Contest: 100 Free Copies of SmartAlerts!

By Adam Zeis on 11 May 2009 10:56 am EDT

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Last week while I was killing time in my hotel room at WES, I stumbled across a fantastic application called SmartAlerts.  It comes from Bellshare -  the same developers that brought us BerryBuzz, BerryPopup and BerryWeather. SmartAlerts adds great functionality to the standard email alerts and filters on your device. It allows you to easily specify custom alerts for particular emails (addresses, subjects, messages) missed calles, SMS and even calendar entires. What does this mean to you? It means you can fully customize your alerts and have even more control of your device. SmartAlerts integrates with both BerryBuzz (which I think is a must for this app) and BerryPopup. Using SmartAlerts together with BerryBuzz lets you control your LED settings fully as well. I know that some of you may argue that the functionality of BerryBuzz should have just been included in SmartAlerts, but it wasn't so unfortunately you'll need both apps to maximize the usage. The cool thing about the app is that it integrates into your Options screen. This makes it easier as you don't have to worry about an added icon and is more seamless within the general device settings. I've been using SmartAlerts for a few days now and I can truly say I don't know how I ever lived without it. The possibilities for custom alert combinations are endless. If you are a true power user, I highly recommend you check out what SmartAlerts and BerryBuzz can do together. 

Get SmartAlerts: SmartAlerts is currently available in the Crackberry App Store for $8.95, but if you purchase before Thursday night you can save 25% ($2.24) by using the coupon code crackberrysmart25. * Coupon only valid when buying on your device via or the new App Store Client.

Contest: If you'd like to grab a free copy of SmartAlerts you're in luck! We have 100 to give away, so just make sure you are logged in and leave a comment to this post.  In the meantime you can check out a free trial. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. 

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Contest: 100 Free Copies of SmartAlerts!


This looks cool. Ive tried some of the other app like this but haven't found "the one" yet. Maybe this is it..

I'd like to win a free copy very much. I'm a fan of Bellshare and own (paid copies) all of their BB applications.

Can't wait to receive your notice!

Thank you!

Dear Mr. Random Magical Picker Machine:

Please find it in your heart to ignore the inherent randomness to your nature and un-randomize yourself when it comes to picking ME as a winner for this indispensable app!!

Thank you.

Hey, this looks like a real handy app to have. I have a Storm 9530 and handy apps looks like it will help me do what I need to do in my normal day.

im new to the blackberry scene and i just got mine on may 7 prior to my last post where i was just worming up to crackberry and getting ready to own a blackberry

smart alerts seems like a good app, would stop me wasting time checking through my email for the important 1s + would go well with berrypopup

After using the app for a while I highly recommend it. It really works well and with the way the filters work the possibilitys are endless...

The blackberry offers decent ton/alert management right out of the box.

But smart alerts definetly takes it to a completely different level a++