Contest: 100 Free Copies Of ZenMinder To Give Away!

100 Free Copies Of Zen Minder Available!!
By Bla1ze on 16 Jul 2009 10:34 am EDT

Leave A Comment On This Post To Win 1 Of 100 Free Copies!!

ZenMinder has been released by the good folks over at BBHacker. ZenMinder is great application that can help you set your days straight with giving you the ability to set multiple reminders which, if you are like me and have trouble keeping track of things in the run of a day will make great use of.

An overview of the features:

  • Simple and elegant user interface for a remarkable user experience
  • Set reminder at a certain date and define recurrences
  • Four available Zen reminder sounds
  • Possibility to play custom sound files from your BlackBerry
  • Unlimited number of reminders
  • Notification with vibration
  • Deactivation of reminders on weekends or manually
  • 12/24 hour time format
  • Optional auto-delete of expired reminder

As a bonus for all CrackBerry members, the developer has given us 100 free copies to be given away for a contest. Leave your comments here and you could win a free copy for yourself and in the meantime if you think as though you may have no chance of winning you can purchase the app for 50% off  today using the coupon code ZENFIFTY. That makes the price $7.49. Keep in mind the coupon code works only in the mobile app store -it will (click here for the mobile link). The app is regularly sells for $14.99 and is currently selling at a reduced price of $9.99. The 50% coupon is from the regular price (you get the lowest price of two current promotions). 

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Contest: 100 Free Copies Of ZenMinder To Give Away!



I was going to leave myself a reminder to post a comment, but thought I'd forget ;) Hope to get a copy.

Wow! If I had zenminder - I would remember to check Crackberry Forum earlier in the morning so that I would be able to beat everyone to the posts. Sure would love a copy. Thanks Crackberry - you guys ROCK!

My wife always says I forget about our appointments and activities, so I could use this as a reminder and give her a break.

i go through a lot of post-its due to my bad memory. ZenMinder sounds like an awesome app that will help me with my problem, lol...rchan FTW!

Being a new Tour owner, I would appreciate this handy app as it would greatly help me in my daily business actives.

This would definitely help me in my "information overloaded" little world where the little (and important) things keep getting forgotten.

in the world of a fast pace environment, this application will do wonders....let's make me a winner :)

Another great app... I always dismiss the native reminders by accident, so this will be a great tool for me!! Let me win please! :)

Giving this one a try...looks like it would be great...especially for recurring reminders...

Wow...but it is 523 KB....kind of chunky....

...and I am not rather fond of using apps like BBMemoPad or BBTasks to keep track of everything...Zen again, I wouldnt mind trying the ZenMinder application to help keep me organized...

Just when I start reaching the limitations of the standard calendar on my Storm! This would be perfect for me if you deem that I am worthy, CB :)

this would be great for my wife, with all the PT appointments and everything else she has to do in a day this would help her remember that I fell asleep in the waiting room too LOL

man i would love to have this app! I always hoped i could get something like this that cold remind me of the endless amount of homework i get from school. sweet!

I'm already in my ZEN. I feel the positivity flowing all around me. I hope the other 99 winners will appreciate this as much as I have already!