Contest: 100 Free Copies of TetherBerry to Be Won!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Mar 2009 04:55 am EDT

Leave a Comment to this Blog Post for a Chance to Win a Copy of TetherBerry!


So here's the deal. This past Friday Bla1ze dropped in the blogs word about the open beta of a new tethering solution for BlackBerry called TetherBerry. With that one blog post TetherBerry saw their beta test base jump from 2,000 users to over 10,000 users! TetherBerry is now out of beta and in appreciation the folks behind TetherBerry have come back to the blogs bearing gifts...

TetherBerry Introductory Pricing: Until March 12th (this Thursday), you can pick up TetherBerry for a one-time introductory fee of $39.99. Click here to buy.

TetherBerry Contest: We have 100 copies of TetherBerry to give away for free!! Just login to and leave a comment to this blog post. Contest ENDS TONIGHT@ Midnight PST, so HURRY and get entered. We'll announce the winners on the blogs tomorrow.

More Information on TetherBerry: For more information, visit and check out the TetherBerry thread in the forums.

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Contest: 100 Free Copies of TetherBerry to Be Won!!



I tried it out and I loved it! It works great. Looking forward to having a chance to win this program! Wooohooo :) Thanks CB!

Great program, worked much better then any other one I have tried by far, was up and running within a min of the download finishing!

...I would love to see this application directly under Mac OS X. If you are going to develop this, feel free to contact me as beta user...

Cheers, Lutz

I am the new owner of my first BlackBerry, the Storm. I would love this app on my phone/ internet provider/ link to the world.

Tetherberry has got to be one of the most useful applications for people who can't be bothered to mess around with computers all day - great app, would love to win a copy

I beta tested, now I want the full version.
This is great when you go somewhere and there isn't an internet connection for your laptop.

im in! im make it easier for you guys. instead of randomly picking, just pick me. =P

This would be so useful for me.. Theres so many dead zones for my college's campus wifi and I could use this on the hour long BART ride to and from campus! Really hope I can get my hands on one of the 100.

Does TetherBerry use the unlimited data included with BlackBerry plans or do I need a separate data plan to use my BB as a modem?

I tried setting up the computer manually without luck. If TetherBerry can do it for me it's worth $39. I'd really love a Mac version before handing over the dosh.

-- Robert.

I didnt get a chance to beta test, but i have a verizon data card and if i can drop it and use this instead, that would save me a good $60/mo. Massive respect to the people in the R&D department :)

I had the beta program but then I upgraded my OS on my 8900 and when I tried to use tetherberry it said "device is not registered." total bummer. Love the app though.

You guys are the best. This would allow me to not have to fork more of my hard earned money to Verizon.

A software package that doesn't involve the cell companies practices of having to pay extra for what you already have, a DATA connection. Will be checking this out heavily.

Tetherberry is awesome! This is perfect to use on the laptop when on the go and without the Internet.


This is a nice looking application. I know it is possible to get this up and running without the need for it but if it really is as easy to set up as they say it should be a winner

peace out

did I win anything??? probably not, let's be honest!
nontheless keep up the great stuff guys, always a pleasure logging in here every morning

I would absolutely love to have this. I live in the Lancaster, PA area and wifi is seriously lacking out here. It would make life for this college student a lot easier!

I'm not sure if this will work with my storm. But I'm very interested in giving it a try. If it works, I will let my friends know about it so that they can try it as well. Thanks for the application.

New Blackberry Bold user here, this would be a great app to have. From all that I've read it would be a great app for me to start out with. Feel free to send a copy this way.

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


This past weekend, I tested this application while I was in an area where dial-up was only available. This was a great solution, I was getting speeds of 800-1000k all day.

I tried downloading the beta version and couldnt download for some odd reason..and now that they're out of the beta version..I'd love to have this application..Its simply amazinggg!

You'll see I am verified & logged in now. I had the hardest time getting into this to post, I could only access it from my storm at first, timewarener was giving me issues - That's why I need this program

I already bought a copy but my wife's BB could use it too. This is great software, will really pay off if you're in a tight spot and need to go online with a real browser.

Another great contest. I have not had the opportunity to experiment with this program yet.
Would love to win a free copy of it!!

i have read reviews. signed up for beta. held my breath and crossed my fingers. i can't wait to see a mac version of this, but i'll make do with the pc version for now :)
please, please, please, and i hate to beg (though i make it look so good), i want a copy of TetherBerry to show off to all of my friends and colleges while boasting how awesome TetherBerry and my Blackberry together are :):):):)

It's incredible how this program gets you on the net in next to no time, unlike RIM's tedious step-by-step solution which works if your fingers are crossed.

If I don't win a copy, I'm getting a copy anyway.

It's pity third apps like this and shark are required to fill the gap when manufacturers should have written the code in the first place.

Points to the team in Canada for helping us crackpots, I mean crackberry freaks.

That's an interesting app. It would come in handy dueing road trips and I need to get online through the laptop.

Beta tested this software. Its awesome. Well worth $40 if you consider that vzw charges you $30 a month for tethering service!!!! Im very excited about this program

I love the idea of Tetherberry!
I have never won a comp in my life but there's
got to be a first time! *Fingers Crossed*

This sounds great! I would really like to try a copy of this. I have been having trouble getting this thing tethered, this software should work a lot better, thanks for the oportunity to try it!

Oh WOW! Nice app!
TetherBerry would be great to have.
My hubby has wireless for his laptop,
but I don't have any connection for mine :(

I called Verizon and it would cost another $30
a month to use my BlackBerry as a modem.

Oh yeah baby, TetherBerry for me!!

This app sounds awesome! No more Verizon nickel and diming us for an internet connection we already pay for!

I loved the beta of this amazing little app. when it came out. This sure beats paying verizon $15 a month when I already pay for the "unlimited" data plan in the first place. So thank you crackberry for letting us all know about this app.

maybe im lucky this time ? anyway at this price it a deal so... good luck to everyone :)

I've already bought a copy and now I would love another to give to my wife.

This program is amazing it will save you money and it's easy to use I love it! Please consider buying it if you are not one of the lucky few to get a free copy.

Ive traveled lots and was a beta tester, love the program!!!! highly recommend to everyone!!
hope to get a free copy would be very nice!

The fact you can use logmein sounds great, although I've yet to test it!

The amount of times my relatives phone me to fix something and having to talk them through something when I'm not in the office or at home is frustrating.

Hope I can get lucky and be a UK winner!!

Unfortunately I can't get this during the intro offer but I would love to have this. What is the price going to be normally? Of course if I don't win this I will be buying it... just a little later after my next check...

I'm really excited to try this app. It will be nice to tether once in a while when I'm stuck without wireless!

I can't wait to try this program. There are plenty of WIFI zones, but sometimes you just can't be near one. This will be great, assuming Verizon doesn't figure out a way to smack it down.

This is such an exciting application and I'd just love to win a free copy of it, but even if I don't, I'll be purchasing it anyway.

Pretty, pretty, please with a cherry on top and some cream, gimme a copy of Tetherberry!! I really need to have some internet when I travel on my laptop.

Pretty, pretty, please with a cherry on top and some cream, gimme a copy of Tetherberry!! I really need to have some internet when I travel on my laptop.

in fear of sounding like im begging, or a bit desperate; pleeaase i really need this :] haha. Entered into every one of the birthday ones too, to no avail :(

I was amazed at how easy this app was to set up and use, and I tried to get as many people at my office as possible to grab a copy of the beta. (They'd totally be jealous if they found out I got a copy of the final version for free...)

Hi Everyone,

I would like to thank everybody that is involved in giving birth to this new app that helped me a lot during the beta period to connect to internet while on the go abroad. It feels great to use this app especially you are out of reach of internet as I was most of the time. I hope you the others will like this too.

Finally, never neglect, always select the one with the intellect: Tetherberry!

all the best,

This app seems interesting.
I just hope that no additional charges show up on my bill.

Yes, I would like a FREE copy.

It's a great application, i've beta tested it and happy with the result. Hopefully I will get a free commercial copy with this post :)




That is all.

Damn it! Am I too late. I'm going to have to stop sleeping so I don't miss all the cool stuff. I didn't win any of the awesome birthday stuff, now this! Where's my Red Bull?

I know this would be a very useful app to have as I travel.
I wish...... I was 1 of the 100 lucky Crackberry @ddicts to receive this so I am going to cross my fingers like always and hope for the best! Keep up the great work crackberry dot com, the forum helps with my @ddiction to my crackberry!


oh man i would like to have this i singup for the beta the day before it came out to buy it i could really use this

Wow, wouldn’t life with my Berry Storm be grand should I win a TetherBerry! Even if I don't win the TetherBerry, looks like a new toy might be on the horizon for me.

It's great to see companies looking for ways to save customers some money as opposed to finding ways to charge them extra..

I turn my laptop on try and use my Tetherberry and come to find out...i gotta pay :(...Please Crackberry Pimp my Laptop and Blackberry too cheap to pay...until pay day

I checked this out over the weekend. It was easy to install and worked great. It couldn't be any easier to use!

Looks like I'll be coughing up $40 for the released package - unless I get lucky and win one!

I would love to win a copy.Especially for those cold overnights I gotta do in the Rig for the Squad , could be HIGH on CB all night long !!!!

This is the best app for the Storm to date. This saves so much money than having to go with a tethering plan from your carrier. Great product and very easy to use. A must for anyone on the go.

I've been looking for a great tethering tool for my storm and i think i found it. Will keep my fingers crossed for a free copy today.


i have the vzw internet service already and i het the 5 gig cap! plus i dont think you should have to pay more to tether your phone.

I've had the beta of this program since the day it dripped and LOVE it! PICK ME! PICK ME!!!

P.s.- ...and I never win any of these competitions. Lol

This looks like it could be an awesome app. Little on the expensive side but if it works than sign me up.

This looks like a great app. It has to be better than forking over so much money to Verizon for tethering, so sign me up for the contest!

This is a great idea that tethetberry had ,I tried connecting my storm
To my laptop a couple of days ago u know just messing around and today my dream became real…wonderful tetherberry iam ready for my free copy.