Contest: 100 Free Copies of SimpleWeather

By Adam Zeis on 31 Jul 2009 11:25 am EDT


I got a message from David last night that he has just updated his popular weather app SimpleWeather. The application is a great way to track your local weather right from your device. You can choose up to 3 zip codes, set the update interval and more. The icon will change on your homescreen to reflect the current conditions. SimpleWeather runs on any device with OS 4.3 or higher. The application normally sells for $2.99, but David has thrown us 100 copies to give away free! To enter, just leave a comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Only one entry per person - so please don't leave more than one comment or only your first entry will count!

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Contest: 100 Free Copies of SimpleWeather



This is perfect! No more getting online to find out the weather for the day. No more guessing what the kids need to wear to school. No more hearing the wife complaining that it's too hot and too cold; no more, no more, no more...yeehaww!!!

I would love to win a copy of Simple Weather.
Then I would have a leg up on my wife who is obsessed with the weather.

Weather is not that simple but looks like you have made it in a simpler. UI looks really simple clear like a sky on a sunny day.

I really need this app. Looks like it has everything I need. If I win one then I could remove the other two I have running on my berry!!

I have just been using for my weather "app"..... lame sauce.... Simple Weather seems quick, nice, and slick... winning this would be pWn sauce!!

I travel all the time and this application would be just perfect for a traveling guy like me. Please pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need sunshine in my life so I need Simple Weather to track it at all times!!!!! Make me a WINNER!!!!

This looks like a really cool app and I would love to have it. Not many apps this cool for an 8350i.

Looks like a great app! I'm a fireman, so I'm constanly looking up weather for the wildland fires we have. This app. would be great to have on my bb!

Simple Weather sounds like an awesome application. I have WeatherEye and really dislike the way it handles, whereas this one looks extremely easy to use
Can't wait...

I would like to have a copy of simple weather. I use weather forcast for work alot and its hard to find a good app. Please, Thanks from Mansfield Ohio

I'm always looking for a simple and quick way to get local weather forecasts. This sounds like it fits the bill! Curious, though, whether local radar can be accessed from this app? As a 14U girls travel softball coach, easy access to threatening conditions via radar is a must.

This sounds like a very nice weather application to have since you can enter 3 different locations. Would love to get if for free. Thanks.

it would be nice to get a weather app that actually worked...every other one i downloaded is like 10 degrees under what it really is

I just picked up my BB 8230 Pearl Flip and would love to keep track of the weather, especially traveling 60 miles to work. Your Simple Weather app would fit the bill nicely. I hope I am one of the 100 to get it. Thanks for the chance to get it free.