Contest: 100 Free Copies of TipCalc

By Adam Zeis on 12 Aug 2009 10:32 am EDT


Sure there are loads of tip calculators out there, but none have the functionality or smooth look of TipCalc. From Toysoft, TipCalc is the coolest tip calculator around. You can calculate 0% to 100% tip, up to 9999 split bills, see exactly what the tip and total is for each person, save tip to history database, send history database as email and more. TipCalc even supports both portrait and landscape modes on the Storm. The application is available for the Storm, Curve 8900 and Tour. Available for $0.99 from the CrackBerry App Store, Toysoft has given us 100 copies to give away free. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one entry - multiple submissions won't count.

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Contest: 100 Free Copies of TipCalc



I am so sorry but if you cannot figure out a tip then you need to go back to 6th grade math...

This will save you downloading or even paying (if you're retarded)

Whatever your bill is...move the decimal one place over (to get 10% of your bill)

$67.50 ---> 6.75 (10%)

Then double this (to leave a decent tip of 20%)


Great app, big numbers for those who cannot see the little numbers most apps have. Also a great look, blends in perfectly with the storm look.

I have been using the FreeTip app. Would like to try out TipCalc for comparison (though this UI looks better =D )

I wonder if it has neat stuff like calculating tips and totals in different ways, like a 60-40 split or anything like that

A tip calculator would be SO helpful for my new Sprint Blackberry Tour. I am constantly going out with friends and splitting the bill is always a hassle. Plus, my friend just got a Lotus (boo!) and she claims her tip calculator is so cool. I want to show her what a real tip calc. should look like. Thanks.

looks a lot slicker than the tip calculater i'm presently using. if I like your app I'll tell everyone I know that its worth purchasing

I'm always a great tipper, as having worked in the serving industry, but when it comes to splitting the bill and figuring out tax, tip, and whatnot...I'm embarrassed to say that I'm not so good with the math. Help me please tipcalc! :o)

Due to my numeracy difficulties my guest at the dinner table are often upset by the removal of my socks for my toes to aid my fingers to divide up the bill. I really need this app to have any hope of finding and keeping company for dinner!

This app looks like it works much better than the free apps for tip calculation I've seen. I'd love to have it.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! ME ME ME!!! I dine out a lot!! That is by far my favorite thing to do!!! Now I would finally be able to figure out EXACTLY the right amount to leave!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!

This would help stop all the disagreements between my wife and I when we go out and its time to settle up the bill.

I'm in.

I need it desperately. My wife and I eat out alot and am no good at math, help! You guys are wonderful with all these free give aways. Altho I have never won, it's fun
Thank You

Now this I would use a lot. Its good for calculating sales tax on items too. I use my calc for that but would love this.

My wife actually found me accidentally subtracting the tip amount from the bill. I have no idea how long I've been doing that for, but it explains a LOT of looks.

Please help. I like food.

I think that this app would be fantastic for me as im from England and i am never sure on the correct amount to leave.
Also when your with friends it's hard and long winded to try and figure out the split.
I would love this.

Can I get tip calc from blackberry app world or do i have to get it from crackberry store? It seems really cool i want one!

Please make this my first contest to win on crackberry!!! I am also out with corporate officers 5x's a week out to dinner!!

Absolutely elegant! I have purchased two other tip calculators but this one has them both beat. Hope one gets sent my way in the give-away! Way to go Toysoft!

I miss this from my old LG Phones. Would certainly get used at least twice daily by me since I'm always eating (and drinking) out.

I actually would use this, instead of over paying the person in the tip, they would actually get less from me, and I would get to keep more in my pocket. I'm in for one :)