Contest: 100 Free Copies of TipCalc

By Adam Zeis on 12 Aug 2009 10:32 am EDT


Sure there are loads of tip calculators out there, but none have the functionality or smooth look of TipCalc. From Toysoft, TipCalc is the coolest tip calculator around. You can calculate 0% to 100% tip, up to 9999 split bills, see exactly what the tip and total is for each person, save tip to history database, send history database as email and more. TipCalc even supports both portrait and landscape modes on the Storm. The application is available for the Storm, Curve 8900 and Tour. Available for $0.99 from the CrackBerry App Store, Toysoft has given us 100 copies to give away free. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one entry - multiple submissions won't count.

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Contest: 100 Free Copies of TipCalc



I never was good at math tho I likes to tip high! Would love this! Plus I'm determined to win one of these one day!

Looks like a really cool tip calculator. Alreay have one on my phone, but if I won this I'd definitely replace the one I'm using.

I need tip calculators so badly, I always have to ask my GF at the dinner table and after 2 years of dating she is SICK OF IT!

I love little apps like this! I am always using the regular calculator to figure tips, this would be even better!
I'd definitely use this app!

Wow, who knew a tip calculator could look so good. I would love to have this app to replace my free tipcalculator app which has nothing on this nice looking app.

This would be great for our mens small group. We have breakfast every Saturday ( no more fighting over bill or tip)
Thanks Jeff S.

I tried a few free apps and they dont work that well this seems to be the answer I would love to have a copy

thanks in advance

Here is a tip aide. Double the tax. That is generally 20% of your bill, give or take. Try it out next time!

This is a nice looking program and man I think it is the better one I have tried with via the trial.
Maybe I will actually win a contest but this app is nice looking and functional.

I used to have a program like this on my old phone (LG Chocolate). I used it ALL THE TIME! Must HAVE! :D

because of my not so great math skills i think i usualy short change or over tip waitors/ress and this would help me to optimize my spending

shes always gets mad because i don't know how much to tip when we are out to eat so this would really help

i was born with a genetic defect that prevents me from doing math in my head please help me with this........