Contest: 100 Free Copies of SmartAlerts!

By Adam Zeis on 11 May 2009 10:56 am EDT

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Last week while I was killing time in my hotel room at WES, I stumbled across a fantastic application called SmartAlerts.  It comes from Bellshare -  the same developers that brought us BerryBuzz, BerryPopup and BerryWeather. SmartAlerts adds great functionality to the standard email alerts and filters on your device. It allows you to easily specify custom alerts for particular emails (addresses, subjects, messages) missed calles, SMS and even calendar entires. What does this mean to you? It means you can fully customize your alerts and have even more control of your device. SmartAlerts integrates with both BerryBuzz (which I think is a must for this app) and BerryPopup. Using SmartAlerts together with BerryBuzz lets you control your LED settings fully as well. I know that some of you may argue that the functionality of BerryBuzz should have just been included in SmartAlerts, but it wasn't so unfortunately you'll need both apps to maximize the usage. The cool thing about the app is that it integrates into your Options screen. This makes it easier as you don't have to worry about an added icon and is more seamless within the general device settings. I've been using SmartAlerts for a few days now and I can truly say I don't know how I ever lived without it. The possibilities for custom alert combinations are endless. If you are a true power user, I highly recommend you check out what SmartAlerts and BerryBuzz can do together. 

Get SmartAlerts: SmartAlerts is currently available in the Crackberry App Store for $8.95, but if you purchase before Thursday night you can save 25% ($2.24) by using the coupon code crackberrysmart25. * Coupon only valid when buying on your device via or the new App Store Client.

Contest: If you'd like to grab a free copy of SmartAlerts you're in luck! We have 100 to give away, so just make sure you are logged in and leave a comment to this post.  In the meantime you can check out a free trial. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. 

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Reader comments

Contest: 100 Free Copies of SmartAlerts!



I missed the first freebie on this app. I wouldn't mind having this one. Let's see if I'm a winner this time...

This sounds like a very useful app that would make my Storm an even more useful helper. I would love to have one of the free copies.

I could definitely(sp) use this app. Since I can't have my phone on at work this would be very handy to have on my berry. Using it with berrybuzz is even more usable.

I use the alerts and calendar pop-ups all the time on my Blackberry for meetings, server maintenance, etc. and this program looks like it is superior to that and I could find it very useful. Please enter me in the giveaway. Thanks.

I have just downloaded the free 7 day trial. I'm excited about using this application. I am running into a few set-up issues but I'm confident I will have them resolved prior to my trial expiration. Thanks for the tip :)

BerryBuzz is wonderful. I don't know how I lived without it and this app sounds even better! I hope I win! My berry needs apps and I need organization!

I've used BB alerts and other products and this one looks far superior. Managing alerts right down to the led's is the way to go. It's time for me to win one of these contests.




I hope that I could still win a free copy of this...Looks like just the app to cure a couple of issues I have.

The SmartAlert trial works great:) I hope I win one of the free 100 copies being given away by the great folks @ CrackBerry!

i would love to win this!i would love to win this!i would love to win this!i would love to win this!i would love to win this!i would love to win this!i would love to win this!
so pick me! :)

Am going to check out the trial and hope I'm selected for the freebie.

BerryBuzz is a great app, although the white, orange and yellow alerts simply don't work on my Storm, am hoping an update fixes this sooner or later, but its still one of the most useful apps that I've purchased.

This would be cool to have considering all the email accounts I have on this phone. Now you can sort out what's what without everything getting jumbled up and confusing. Thumbs up!!

Hi there, would be really usefull to win one copy, cause the missed calls drive me crazy, without the blinking light.

Just wanted to say that I'm a 1st blackberry user and that this site has helped me out ALOT! Oh yeah I wanna free copy please....

This sounds like a very neat application and useful too
crackberry plz pick me for a free coppy of smart alerts!!!

Come on CB, i'm still waiting fo rmy PM to claim my prize from the last contest!! I'm hoping my luck will alow back to back wins.

This would definitely make day-to-day activities much easier to control!

Good app and another good contest for CB members!

This would only enhance my ability to set certain alerts while in meetings,intransit home while in traffic. Just knowing who it is and how important it could be could save me a lot of airtime.

I have been wanting this function since I got my 'Berry. Hopefully i'll be able to hold out long enough to see if I won the contest.

I have gotten berry buzz and love it. I
would love to get this one also to compliment it. May I please have a copy of smart alert?

I am not sure what it takes to be considered as one of the 100 lucky winners of thi app, but would love to have the opportunity to slide it right next to my BerryBuzz app :)


I have been using berrybuzz for a while and it is a great application. Smartalerts can only enhanced berrybuzz usefulness for your blackberry. But this kind of application should have been built in the blackberry. A must have application for me and all other hardcore blackberry user.

I really like free stuff, don't we all. And this app looks like it would go well with BerryBuzz. This just means I got to wait till the winners are picked...before I buy it.

Obviously something that RIM should have included from the start. If our Storms have always had the capability to change color, why not give us this option from the get go.

My blackberry never leaves my side. I love my device and any application that can personalize my device more is a must. Love is.... Blackberry!

I tested the trial on this app, and it was great! I just wished I had the full version without having to pay for it...

Hi Crackberry and Bellshare!

the Kindness and Generousity is just simply amazing :) Thank you for this great application. Hope you'd be kind enough to share one for me please.


This looks like a great app. The ability to changed notification by subject, address, this is cool.
Sign me up for this giveaway.
Good Luck to all.