Contest: 100 Free Copies Of ZenMinder To Give Away!

100 Free Copies Of Zen Minder Available!!
By Bla1ze on 16 Jul 2009 10:34 am EDT

Leave A Comment On This Post To Win 1 Of 100 Free Copies!!

ZenMinder has been released by the good folks over at BBHacker. ZenMinder is great application that can help you set your days straight with giving you the ability to set multiple reminders which, if you are like me and have trouble keeping track of things in the run of a day will make great use of.

An overview of the features:

  • Simple and elegant user interface for a remarkable user experience
  • Set reminder at a certain date and define recurrences
  • Four available Zen reminder sounds
  • Possibility to play custom sound files from your BlackBerry
  • Unlimited number of reminders
  • Notification with vibration
  • Deactivation of reminders on weekends or manually
  • 12/24 hour time format
  • Optional auto-delete of expired reminder

As a bonus for all CrackBerry members, the developer has given us 100 free copies to be given away for a contest. Leave your comments here and you could win a free copy for yourself and in the meantime if you think as though you may have no chance of winning you can purchase the app for 50% off  today using the coupon code ZENFIFTY. That makes the price $7.49. Keep in mind the coupon code works only in the mobile app store -it will (click here for the mobile link). The app is regularly sells for $14.99 and is currently selling at a reduced price of $9.99. The 50% coupon is from the regular price (you get the lowest price of two current promotions). 

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Reader comments

Contest: 100 Free Copies Of ZenMinder To Give Away!



winning a copy of ZenMinder would be a great first.

Still waiting to see if I won an earlier contest. I would not fell bad winning both contests so let the contest begin.

Also the first time I got my comments in early...lucky me.

I'm excited to try this app! I am just downloading the free trial...but it looks great and just what I have been looking for. I find the standard BB calendar/memos/tasks a little boring! =)

This seems like an awesome app. Especially for someone like me who cannot remember to do a thing most of the time.

I would love to win this app. I have to schedule appts for both myself and my husband and the customization sounds great!!

Now this is very useful. I was just complaining how I couldn't really do well to remind myself of something important that I have to do today.

My girlfriend...she always forgets plans she makes, so she needs an app like this like yesterday. Thanks.

I've always disliked the alerts on Blackberry, and have been wanting to try something else. I don't like any aspect of them...from the pop-ups to the way you schedule them. Always seemed kind of piece-mealed, like it was never part of the original design of the Blackberry. Hopefully a copy of this will alleviate that crapiness...

Being a college student I'm looking forward to winning the free application. The calendar just doesn't do it for me.

Wow!!! Please can it be me me me me???

I'm a poor broke person..... Who wouldn't use this wonderful piece of software otherwise..... :)

This application would be so helpful! Its ridiculous the amount of things I have on my calendar that comes standard with the Blackberry.

Used the trial version already. Need this for work. I have too many things to remember. Thanks in advance.

I have been looking at this app for a short amount of time and have really been considering purchasing this. Mainly because I can't keep 2 hours of things to do in a day straight some times. This is an app that I can defiantly use.

This app work with the Blackberry's Tasks? if YES! Great!... I have synchronized my tasks with Remember the Milk!

Coming from a person that has to take a ton of epilepsy medications throughout the day and always has his BlackBerry with him and can by default only set 1 alarm instead of numerous ones this would be great.

@brianjking me on twitter.


Hope I win! Cheers!

I am a teacher in the Southern Virginia area!! Of course Im out for the Summer, and I am honestly bored. Give me the software so that I can at least have something to do with part of my time!!!


Computer Teacher

Here's my entry - when does the contest end??? Maybe right NOW? That would definitely increase my odds...

There never seems to be enough reminders for me. This app. would definatly help.
Please consider me.