tour, if not, I still want it!!!

I would love to win a free theme. I have never won anything and i sure would love too. I would keep this app for as long as i possibly can. First thing i would do is back up my BB so i would never ever lose it!!!!!

I just crashed my storm, currupted the database. LOST EVERYTHING. Apps, 4000 mp3 files, games, themes. I got a new one, but it's so naked : O (


so cool!!! i need some free cool themes so please pick curve themes r so bored....pick me pick me pickme!!!!